BFL Coffee Crew!

  • Hi all!

    "Oh God of 2nd chances and new beginnings...Here I am again."

    It's Friday and 5 failed attempts to get away from my desk to the gym at work.

    What's wrong with me?

    No. I don't want pity. I'm just mad at myself.

    NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay--LadyA and MsZZ (and anyone else) can I join you beginning 12/9?

    Opti, I did my 100 jumping jacks and will do my planks tonight when I get to the hotel.

    I'm driving up to Fargo, ND for a regional karate tournament. Looking forward to the excitement of competition. I love that there aren't too many 40 something women competing and that ones that do are so dang fun and down to earth and silly that we end up having a blast. I hope this tournament is the same way!

    Great to see old names and new!!!

    KiwiDon, you'll always be Donald to me!! You and your bucking furpees. ha ha

    Bryan--hang in there man. Remember--even if you can't start the gym stuff til later, you can always start trying for the 10s in the kitchen, right?

    Thanks for being here for me to commit to BFLers! I need this group!

    Sabotage is not part of the plan.

  • Hi - Larry, of course you can join me and MsZZ (If she's still down)! I would love the cyber-company!

    All - I went ahead and set this up, just to see. If y'all want to look around and see if you think it might work better, let me know. Like I said, you can use any email address, but you do have to set up a Google+ profile (if you have a gmail and some other free, online email addresses, you probably already have one). I set it up as a 'private' community, which means that only members can see the content.

    Btw - Anyone know when the BfL iPhone app is going to come out? It says 'coming soon,' but I haven't been to the website recently until these last couple of days, so I don't know how long that's been the case.

  • OK, many of you got me in shape in 2012 when I found the group...and many friendships. It was a great year for me thanks to you guys. I lost 35 pounds. Achieved the lowest weight for me in decades. Ran my fastest 10 mile race time  in 16 years at the local Crim Festival of Races run. I felt great...thanks again to many of you here for that. 2013, well that is becoming my vacation year. I stopped really consistently exercising (just thought I took a little break, then where the heck did December come a year long break). My weight was creeping up a little...OK, I thought it seemed to be like ten pounds until I got on the scale last night.. Up 21 pounds WTF. It is my own fault for I even had someone dear to me, who is posting here, trying to rescue me. In the end it just reminded me that I am a poor accountability partner for both of us. So enough whining. I am going to try and jump start again as well. Dec 31st. There is 4 mile New years Resolution run which I do with my daughter every year. It will probably be more walking then running. I hope on that day it is snowy, icey, windy, rainy, just miserable. It will go well with the way I feel now. Can't think of a better kick in the butt to get myself going again. It is always miserable when you first start, but then later as you keep going and afterwards...well it just makes you want to smile. I too loved this site when it was swinging. I loved the BF group as well when it was humming, and I am looking forward to a forum somewhere with some good friend just to enjoy the journey with. Anyway after the run, and New years Dinner, I intend to re-load my BFL cycle to get ready for spring. One last thing. in 2012 while I was doing great, I tried to get my wife interested, she kinda was. This year when I have stopped exercising, she has embraced it ...coming back in today from a bike ride in 11degree F windy chill weather. Maybe this will be the year we do it together. Wishing you all an amazing journey in 2014. Time to get goin'

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Run4Life!!!!! I've been hoping you'd join in over here too!!! Yay!!!

    You are an amazing accountability partner dude!!!!! Don't even kid yourself. Can't wait for everyone to get started!!! This is gonna be a fun challenge!!

    Sabotage is not part of the plan.

  • I'm still in for Monday!!!

  • Hi all!

    I just started the "12 days of Christmas" workout thingy today. My back still isn't quite 100% but I was able to do 50 JJ, stretch, then 50 more JJ.  followed by yoga and I was able to do the 'up dogs' so that felt really good.

  •  yaaay!! I got a photo to load!!! Anyway, we have our annual potluck at work and this is the sign the potluck coordinator put up.  I love the impact I've made on my coworkers these past few years.  They know me! It feels so good to have gotten past the first year or so of the odd looks and 'tsk's.  If you stay with a lifestyle, the people around you eventually accept that you're just not going to eat that crap and stop bothering you about why you're not eating birthday cake with everyone else.

  • Jeff-what a nice surprise to see that your wife jumped on board this year!!!   A bike ride in 11 weather?? I don't even like to bike in 60 weather!!!  I giv her a lot of credit for starting up!

    So you guys starting tomorrow, got your BFL forms all ready? Meals planned?  Does anyone use the forms anymore? I liked printing the weight workouts out and then walking around the gym with a clipboard.  Well that was a few years ago.  I don't think my gym has clipboards or pencils anymore.

    At work, I'm starting to see the junk pour in: free gifts from businesses for the holiday season. fancy looking choc. and nuts, cookies.  ughhhhghghg  I blew it last December, falling for these things. Which makes me super mad because it tarnishes my reputation of being the 'healthy' one. Which then tempts me to closet eat. Which is a recurring problem but it's been getting better and less frequent than in the past.

    Unrelated note:  you guys ever try spaghetti squash?  Wow, I tried it recently and wondered why I avoided it so long! Great stand in for pasta, or better yet--hash browns!!!!  (the texture is closer to hash browns)

  • I actually ordered a Body for Life Success Journal off of Amazon a year ago and only used the first 2 days of it. So I will white out those first 2 days and use that. I am still a paper person!

    I have been waiting for the iPhone app myself. A post on another forum somewhere had a post from a BFL representative that said it was submitted to Apple for approval awhile ago and they are just waiting for them. It has been 'coming soon' for awhile now. Couple of months anyway I think.

    And I actually did just try spaghetti squash this past week. Cooked it too long I think, so it was just okay, not great. I plan to try it again soon!

  • We know everyone has been waiting for the Body-for-Life iPhone/iPad app and we appreciate your patience!

    Developing the app was a more complex process than the Android app, especially when Apple updated their Developer Requirements. We also learned of a few issues with the Android app that necessitated some adjustments with our specs to make sure that everything works well when we do launch. We are in the final stages and hope to have it approved by Apple by the end of 2013.

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • How are guys doing on Day 2 of your new challenge???

    I downloaded the BFL app for my Android phone, strictly for forum use.  But I have to do that frustrating scroll business just to read every line. the whole screen doesn't fit AND it doesn't flip when I turn my phone the wide way.

    but at least I can still read or post while I'm the go. Just not the most user friendly.

    I went cross country skiing yesterday and this morning I plan to try some yoga with one of those Exercise OnDemand channels I pay for through my cable.  

  • Laura, I notice your motto at the end is still "Sabotage is not part of the plan."

    Arg, freakin' December and I'm sabotaging myself every day at work with the loads of sugar being shared. Yes, I've been sneaking a few bites (or 50) everytime I pass through.  I've been having joint pain these last few days and don't what else to contribute it to except food.  My back has finally healed, but I feel like I've got arthritis or something.  If I had any outdoor fun plans, they would have to be cancelled because no way can I climb, grasp, bend.  

    I did a short yoga thing on my TV before pain started, but I doubt that would make my joints hurt after a few hours...  All I can think of is inflammation causing it.  Inflammation from grains/sugar.

    I'm on Day 3 of my "12 days of Christmas workout" and today is 10 lunges each leg.  I'm going to try and hope that I'm not making the wrong choice.

    I've got to clean up my diet!!

  • Hi guys!!! BFL here I come. It's Wednesday and I'm off to a slow start. I'm actually home with a sick kiddo so not at work with the gym. However, the cool news is I BOUGHT SOME WEIGHTS!!! Okay--they're like super cheap walmart quality that I bought 2nd hand for a handful of bucks. But my workout today will include lugging everything to the basement and getting started! It's a bench with a barbell and these cheesy plastic (cement-filled?) plates that you can slide on. Certainly not fancy, but better than what i did my first BFL when I was stuck at home--I filled 2 paper bags with canned goods and used those as weights! ha ha ha

    MsZZ--I did the same thing! I have a BFL journal from amazon that I started and quit after a few days--so I'm whiting out those first few workouts and using it over agian too!!!

    My first BFL I religiously used the journal and took Bill Phillips up on his offer to send it in, he'd autograph it and send a new one. This is the new one. That was cool.

    Let's hope I can fill it again! :)

    Also up for today are lunges of the Day 3 of Christmas. I still don't have a jump rope for Day 4, but I'll just wiggle my arms like I'm a really good jump roper...heck, might even finally get some double-unders in there without the @#$@% rope to trip me up! ha ha

    Can't wait to hear how everyone's day went!

    Work hard.

    No self-sabotage!


    Sabotage is not part of the plan.

  • Wow it is great to see all the posts. I now know I am in the same boat as alot of you. Yesterday I left my jacket on at work because my pearl snap shirt kept popping open. I refuse to buy new clothes and I have 3-4 lawn bags of old clothes waiting to go away that I cleaned out of my garage. About my excuse of not being able to exercise. My office has a small fitness room I have never used. My part time job has a huge fitness room. I filled out a form for a memebership (free) but I need to follow up on it. I rode my bike to the commuter rail today. Also wiped out on some ice but it was fun and COLD.

    New challenge starting on Monday since it is the 4 years anniversary of the start of my first BFL challenge. I plan on running a St. Patricks day 5k at the end of the challenge.

    Laura KP - I am glad you are starting up again. Once the sidewalks thaw running will be possible. Working my way up to 10s in the kitchen.

    kiwiDon - Congrats on the new job. Good challenge goal.

    Alyson - Thanks for the words of encouragement. Great job on the weight loss after your back recovery! Slow and steady wins the race.

    MsZZ - I am glad you are posting. Any weight lifting plan is a good plan.

    Lady_A - Nice idea with the google community. I will be doing good to keep up with this forum and the FB page and my blog.

    run4life - 2012 was an awesome year! I took a break from running in Oct 2012 and have year to get back to consistency. I hear you on hoping the 4 mile run is miserable weather.

    OptiGirl - You rock! Thanks for staying strong for the rest of us.




    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • You `Guys` are like so freaking cool.

    It is so good to see this thread hopping again.

    You folks really know how to motivated...I am so excited for all of you. I cannot wait to start.

    Need to take care of several things. Th e n Jan 1 here I come. I will try and catch up ;-)

    You'll be about 3 weeks ahead of me.

    Lift strong.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!