• Hi I just started here.... :)

  • Hi.  Are you just starting the challenge or?

  • Yeah! Im so nervous!

  • Yes and I'm so ready.

  • Don't be nervous, be excited.  You've committed to an excellent choice and when you reach your goals, it will be the best thing you have done.

    What are your goals?

  • I want to lose 20 lbs of fat and be down to 10% bodyfat by August 17th. Literally, the only thing that inspires me is before and after pictures of people. I give up on things so much.

  • Mary you know what it takes to be at 10% BF? Seriously.... I recommend you make some realistic goals or you will be disappointed.

    Ahhh tough love alert - sorry gang.

    Cathie on

  • I'll add to what Legs said (and agree wholeheartedly.)  10% Bodyfat for a woman is going to be tough going and might be unrealistic.  Not knowing what your starting stats are of course.  That sounds like professional bodybuilder numbers.  

    We want to try to help you be successful and not set yourself up for disappointment.

    So what is your current:




    Bodyfat % percentage (and how are you measuring it?)

    Current level of physical activity

    Let's start there and see where we go.

    Best wishes on health, happiness and discipline to you.

  • howdy all Im new to this forum stuff. Started bfl on Monday 10.5.10

  • Good luck and stay focused.  I've just started, as well.  As others have mentioned, be sure you are setting realistic, reasonable goals.  When I  viewed the before and after pictures of those who have had exceptional success, I was amazed at the transformation of some (losing 50 to 60 pounds).  My first order of business was to ask the forum about reasonable goals and got good feedback.  You know where you are now and where you are going with it.  If your goals are realistic and reachable, go for it; regardless of what others say.  


  • I'm with Legs too, but perhaps your answers to James' questions will give us more insight.


  • Ouch Legs that was tough love. Alright here is my answer...







    Bodyfat % percentage (and how are you measuring it?)

    19% and i had it measured at the gym.

  • Mary D - your numbers sound good to me. Your BF is in the "athletic" range. I am not an expert on the whole BF testing, but it sounds like those BodPods are the way to get the most accurate reading. My calipers say I am at 18% - and from what I read, that is a good number to be at and healthy to maintain at 43. HOWEVER, my lower half still carries the majority of the BF and I am not satisfied with just relying on the numbers.

    If 10% is your goal, then strive to achieve it. I just wondered if you knew how lean that will take you and in doing so, may mess up with your natural body functions as a woman.  Be safe. :)

  • how are things coming along mary?