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    Here's the body I would like to have...eventually...especially the abs!  I chose Jackie Warner because of her muscle definition/toning (arms, legs, abs).  I have one of her workout DVD (Power Circuit Training).  Who knows what can happen in ten weeks!  Anything is possible...with LOTS of hard work and determination!



  • Hi everyone,

    Had an unplanned free day yesterday so I am going to use that as my free day and do a regular day on Sunday.  I feel better today, I am seeing some definition in my calves which is terrific (although my husband is getting tired of watching me flex them, LOL!), and my blood sugar was NORMAL this morning!  I am so excited!  Now I am going to go look for my inspirational picture.


  • Hi GUTBgone.

    I too have my free day tomorrow and really not craving any thing.  I am like you, everytime I head to the gym I get excited because I know I am just getting stronger with each workout.  It is a great feeling.  I have only lost 1lb so far and it is frustrating but I am not going to quit on myself.  My quads are firmer, so I am noticing small changes.  Congrats to you for sticking out this time.  You will do it!  Good luck.

  • Good Morning,

    I couldn't find a good picture of her because most of them she was wearing pants so it was hard to see the defnition in her legs, but I'm going for Jessica Biel in Blade Trinity...she was very lean and toned, especially in the arms!

    Good luck with the weekend-usually lots of temptations on a holiday weekend!

  • Wow, I survived the LBWO this morning after taking antibiotics and benedryl last night.  It was hard, but I was determined to make it this week.  I am so excited, don't see any changes YET, but looking forward to my 4 week photos.  

    Going to a cookout tomorrow, have to make sure I am prepared to eat good stuff.  I am thinking they might have finger foods instead of burgers, etc.  But ....... at any rate, I will be good since my free day is on Sunday.

  • This is Rachel McLish - the very 1st Ms Olympia (back in the early 1980's). She is now 54 and still looks great! She does inspire me!

    What I like is that she remains very feminine and curvy. She is perfectly toned with nice muscle definition. I don't mind muscle definition when I flex, but standing normal, in normal clothes, I want to look more toned than cut. I just want to wear clothes and not have to worry about covering up problem areas!

    I have her book - "Perfect Parts" where she demonstrates exercises in and out of the gym for all body parts. She has a slightly different twist on exercises we all know & love, like: DB press, Bent over lateral, DB row etc. Although it was written in 1987, the exercises in the book are the ones we still do today. I also have her (VHS) "In Shape with Rachel McLish" which is a weight lifting workout tape. I don't use it anymore but I do use the exercises in it and refer back to it for proper form.

    While looking her up I found a video on youtube with her and Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrating exercises, Arnold was so young!

    If you would like to check it out go to: Since you can't cut & paste here just go to youtube and look for "Shape up with Arnold - Rachel McLish & Arnold Schwarzenegger". Their workout clothes are funny!

    This was a great idea James! I'm re-inspired!



    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Wow! That's dedication Fine2008! Good for you!!!

    Just wondering... how sick is too sick to exercise???

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Hi fine2008.

    You probably know this but incase you didn't I thought I would mention that in the BFL book it did talk about being flexible now & then with your free day when the need arises.  So if you want to make tomorrow your free day and enjoy the cookout you can. Then you get back on track.  I know some people just don't feel comfortable moving their free day around but when my husband did BFL if we had a gathering or event that didn't fall on his reg. free day he would change his free day to that day so he could enjoy all the good food with everyone else.  Just a thought.

  • I agree with Sam, my free day changes due to my schedule.

    If I have to go out of town for a photo shoot, I pack all the food I will need for the day of the shoot and then we get a hotel that night. The next morning I use as my free day to go out to breakfast and traveling home is easier when I can eat whatever and when I get home I enjoy some kind of treat with my husband who also takes his free day while I'm gone. It's easier for him because he kinda relies on me to get his meals for him!

    So far I've not had more than one out of town shoot a week so it works out well. But for any holiday or any special family gathering, I will switch my free day.

    It's just one more thing about this program that I love!!!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • It is the evening of the 12th day of the program.  Tomorrow morning I will get to mark off day 13! Yippppeee.  I have not skipped a beat...no cheats...good workouts..This ROCKS!

  • Good for you gutbgone!!! Way to go!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Deidre, LOL well I have a sinus infection really bad.  Had basically no energy at all.  I guess you could call that too sick.  :( I felt it anyway.  

  • Thanks Sam28, I will do that.  I might not have to.  Its at 4 and if the food does not look good, I will just hang out.  I could get back on track on Sunday, then Monday is a holiday and I cannot get in my upper body workout, so I am going to have to work around that anyways.  I will find something to take the place of it at home.  I have some weights and I can always do wall pushups.

    thanks a bunch!!!

  • JamesK are we suppose to have pre-protien shakes before workouts???

  • fine2008, I answered a question about how I use protein shakes.  I drink a half a one before my weight training and  a full one afterward.

    Most people will have their protein shake only afterward.  

    Please always use your Body for Life book for what you are "supposed" to do.