Meal Replacement Shakes...Suggestions?

  • This is the first week of my first challenge.  I purchase the starter pack from Abbott that included the meal replacement shake, protein bars, ready made protein shakes and the CLA.  I didn't have the option of picking what flavor shakes I wanted, it automatically came with vanilla flavor.  I tried one fo the packets and just couldn't handle it.  I didn't like the flavor or the consistency when mixed with water.

    Has anyone tried any other flavors?  I'd love to know if there is a different flavor that someone would recommend.  (I used to buy and LOVE the protein shakes offered by Herbalife, so it's not that I don't like the shake thing.  I just couldn't stomach this particular flavor.)  I also prefer to mix my shake with non-fat milk for a thicker consistency.  Anyone else done this with a flavor you like?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!!

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  • I like the EAS Myoplex shakes. Used to get the regular, but now they have Lite and low-carb. I buy them in the pre-mixed boxes because the consistency is WAY better. I learned my lesson when I bought the powder packets because they were cheaper. but the taste was so nasty and the texture was like glue so gross!

    My local supermarkets carry them in the "diet" (whatever) aisle, and they usually stock chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The vanilla can get a little weird any way you look at it, but can't go wrong w/ choc or strawberry!

  • that's so best friend is trying to get me to do Herbalife. she is on it..but she's not working out and weight training. not sure if the shakes can support the kid of workout we are doing on this plan. I have have heard how good they taste.

    I just had a Myoplex shake as I am headed to the gym here soon. you CAN add things to dress it up. I have added a slice of mango( when I made it in the blender, Bill mentions Limeade concentrate, a piece of orange etc...) I 'm a major foodie( went to school for cuisine) but I can handle the vanilla. The ready to drink shakes I am not crazy about. The chocolate fudge is ok. I am avoiding the bars as much as I can as I am watching my carb intake. I am prone to pig out on them!

    to Erica, you can go to GNC and they have this cool shaker that comes with a little metal mixing ball. Makes ALL the difference in proper mixing. It's like $8.99. I got my EAS stuff there.

  • I used to use the Myoplex Lite powder with no problems, it's just important to either use the aforementioned shaker bottle or a blender.  I've used both with good results.  They're gross when they're lumpy.  :-)  I like Chocolate Myoplex Lite, they used to have (and may still have) a Chocolate Lover's Variety Pack, and all of those are yummy.  I've recently switched to Muscle Milk Light, but that's not an EAS product.  It mixes better and comes in a tub so there's less waste.  I've never liked the pre-mixed ones in the little bottles, I don't like their consistency and they taste weird to me.  To each his own I guess!  Be careful with what you add to them, remember to count whatever you add as part of the carb/protein mix.  

    I buy all my supplements at, they're sooooo much cheaper than GNC for the same stuff.  Comes right to your door, usually within 3 days.  I've been using them for years.

  • I like the vanilla because I can mix other flavors, strawberries - whatever fruit I have on had for flavor. I usually mix with half skim milk and half water in a blender but usually in a shaker. I have tried other brands of chocolate, but I did not like it. I have not tried the chocolate of EAS. The strawberry is good also.

  • I use the Myoplex lite chocolate .. at the beggining.. to tell you the truth I hated it :(But then you getused to the flavor, and now I really enjoy it. I add some frozen strawberries and ice, just in water. The strawberries help a lot, just some frozen pieces for the flavor.

    I use a vanilla one I love, (since the first time) but it is not EAs brand. The brand is MRM (metabolic Response Modifiers) 100% all natural whey rich vanilla flavor. I like this one a lot, because it doesn't have artificial sweeteners, it is sweetened with stevia but it is a really good flavor.

  • I personally can not stand the taste of Myoplex Lite Vanilla or Strawberry in powder form.  The only powder form Myoplex Lite I can tolerate is the Chocolate Cream and I make that with water.  Now with that said, I love French Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge and Strawberry Cream RTDs (Ready-to-Drink Shakes).  They are all very good to me.

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  • Plain old EAS Premium Protein or the Body Fortress Brand (both in Vanilla) have been serving me well.  I mix mine before I go to the gym and shake the heck out of it again right before I am ready to drink it.  I think the extra time to let it dissolve in the water helps the consistency.  I will some times add 1 tablespoon of sugar free preserves (raspberry!!!) for a different and delicious flavor.

  • Hey! I asked the very same question several weeks ago and the best advice I got was from JamesK. I was trying to make the shake and immediately drink it but after reading his comments I began making it and after pouring it into a travel mug let it sit in the fridge for about 20 minutes (and it solved my midmeal problem at work. now i make one in the morning and put it in the fridge at work until i'm ready for it). Before drinking, i give it a little shake. Letting it sit makes all the difference in the world. I use my vanilla protein powder all the time now!

  • Blessed5: I know you are in the hottub now, but you can read this later.

    I have a large assorted box of Myoplex original - 3 flavors. Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate. The price was right. I dont like the Myoplex Vanilla either. EAS Vanilla - yes. ANYWAYS, as you are to take 2 packages and divide by 3 to get a womans portion, I mixed a chocolate package with a vanilla package and end up with a milky chocolate. Its pretty good. Depending on my mood, I will either add a little water to make pudding, or add more, plus crushed ice (we have a machine at work) and make it in my shaker.

  • Thanks Everyone.  I really appreciate your suggestions!  I'm going to try and work with the stuff I have but when it's gone, I'll be sure to check out GNC and the other places mentioned and try out different flavors.  I'm hoping to find at least one that I like? Thanks again for you help. :-)))

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