BFL Coffee Crew!

  • has it really been since 2009 that i participated???  WOW!  this feels so like HOME!  what has happened to DebbieMO and HappyPants?

  • Sorry, just saw that DebbieMO just checked in.  But, Jeff HappyPants is still missing.  i had a bunch of the old email addresses from 2009 and sent each and every one of them an invite to come back.  :)  some have done it too.  :)

  • MinnieMom - wow. So great to see some old names here.:)

    He SlimNewMe - you're crazy! LOL. Good luck with CF. Go easy on that leg!

    I'm exhausted. It's my was so BUSY thinking the last day or so. LOL. (shhhh!) Tonight basically started an hour ago ... got into the sweat pants, ponytail, and am hunkering down to watch mindless tv, and the Bruins play ;) Bed early and a hard core, stress releasing cardio in the wee hours before work on the elliptical or crosstrainer. (same thing, different angle IMHO)

    Where is Donald anyways.... its FIST day! :)

  • Morning all!!

    Hey Legsy~ Yes will keep my eye on that leg of mine, The Chiropractor @ Back on Track would like me to get into some Strength training to straighten up that leg. Glad to here that you are back home from you busy two days with your mom, Enjoy you TGIF and hard core cardio the weekend.. Rock star.

    Yeah ~ It's time that Donald gets back on here with the coffee crew!!!

    MinnieMom ~ wow. So great to see you!!

  • Just popping in :) I am still here and going strong! BOOM!  I agree where is Donald?

  • Aussie-Deb

    Hey I maybe NUTS, but you love it LOL, Can’t wait to give ya a Bloody hug again


    Truly, how many crazy Jens are there, look at me picture, still me  Yes I’m still here want a hug?


    AHHHHH you are so sweet, man do I have people fooled, speaking of fooled, Michael had qruite the budding head about “Honey” LOL

    OK questions to ya  all, I noticed a lot of you have head issues “It's my head.....” is that not the part what tells the tummy EAT, EAT and EAT? So it is great you got head issue, your are on your way lot living a healthy life

    Also what is up with La board here, it say’s reply but the reply does not go under the post.

    YO webmaster, what format do ya have here

  • holy crap!!  I've been away for a few days and I'm like 3 pages behind!

    Jessica Mighty Max IS CHAMPION???  WOW!!!  I've read so many of her posts when I used to be on here daily about 2 years ago.  I remember she was always working hard and had so much information, and now she freakin' WON!!  super!!!!!!!!

    minniemom, hi!!!  Steph, hi!!!!  sorry, I don't remember Jens, must have been before I came on.  but hi!!!!

    legsy--thanks for calling me 'agile'.  Ha!  I don't know if that's the right word.  You know that wasn't me in those pictures, right?  

    aussie debs--yes, the TRX!  It was because of you where I first heard of TRX.  Remember I found those straps hanging in my gym, and I was like "oh this is what debs was talking about."  Then I grabbed them and attepted to hang with legs straight up in the air, first time trying this in YEARS.  It took me a few attempts but I did it!  And my upper back muscles were sore for about 3 days!  Now I've been doing that stuff ever since!!  It's true, the sling/hammock thingy allows you to do more graceful stuff than TRX straps.  But it's the same idea!

    We looked at several condos today.  The place with the lake was a disappointment.  I don't think I can sacrifice a comfy living area just to enjoy a private lake for a few months out of the year.  However, we found another place we've had our eye on for a few months.  Finally getting to see the inside was even better than we had imagined.  We might be making an offer soon after sleep on it or see a few more places, just to reassure ourselves that it's the right decision.  this place has TWO areas with huge mirrored closet doors (can do yoga or watch my muscles flex in front of them.) Also can workout in the beautifully sunny orange-painted family room with lots of daylight.  ALSO can workout in the partial finished basement where we would put the few pieces of equipment we have, like the adjustable bench, DB's, stability ball, etc.  Hmm, or maybe just move all into the family room...  I have plenty of options. Maybe suspend something from the basement ceiling?

  • Hey~ Optigirl , that sounds great I really hope it works out and you guys get what your looking for,!!

    I'm looking forward to getting to know new people, and loving seeing all the guestbook and coffee crew again on here, and getting motivated and inspired to get the job done this time.. And never go back to where I was before!!!

    Legsy~ you are a motivation and inspiration to what we all want !! Thank you for that!!!

    Jess ~ you are a BFL Champion you also motivate and inspire us all !! Thank you for that also !!

    Aussie debs~ so glad to see you back I miss ya girl challenge 3 or is it 4! I don't remember, but what ever it Is I'm so glad I can be a part of it with you!!! :)

    Well it's time for me to hit the hay and do some healing and muscle growing !!! Chat in the morning all

  • Orrin ~ So glad to see ya on here!! I'm back with you all !! Trying to get in shape for the summer and life !!! Need you all for my journey!! :)


    Jens I responded Friday from my phone, but it never went through.  Of course I want a hug!  

    Legsy how is your mom doing?  I have been thinking a lot about y'all

    Optigirl I hope you find something soon and that you love it.

    Debs I hope you are having sweet dreams.

  • Slim new me, OMG you are to sweet Xo

    STEPHANIE-AL Hey Doll, do you mean to my phone, if so I can Re send you my number?!

  • I responded to the coffee crew from my phone and  it didn't post.  It was probably the operator.  Laughing at myself here.

  • Jens Kersting,

    We will be sure to share your feedback/suggestion with our team!

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • Hiya Crew! I am so grateful to have the weekend over, and Monday again. Cortisol overload from all angles. Boo.

    The TM this morning was much appreciated - the repetition and steady forward motion, with songs of inspiration helping to reprogram a head full of TOO MUCH on the go lately.

    I have a lot of catching up to do by the looks of things. So glad to see the energy here once again.

    Mom is ok Steph - thanks...the drugs she is on for pain though freak me out. :(

  • Tiffany, the BFL Team

    Thank you kindly :-)


    Post it so I can read it please, it almost sounded bad "Jens from Colorado?" :-)