Some encouragement ?

  • I just started this program again... I'm more like taking this week to soak everything in so I can prepare myself. I've done this program once before but I quit after 4 weeks of not seeing any results.. I have a little negative voice inside my head that says, "you can't do it.. you'll just be fat forever" .. I don't think of myself as fat, but VERY out of shape. The one person that inspires me most is Mariah Yu because I swear my body looks just like hers in her before picture.. Determined more than ever, I'm at this again.. I'm ready to make a change in my life for once! I can do it.

  • Mary D,

    At least you didn't go all the way to week 10 and quit!  That's what I did and then I quickly gained all the weight back.  Get through the 12 weeks no matter what.  Not everyone has a perfect 12 weeks.  This is not easy to do but the program itself is simple.  Whenever you feel you are falling off the wagon read and post on the forum as you  have today.  You'll get tons of encouragement.  No starting over, continue on no matter what happens.   If you continue to start over, you'll never get to week 12. :-)

    FYI, you can read the Ladies Success Journal ( and see not many of us see results in 4 weeks.  You'll feel little things but you won't really "see" anything.  Use a tape measure, you'll see the inches come off faster than anything else.  Anytime after week 8 you'll start to see things really happening, and some don't see it until the last couple of weeks.  This works from the inside out so your body has a lot of work to show you the rewards of your hard work. :-)

    If the Ladies Success Journal is too hard for you to read, email Mike Harris via his website and he'll send you a PDF version.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Stick with it and you will see results.  Every time I felt like quitting because I wasn't seeing changes, it felt like I magically dropped a size or lost an inch.  Go in knowing you can and will do this and you WILL!  I am in Week 9 pushing right past goals I never thought were possible!  Plan, plan and plan for your 12 weeks and you will see results.  Just be patient and know that they come in your body's time.  I agree with measuring inches - that is where I saw my first results and it kept me driven to push harder.  Also, I felt like the first few weeks were the hardest for me.  I've hit my stride and narrowed my goals and I'm more focused than ever.  

    runninggrl :)

  • Mary, I'm with you. I'm in my 2nd week and haven't seen a change on the scale, but I feel it in my body. I feel energized and motivated when I wake up and I can't give up.

    I'm praying you get thru this hump. I'm with the other ladies. No matter what, we can't keep starting over. we have to press thru the final 12 weeks. That's the only way we'll see a change.

  • Hi Mary D!  Welcome and congrats on your decision to get healthier.

    Many of us get that little voice of negativity at times.  For each of us it is different too.  See we human beings somehow have taught ourselves that change is yucky.  Especially when change means we are going to have to start denying ourselves unhealthy things that give us pleasure, or start moving our bodies and lifting weights that will cause our pitiful little muscles to be a bit sore.

    When I started BFL 8 weeks ago I made the decision that if I lost even 5 lbs after 12 weeks I would have accomplished more than sitting on my lazy butt eating pizza and oreos.  I am 44 years old and have wasted too much time being depressed about my appearance.  Every inch or pound I lose is a step in the right direction.  After this 12 weeks will be another, then another, then another, ad infinitum.  My goals will be different next time, but because I have quieted my negativity voice, I will be able to face anything.

    My best wishes for health, happiness and discipline to you.

  • Mary D,

    First, I welcome you to the challenge.  I too have experienced the bitter taste of failure.  Two years ago, after reaching Week 10, Day 5 - I was struck down with a severe neck injury that was a lot more serious than I had ever imagined.  My world changed.  I have two discs in my neck that are bad.  C5 has collapsed onto C6, which is bulging.  I have a bone spur on C6 too, which gave me problems with my arms.  Add on Degenerative arthritis, and I was a complete mess.  I let my mind become weak, and then I started gaining weight like a run-away-freight train.  I eventually noticed that I was in a very  bad place, both physically as well as emotionally and mentally.  

    I am relating this to you to tell you that you are NOT ALONE!!  But I have one question for you.  HOW BADLY DO YOU REALLY WANT THIS??  Take the time to really ask yourself that question, and really search your inner self for a true and just answer.  When you find the answer, then you will have all the reason, and motivation you need to drive yourself to the finish no matter what obstacles might cross your path.  Reach for your inner warrior, let her scream out with vengeance that you can, and WILL SUCCEED!!

    You CAN DO THIS!!!!  

    Always Believe,

    John T.

    Glendale AZ

  • Thank you so much for all your encouragement guys!

  • OK, James... I am 46 and need to lose at least 25lbs. Wondering whether you are following a stringent meal plan. I am 3 weeks into this and seeing no results. I need some help with quick easy meals that aren't processed cause I'm borderline diabetic. Thanks buddy.


  • PapaBear,

    Yes you have to follow the meal plan stringently to see progress.  No cheating, no making your portions larger.  Unprocessed is the best for everyone on BFL.

    Easiest Meals for me are:

    4 ozs of baked chicken bre ast, 1 portion either brown rice or whole wheat pasta,  Lots of veggies

    4 ozs of grilled lean beef, whole wheat pasta and no fat/low sugar pasta sauce, Lots of veggies

    4 ozs of turkey *** lunch meat (check to make sure no nitrates or sugar added)  a whole wheat tortilla or a whole wheat sandwich thin.

    1 portion fat free cottage cheese and a fat free yogurt

    I basically just use the chicken, beef or turkey and add spices and a carb for every meal.  I am not taking any supplements except for fish oil caps and a protein shake after my weight training.  I don't have protein shakes at all on cardio days, I eat all real food.

    I take a real free day every week, I eat anything I want on Free day.  These things tend to be higher in sodium content so I do experience some water weight gain the next day.  It is usually gone in 2 days.

    C1W8D7  Start Weight 221, current weight 197.  4 weeks to go.

  • James,

    You're numbers are amazing! Way to go, buddy. Thanks so much for your help. I will definitely try to follow your plan and see how things go. This was definitely the boost I needed. Tk care.

    Start Weight 200, current weight 199. 9 more weeks to go.