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  • Hey group... Been missing you this past month. Today I do a New Years resolution run and then officially starting BFL this coming Sunday. will do some cardio elliptical and other exercise till the official start date. i hope everyone is doing well. Mszz i will be about a week behind you, you and I should keep each other going. have a safe tomorrow everyone.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • hi all!

    jeff--I see Warrior Dash is adding a new obstacle called the Goliath this year!

    msZZ--I find it helpful to write down in pen on my calendar my start date and finish date. that way it's harder to shrug it off and not complete the challenge.

    laura and Bryan--you still going strong on your challenge?

    I know this cliché and everything.  but I've got the New year'sresolution bug also. I've been having this cycle of one good eating day followed by 4 bad ones.  It's my turn to bring food to our potluck today (last day of potluck, thank god!!) and I made healthy spaghetti sauce, Barilla Plus pasta, and spaghetti squash for us gluten-free peeps.

    I have off tomorrow where I can sit down and figure out my workouts for the next couple weeks.  My fitness ventures for 2014 are:

    stair climb in late March

    belly dance recital in April

    tubing in July (not much of an activitiy, but I'll be wearing a swimsuit in public)

    mud run in August

    I'm getting out of my comfort zone and trying to start up a team for the mud run.  Usually I'm a follower. I love other people to form teams, then I just join in.  But this time, I want to take initiative but I'm most afraid of purchasing a bunch of group tickets with my own money and then having people bow out or not pay me.  

  • OK I am back from my New Years resolution run (more like a walk run)...12 degrees, wind chill -3 and ice on the roads.

    It did get me pumped up. I WANT MORE!!! Will do some light cardio for the rest of the week and then I am actually starting up BFL on Monday the 6th...just got a look at the calendar.

    Opti - sounds like you have a great wish list for 2014...I know you will rock it

    Larry and Bryan you guys rockin' it.

    Slim new me :) you doin' fine?  

    Mszz - I see you on some other threads sounds like you are enthusiastic to being strong to the finish.

    HK you still here...hope it is going great. kiwi man you here, you good?

    OK, enough for now. I gotta do some New Year low key celebrating an then get my BFL Journal all ready and find that darn camera of mine.

    Happy New Year everybody

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • How long was your New Years run, runforlife? Was this a group race thing or a personal run?

    We are supposed to get around -50 F wind chill here on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday..... I had purchased a variety fitness pass and a ballet class I had been SO looking forward to is cancelled :(  I think our cars should start ok because our batteries aren't too old. But we don't live far from work and I'd be willing to get a taxi if need be.

    I just might need to psych myself up for the gym after work since that ballet is out. Maybe the gym will be empty with people afraid to go out.  trying to think of healthy casseroles to make in the oven to help warm the house up.

  •'s been almost 4 years since I've posted here. It's time. 3 competitions have come and gone, another awaits this June. My "peeps" I love best reside within the strong foundation walls of the Crew. I'm back to observe and gain inspiration once again. I just grew up a bit (ahhhh time flys!) and have a new name! ;) BFLMike would just shake his head at me I'm sure. :)

  • Opti - I hope you made it to the gym the other day.

    The New Years Resolution Run is a charity fun run- 5k or 5 miles . My daughter and I sign up every year in November for the five mile. The last three years it has been very cold icy and slushy when we go to run and every year, we always ask each other...'why don't we just go pick up the sweatshirts and come home.' Then when we get there we run for we know that this really is our starting commitment to start/restart a healthy life style and we don't want to start off with we run ...slowly, carefully, but at least we run!

    Larry - you doing good out there.

    Bryan - you staying warm... staying on the program...and to the rest that started in December, I hope it is going well for you. I am starting back up on Monday. Getting the journal together and food (yum) and the weight room all set.

    Bruni - glad to read you here. I know what you mean about inspiration from the folks on this site. Many here got me started and literally helped me change my life for the better and for that I could never completely be able to repay them.

    All right group...I got get some more stuff done and then do a small cardio elliptical in preparation for the 12 week life-style changing process.

    Have a great rest of the weekend.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Two days of heavy lifting has left me with serious DOMS. Man I missed this feeling. Everything hurts. Bring on the BCAA's and recovery! Today I will try to work the muscles in a different way, to let what is sore, mend. Wahoo!

  • ohoh where is everyone?  I hope we're just all too busy working out and cooking, right?

    run4life--wow, that is very brave of you to run in that weather.  It just wouldn't be right to get the shirts and go home though.

    bruni!--I think I recognize you ;) Glad to see you back.  Your dedication STILL wows me, still going strong!

    I used my Christmas money to purchase that fitness pass. But due to weather, ALL the classes I wanted to take this week were cancelled, not just the ballet one.  I also think my registration form got lost because they never cashed my check yet. Wondering if this is a sign to say 'screw it', get my check back, and I should just get back to my overcrowded gym instead.  I haven't properly lifted a dumbbell in months. I miss my parks of summertime.  

    Somewhere in these past months, the weight area of the gym fell WAY out of my comfort zone again.  

    I went down to my basement again the other morning and did a bunch of cardio jumping and lunges.  It was cooooold. I was sweating but still cold.  

  • Opt I why to keeping going and over coming adversity.

    I officially start a BFL cycle this week. So far it has been rough.

    I need to dial it down for week 2.

    Keep going strong and have a great weekend.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hi guys!!! I'm back! My computer died the first DAY of Winter Break. (For those of you who don't know me, I work at a college campus, so my vacation time is always kinda weird and synced with the college's.)

    My "health club" is the college's gym. So when school is out, I have to get pretty creative in ways to keep to a program.

    BUT, No gym and no computer to report to you guys how I'm doing kinda sounds like a recipe for disaster, does it not???

    Well, I'm here to report that no gym and no computer can ALSO mean getting a HECKUVA lot DONE!!!!

    Okay--my workouts from Dec 19th to today haven't been structured in the sense of LBWO, Cardio, UBWO, Cardio, etc. But I'm happy to report I had sore muscles just about every single day since Dec 19th. AND the scale is beginning to move. :) YAY!

    Here's how I filled my time:

    Almost daily snow shoveling and ice chipping. (constant arms, back and shoulder DOMs until a couple days ago.)

    Karate boot camps (1x week 4-hour sessions with lots of running, ab work, lunges, squats, pushups--and then sparring, combat, and precision work on kicks and form. So usually major soreness for a couple days after each one of those)

    Power clearning/sorting/tossing/giving away of stuff throughout the 3 boys' bedrooms, the basement and the office.

    Okay--technically, I suppose all of this is REALLY what we BFLers would consider "active rest."

    But I'm happy with the results anyway.

    And NOW I'm back to work for winter term and looking forward to getting my gym back!

    The other thing I was really happy about through the winter break is every time I had to run for karate boot camps, IT FELT SO GOOD!!! I'm really looking forward to getting back to running. My plantar fasciitis seems to have completely healed, as has my knee, and my surgery from a year ago this month.

    I'm one happy and optimistic and charged and rarin-to-go camper!

    Bring on the official workouts! Bring on the muscle-growth!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend in store. Go be strong and do great things!


    Sabotage is not part of the plan.

  • Larry,

    I am so glad you are doing well and are keeping going.

    I am glad you are finally back to running without pain.

    Keep going my friend.

    I started another  BFL cycle this past week. I would love to say I executed it perfectly, but the week was was more lime ' OK' that's done gotta dial in week 2.

    Be strong this week.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Laura--FOUR hour karate boot camp?????  Great job on the power cleaning!!!  that feels SO GOOD!!  I can't imagine doing all that shoveling along with traditional BFL workouts, it just seems like so much, prone to injury.  Good news on all that healing!!  Did the plantar fascitious get healed by one of your surgeries? Or rest and diet?

    runforlife--Well, at least you did Week 1, so much better than not doing it at all!

    I had a ballet barre workout tonight as part of my variety pass through the Parks and Rec.  We did these cool assisited chin-ups while holding onto the barre. Funny how we are all different in our muscle abilities.  I had strong quads, calves, and arms so all those plié's were easy. But sitting on  the floor in an L shape with a straight back is so hard for me. We had to put this small pillow between our ankles and try to lift your shins off the ground in that position.  I couldn't make them budge! I just sat there trying to lift the impossible.  Then we put the pillow between our inner thighs and did squeeze pulses and the instructor said something about how I was crushing the stuffing out of the pillow! Ok, I guess I have good INNER quads.  I used to go to that machine on Leg Day for a couple sets.

    They still haven't cashed my check but I showed up on the roster as registered and paid.  Hmm, maybe I will come out of this as free ! :)


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  • Welcome back Debsy... so glad you are here. :)