Return from Constipation-Tips For All

  • Last Friday I posted a 'Cry for help' has my weight loss had stopped and I was really constipated.  Got lots of great answers - instantly ate like 1/2 a bunch of Romain lettuce and drank water all day...helped some.

    Turns out that I wasn't getting enough fiber...I've been pretty strict on carbs and have done well so far as just finished 6th week and am down about 14 pounds.  But alot of those carbs had the fiber my body needs, so things were just building up.

    Also, though I thought I was drinking 'TONS of water', probably like we all do, butI think I had slacked off somewhat without realizing it.

    Another thing, in the process of POSTPONING my workout in the morning, I drank more coffee...and coffee, though a diuretic, actually somehow prevents your body from using your water properly.  PLUS, the fact that I was really skipping lots of my workouts -- I do great on the food part -- it's my bad mindset for the workouts.

    So I did all this research on the Internet (they've discussed this with respect to the Adkins low-carb diet) and here's what I'm doing now:

    BTW, I'm a 59-yr female; not officially doing the challenge but might as well be.  Starting wk7 today; started 154 - today 139.6

    This is JUST my experience, but perhaps it will help someone.  If anything here is horribly wrong, please let me know.  I am NOT AN EXPERT IN ANY SENSE OF THE WORD...JUST A BFL-Size 6 Wannabe.

    1.  I bought a gallon of water and use that for refilling my cup so that I always know how much I'm drinking.

    2.  Got sugar-free Metamusil - had four 'servings' between Sat and Sun - and basically emptied out my 5-feet of lg. intestine (plus Romaine and a true gallon of water.  (Wasn't a 'fun' weekend)

    3.  I've never taken vitamins etc. (really MyBad) but on the advice of WebMD, got a multi with 400 mcg. folic acid which my body needs.

    4.  Started eating 3 raw, unsalted almonds every morning for added potassium (I think that was it, but I need it).

    5.  Have 'turned a corner' on workouts...My problem was the HIIT starting out.  I haven't hit a gym in 10 years, so I started the treadmill with a suggestion here on exactly how to do it, starting at 3.0 mph.  BUT, with HIIT I was getting to like 5.7...way too fast...then I was constantly looking at the timer to make the wasn't any FUN AT ALL.

    I am a music person and that is really what drives me in working out.  So on Friday, I downloaded a great CD from Shape mag on ITunes...don't love all the songs, but worked out my faves for motivation, added some of my own at the end, and now I'M EXCITED TO GO AND DO IT!  It made a HUGE difference for me...after I leave the gym, I even go outside and walk moderately for another 10 minutes or so to finish listening the my 'feel good about me' inspiration songs i put at the end.  So I'm working HIIT into my 'new' routine with my music and this morning hit a new high!

    So, just my take...thanks to all of you for your wonderful openness about your personal challenges.



    Tammy - Atlanta

    You Get What You Give -'... if you feel your dream is dying...hold on've got the music in only get what you give.'  (New Radicals)

  • glad to hear you're doing well!