A call for confessions

  • Ok seriously folks get your heads on straight with your minds firmly on your goals.  Each day is a challenge and each successful day makes you stronger, both physically and emotionally.

    I'd like you to try something if you don't mind.  Make a list of all the habits that got you into the situation you are now in.  Whether you are clinically obese or you just want to be in a better state of physical conditioning it doesn't matter.  Something about how you are now drew you to Body for Life.  Your current state is a result of behaviors that you have learned to practice.  Unlearn them and take on new habits as a way of life for better health.

    Here I'll give you some of mine to show I'm in this with you.

    1.  Ordering 2 large pizzas and eating only that 2 days.

    2.  Spending more than 6 hours a day playing video games

    3.  Drinking 2 liters or more of diet soda every day

    4.  Eating vegetables only about 5 times in the last year (prior to BFL)

    5.  Eating half a box of Cap'n Crunch in one sitting several times a week (but with skim milk, lol)

    6.  Buying a bag full of fast food dollar menu items and eating it all in front of the computer or TV

    7.  Eating a third of a package of cookies while reading in bed right before going to sleep

    8.  Paying for a gym membership that I didn't use.

    9.  Having the intention of eating better.....next week.

    10.  Making a package of Mac & Cheese with real butter and eating the whole batch without blinking.

    11.  Thinking that because I only had one meal a day I was doing well.

    12.  Taking long naps each day in addition to a full night's sleep because I was so freaking depressed.

    13.  Going at times for a full week without leaving my house.  Except to get food.

    14.  Smoking

    I did this to myself, I take full responsibility for my choices.  I recognize the harmful consequences of what I have done and by specifically naming the negative behaviors I will better recognize them if and when I ever get tempted to try them again.  

    One of the things that we do is minimize the damage that our bad behaviors have done.  We blame other people or circumstances for our current state of being overweight and lazy.  Time to name the bad habits so we can alert ourselves before engaging in them again.


    So what are YOUR bad habits...what got you into the shape you are in now?  Name them in this thread and get them out in the open.  Perhaps something on your list will resonate with someone else who reads the post and they will recognize and own that as an unhealthy behavior that they have practiced.

    My best wishes for health and discipline to you all.


    C1W8D4  Starting weight 221 lbs, current weight 199


  • Only eating once or twice a day but getting the whole day's worth or more of calories.

    Only drinking caffeinated soda when I drank anything.

    Living such a sedentary life, causing muscle atrophy.

    Not planning or organizing anything.

    Deciding it was easier to not try, basically giving up on everything.


    --- Kitty


  • JamesK, give yourself a big pat on the back for what you have accomplished so far.  I don't even know you but I feel so proud of you.  This is a great post.  Keep up the great progress

  • 1. Ordering 2 large pizzas,  chicken wings, 2liter coke, crazy bread eating it all while watching movie with daughter

    2.eating vegetables only when  I didnt know they were in the food. LOL

    3. paying 3 yrs in advance for gym membership two years gone but will start now.

    4.planning to lose wt sometime in the future.

  • 1. Starving myself... then bingeing once a day..... then ..... yeah.....I had/ have an eating disorder.

    2. Wanting to work out, but wouldn't because I was always "too tired" or "too busy" or "too stressed".

    3. Social eating- it made me feel better and connect better with my family.

    4. Buying bigger clothes

    5. I kept telling myself "Atleast I'm not really obese / I could be bigger", but then sat down with a bag of popcorn and packed on the weight.

    Stacy Lynn

  • Doing 2 challenges and putting most of the weight back on both times.  

  • Eating several bags of chips in one sitting.

    Eating fast food for every meal (while cooking healthy meals for my children)

    Drinking about 2 liters of coca-cola per day.

    Paying for a gym membership but only using it to take my children swimming.

    Blaming all of my overeating on "emotions". (Ha, what a crock)

    Blaming my husband for my weight because he wouldn't change with me. (I know)