Week of May 17th challenge starters post here

  • JoeD, Yah I am using the EAS Premium protein powder and also have had a few ZonePerfect bars over the past 10 weeks to qualify for the challenge.  I won't be sending in a packet for the contest as this was about me getting healthier for my own sake.

  • JamesK,

    Is that something you use as a meal or do you use it before/after workouts?  Just curious, and looking for suggestions on how to utilize a protein powder.

  • Here's how I use my protein shake.  I will make up one and a half portions and drink half a portion on my way to the gym for weight workouts.  Immediately after my weight training I drink up the rest of it.  I don't use shakes on cardio days.  For the rest of my meals I use real food.  Many people use shakes 2 or 3 times a day as meal replacements.  That especially works for folks who have schedules that don't allow for easy meal preparation.  I like me some real food as often as possible :)  I had some bars on hand from before BFL and really only take a bite out of one every few days if I get a sweet tooth craving.  They are particularly helpful if on the road.

  • Here is a fun assignment for all 517ers.  During the next week find a picture on the internet of someone who has the body that you would like to work towards having for the remainder of this 12 week challenge.

    Now the picture won't have to be what you expect to look like after 12 weeks, just eventually as you continue getting healthier and fitter.

    If you don't know how to copy pictures, just right click on it and "save picture" to your computer.  Remember where you saved it.  Then post the picture in this thread using the instructions below.  When you post it, say a few things about what attributes of the picture draw you to it for inspiration.

    I'll start us out.  This is Ryan Reynolds, this picture has the lean-ness that I want eventually.  While the muscles are cut, he isn't huge and bulky.  I've got long arms that will not easily get huge so this is more realistic for my inspiration.


    In order to post pictures in the thread you have to select Use rich formatting when replying.



    To then insert the photo click on the indicated icon below and browse to where you saved the picture.  Then select insert.


  • Thanks a bunch Gypsy, going to get some tomorrow.  LOL

  • JamesK, thanks a bunch, I needed that encouragement.  I am continuing strong and look forward to my changes coming, I know I will be healthier and feeling better as well.  

  • JamesK. Can you tell me how much time is recommended to take in between ending a cycle of BFL and starting another cycle of BFL. I thought I had read that two weeks is the recommended amount.  If anyone else has this info too that would be great. Thanks guys.

  • Hi Everyone.

    This is a picture of Kim Lyons.  You may recognize her from previous years as a trainer on  The Biggest Loser.  Although Kim is 5' 4" and I am 5' 7" this is pretty much the look I am going for other than I would like to have a little bit more definition between my shoulders and bi-ceps.  I like that Kim is toned and lean with definition but not bulky.  This picture doesn't show it very well but she has really nice shaped quads which is what I am really hoping to achieve.



  • Well, still eating clean and working out.  However, while I was at work tonight, I broke a tip jar and sliced the inside of my hand under my thumb,  EMT said it wouldn't do any good tomput stitches in, because everytime I would move my thumb, it would bother stitches.

    My question is:  How effective will challenge really be without upper body workout?  I don't really want to focus on 1 arm, but can't lift anything with right hand for awhile.



  • C1W2D6, I am only one day away from my second free day and the end of the 2nd week of the challenge.  I say agian, because I have said before, I have never made it past two weeks in any program with the consistancy that I have managed with this program.  I am so thrilled.  I look forward to the gym, instead of dreading it, I enjoy my meal plans...which are SUPER CLEAN thank you very much, and I have never been so active in a community of people working towards a common goal.  I don't go anywhere with out my book.   I am glad I read the "Women's Doc", because it is almost the end of week 2 and I am not super freaked out that I am not seeing crazy results. I can live with the process.  I am  so encourage.  Thank you BFL!

  • This will be me week 12! Same outfit and everything!  LOL

  • sam28, two weeks is what I've seen as well.  Mine will be 11 days I think so I can get on a Monday start of the week schedule.  I think that is plenty of time to rest my body and mind and remotivate myself with new goals.

  • GUTBgone, I am glad for you that you have found the "ooomph" this time to stick it out.  There are going to be things that still come up that challenge your motivation.  Every day, every week that you complete makes you stronger mentally to face those challenges and win your health back.

  • Good news and bad news!

    Good news: I went to the store yesterday to do a "clothing check"  I do this every once in awhile...just another (weird) way for me to monitor my progress.  Anyway I grabbed a pair of Levis jeans (regular fit) in a size lower than I am now (I am currently size 6, the jeans were size 4).  THEY FIT!  And it was a comfortable fit! Needles to say I am  very excited and even MORE motivated to keep going on with the challenge.

    Bad news:  I have to admit I am a slave to the scale and it HAS NOT budged all week.  I know the numbers don't always mean anything....but psychologically it drives me crazy!!!  I'm trying not to dwell on it especially since I am seeing results but....it still does bother me!

    So I don't know if the scale isn't moving because I've hit a plateau or because I'm building more muscle.

    If anyone has any thoughts or ideas please let me know!

    I am going to my grandmother's in MA this weekend.  I have planned my meals and will packing food to take with me.  I am also bringing my weights and plan to get in a good run while I'm there.  I'll also be away from the scale which is probably a good thing!

    Have a great LONG weekend!

    Heather :)