Getting Started and Need Encouragement

  • I start on Monday, May 17th  - Any words of wisdom for getting started?  Thanks!

  • Two things:  1. Tupperware.  Make sure you have lots of it and it's ready to go.  2. Plan, plan, plan.  Then make a backup plan.  :-)

  • Water!!! MAke sure to get ATLEAST 80 oz water in a day- this helped with headaches when my carb and sugar count was lower because I changed my diet. (The headaches go away).

    And yes, I totally  back up Courtney: PLAN!!!!!

    Best of luck!!

    We're here for you if you need advice!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Courtney is right on! I've had to buy more tupperware. I love the rubbermaid easy stack. ALso keep a journal. I'm just using a small journal to keep track of what I'm eating and how i deal with situations. It's great for making weekly goals and looking back and seeing how you can/have improve.

  • My suggestion would be to make up all of your lunch/dinner type meals on Sunday.  This has saved me in the eating portion of my challenge.  I have something already ready generally a choice of about 3 or so dishes and can pop them in the microwave for a bit.  I have the tupperware too!!  Good idea.