FOOOOOD? Plans for the day I need help

  • Ok this is my first day and my biggest challenge is figuring out what to eat.  Shopping etc.  Before this I was a big time Carnivore very little veggies.  So would appreciate any Day Plans for eating I can get.  Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

  • Showtime,

    Go to post just above about the authorized food list.  Print it out for grocery shopping.

    For me, 2 RTD's (ready to drink) per day, at least one serving of greek yogurt (FF/SF), salads with turkey or chicken, cottage cheese mixed with berries, or Low sugar/low fat yogurts, eggs, cottage cheese pancakes!  Those are my staples.  Only use the protein bars as an emergency.

    Make sure to check labels.  If you are a woman, most of us need approximately 20 gms of proteins and 20 gms of carbs in each of six meals daily.  If you are a guy, you need more.  Take lean body weight.  That is approx. how many gms of each carb/protein you need in one day.  Divide that number by six and you will know how many per meal.  For items like cottage cheese, yogurt, shakes, etc.  where you cannot use palm, fist method, use the label to keep portion size appropriate for your size/gender.