BFL Coffee Crew!

  • Run,

    you see now for me a "quick" 10 mile ride is all afternoon and my ar$e is sore for a week afterwards!!! no idea how you do 100 miles a day or anywhere close to that, and hills??? stuff that you can keep it.

    i'll keep my crazy Cf workouts you keep your insane bike rides:-)

    funny thing is i suspect that if you took me and worked with me for a while i'd love the bike rides and vice versa....

    i suppose we have each found what we love and what pushes us to try harder than what our comfort zone dictates we should and thats all that matters.

    the trip you planning is epic!!!

    Kudos to you bud, way more intense than i would like to attempt.

  • Donald - I think you are right ... "funny thing is i suspect that if you took me and worked with me for a while i'd love the bike rides and vice versa...."

    I never thought I would run, used to in high school track. Done that, checked that box, no thank you anymore. Twenty years later and some neighbors egged me on ... for three years (man am I resilient and able to say NO). I relented and I truly believe they save me from a shortened bad habit life. Another neighbor tried to get me to take it to the next step, in I think 96. Something called Body for Life. I did three weeks and quit even though he did it and looked fantastic and healthy and was exactly what I wanted. I wasn't willing to pay the price at that time and I guess I needed more support to help me overcome my bad habits. Now with this blog ‘fan club’ I am a part of well for me it is the missing element that forced me to be successful and thank God for you Guys and Gals. And so that takes me to bike riding and my teenage rebellious daughter (I love you man)! Hey if she still wants to hang with her ‘old man,’ I’ll ride to the end of the world with her! The rest is history.

    So, I think you are right, with me it is the journey and the people you meet that take you on the journey. I think if I were in NZ you would kick my crazy behind all over the place until I loved CF! Who knows...I think you are kinda having a little bit of an effect on me even half way around the world!!!

    Hey, I hope you are continuing to feel better.

    Have a strong week!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Good Morning crew!

    Donald nice work with the CF competition! Sounds like you weren't feeling 100%. That sucks. It is no fun being sick. Good for you though to go and give all you had that day.

    run4life: I agree with Donald, I don't know how cyclists do what they do or why. I live in the mountains here near the summit of a serious BC hill. All summer long, as I drive up and down to town, I pass people on their bikes. They must enjoy it but man oh man they can have it. C2W9! you are almost there! keep going and finish strong!

    Gotta run. I am making coffee and breakfast for my wife. She is worth it :)

  • Man, haven't been on here in like ages. Went back and read back a few pages. See everyone is doing pretty darn well. I am still here plugging along, just workout out some mental issues with food. I have come to realize that I am a self sabatager. Why? still trying to figure it out, but at least I now know and have something I can work on. I can go and eat well for 2 or even 3 wks and the first sign of success, I splurge, why???? A good friend of mine has given me some exceptional information to read and I am learning alot. Just as many of you have said, this is a journey. A journey that we learn along the way. That is what is going to make successful for life!!  Somewhere along the line I have believed that I am not worth being slim and fit and when I am on my journey towards that I self sabatage. I am creating a new self image for myself. I am worth being healthy and fit. I am worth the effort and the journey.  

    It is so good to be back on the crew. I forgot how nice it is to talk to others that have been where you have been. Going through what you are going through. Giving up on this journey is not an option. Only option for me is to figure myself out so I can succeed.

    Everyone have a great day!!!  Remember you all are worth it!!


    "If you mind can conceive, you can achieve it

  • Hey, all!

    The Tough Mudder was awesome!!!  I loved the challenge.  It was 7 miles up the mountain and 5 miles down.  Tough elevation change/ climb and dealing with the altitude.  I have to say it didn't affect me as much as I thought it would.  We had a team of 10, so we spent a lot of time waiting.  I'm betting we could've shaved at least an hour off our time if we hadn't waited for everyone.  We did break off on the down hill. Some of the older guys were plagued with knee problems on the downhill run.  They told some of us to go ahead since they were just going to walk down.

    My least favorite obstacle was the Arctic Enema.  Freezing cold!!!!  Google it.  My entire body was numb by the time I got out!  I somehow avoided being shocked throughout the course.  My husband took a nasty one at the end and had an EPIC faceplant into the mud!  We are pumped to do it again next year!

    Sounds like people are doing well.  I'm back in comp training mode.  I have one in August that I'm preparing for now.  I love having a goal.  In the last 3 weeks I've increased by front squat by 25lbs.  Woop!  

    Hope you all have a great day!


  • Hello Hooolies!!!

    I'm happy to say I'm back from cub scout camp with my two youngest, and we had a BLAST! It rained for a few hours of our outdoor activities on Saturday, but the rest of the weekend was beautiful. Not-so-humid, hardly any bugs, mid-to-high 80s. Sleeping was great with the exception of the cubmaster in the cabin next to ours--he SNORES SOOOOOO LOUDLY!!! Zoinks!


    Donald? Ya with the land of the living man? I'm SOOOO Proud of you for competing. I'm such a wuss when it comes to being sick. I'd like to think I would have gone, but I don't think I would have. YOU DID! AND YOU FINISHED WELL!!!!! Wow. I bet not a one person there would have done as much had they felt like you did. I'm sorry to hear the crap is still hanging on--and that Jenny is beginning to suffer too. :( I hope you're able to sleeeeeep and rest and drink looooots of fluids and treat your body right now. Hang in there.

    Run4Life--it is SO fun to hear about your upcoming ride!!! I went out for a ride with Tom before the weekend, and he was smack-talking my bike (steel is real, man!) ha ha ha...He's got a bike just like Orrin's--an Orbea Orca. With everything ultra light-weight and razor thin...bladed 16 spoke wheels, aero rims, etc, etc. I have a Colnago Masterlight--which in its day was a SWEET ride. It's still glorious in its paint job, but weighs at least 8 pounds more than Tom's. Every time he'd make a crack at my bike I'd say, "Careful buddy--don't be getting me bit by the bug your wallet can't afford to heal!!!" (I don't make a paycheck over the summer, so money is always tight these 3 months!) That shut him up real quick...then I'd blast him up the hill anyway. ha ha ha....gotta love sustained BFL cardio work! :) tee hee... You guys are gonna have so much fun.

    There's nothing quite as satisfying as having great times with your kid--that's how I felt this weekend with scout camp. It might not have been my first choice for the weekend, but seeing the kids beaming as they were trying their hand at archery, bb-guns, 40-foot climbing tower, canoes....those memories are forever. I'm so thankful we have the programs, the resources, the time, and the health/ability to run with them all weekend long. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

    Orrin--I didn't realize you're in Canada!!! Wow...beautiful country up there. I hope to visit that part of the world someday. Photos I've seen are incredible. I STILL need to hear how you began training folks!! (ahem...) :) So excited for you and thrilled you're passing along your passion for fitness by teaching others. That's the BFL reciprocity rule epitomized. Good for you!

    Opti--Way to go with the kale chips. I tried making some once and will never do it again. I LOVED the texture (so frizzled & crispy! so fun!) and the flavor going down...but they did NOT agree with me and I tasted them for the next day... I WANT to like them.... Isn't it funny (speaking to the bread and pasta thing now) where when you first contemplate doing life without them, it seems almost UNFAIR--the thought that you won't be eating those things? I mean, that's like taking away the right to vote, isn't it?? Bread is a basic freedom man! What do you MEAN I can't eat it? But now that I'm into the Primal way of eating, I just can't conceive of making a sandwich with bread anymore. I see it as unnecessary filler. This weekend at camp I heard they were going to be having spaghetti and applesauce that night. I groaned. What that usually means at a camp is runny tomato sauce...If you take away the noodles, you may as well put it in a cup and call it V8 juice! I could just envision my plate. tomato sauce & apple sauce. Gross. But I was pleased! The sauce had big honkin chunks of tomato, and tons of meatballs! I had all the meatballs I could eat, crisp, fresh lettuce with fresh tomatoes and passed on the dressing, passed on the french bread & noodles, and was pleased that a meal that could have been such a disaster in liquid turned out to be so yummy! (Yay Kiwanis Scout Camp! :)

    TaylorT!!! SO GREAT TO SEE YOU HERE!! Keep posting! Glad to hear you're getting back into things again. I hear you on the self-sabotage. It seems like the tail end of ever challenge, I get into that mode. The last two, with my knee injury last time, and my heel injury this time, has kept me from the self-sabotage because I'm already aware of how my workouts aren't eating BETTER BE. So I've still been somewhat pleased with my results. But there's still the nagging of "Just think how great they could be if the workouts were 100%!!!" *sigh* I guess there's always a voice somewhere ready to come in and deflate our successes.

    Michelle NE! So happy to hear about your Tough Mudder! I LOVED your quote: "I somehow avoided being shocked throughout the course.  My husband took a nasty one at the end and had an EPIC faceplant into the mud!  We are pumped to do it again next year!" ha ha ha!!! People who don't "get" the freak mentality would not have expected the last sentence of the quote. It made me laugh out loud. Happy to hear you've got your sites set on another stage challenge! You look so good up there!!! I can't wait to hear how things go as you get closer and closer to August!

    Oh! And Run4Life, I never answered your question. I forget which Challenge this is for me. I've done the proper start-to-finish, send in entry form with before/after pictures twice. I've done at least two more full 12 weeks with proper AR afterwards. And I've done 2-3 partial (like I would consider my last one) where I went the full 12 weeks, but wouldn't want to call it a "proper challenge" because with my knee injury (for instance which was last challenge) I did finish...but with only like 6 weeks of proper BFL workouts and yes, the nutrition was 100%, the workouts were put to a sudden end. And since I hadn't done before/after pictures, it didn't really seem right to call it a completed challenge. It was more like "well-behaved 12 weeks of active rest." (Which I suppose could be a challenge in and of itself...but not competition worthy.)

    ANYWAY...all that to say, the current 12 week cycle I'm in (which I started right around the same time you did) is turning out to be another injury-ridden one in which the exercises are severely modified to accommodate the injuries. I'm super pleased though, because along the way I picked up a few extra challenges that have kept me happy. My first 5K, dropping below my plateau weigh of 150 (and then down to 140--still hovering around 141-142).

    BUT--(and here's the but...) it's looking like I'm going to need to face surgery in the next year for my right foot. (Not the heel spur & plantar fasciitis foot--that's the left one.) I had a surgery on my right foot back when I was 12 that never healed right. I was warned that as I got older, I may need to have it redone, as it resulted in very limited range of motion in the big toe joint. It's been getting worse and worse over the last couple years, but I've refused to give in and cease activity. I use a carbon plate in the bottom of my running shoe which prevents the ball of my foot from being able to flex, but enough modification happens when I walk (and am not wearing my running shoes) that it's beginning to effect the knee, hip & back. I'm just more prone to throwing things out. I WANT to run, I WANT to do karate, I WANT to keep playing. I DON'T WANT the 6 month recovery period it'll take. There's never a convenient time...Tom and I have been talking about it. We're doing a big Disney trip with the kids in late September...So here's my thinking:

    What if I stop the challenge I'm currently in, and start over with a super-strict BFL 12 week. Plan it so the end date is the day before vacation (or during vacation...I don't care) but the point is, to do it as strict and solid as humanly possible. Get my body in the very best shape possible, then have surgery. With the hopes that recovery will be so much easier if I'm in the shape of my life....

    I've been really depressed about it though. ALMOST gave in on the wine challenge last night--(For those of you who don't know--I LOVE my red wine. Donald and I made a pact that I would go this 12 week challenge with no alcohol. For any transgressions, I would owe Donald 40 burpees each time. However, if I made it all 12 weeks, he'd owe me 200 burpees!). I'm at week 9!!! Anyway, last night, I was so bummed with an ice pack on my left heel, my right toe joint, and my right knee. I ended up just going to bed early because I knew it was the only way I'd be able to beat the cravings. The wine voice came SOOOO strong and loud, I had to shut it up by escaping into sleep. I'm happy to say it worked. I'm also happy to say that the ice did wonders--more than usual last night too. because today I've felt much better. I've stayed off my feet for the most part today too.

    Okay, well, this has probably become wayyyyyyy to long. I'm sure when I hit send I'll choke the system. :) If you've stuck with me so far, consider it my 4 days of posting combined into one long one!

    Sabotage is not part of the plan.

  • Taylor T – you’re not the only ‘realize that I am a self sabatager’ posting here. Food is my greatest weakness…or should I say pleasure. I am pure like you said for a few weeks and then late at night and deep under the bed covers I am eating my second plate of spaghetti (OK that is an embellishment but I hear exactly what you are saying. I have a weight mid-goal to punch through - 200.

    I have been close to that ‘mean nothing’ goal for an eon or two now. I have not punched below this weight for like a score of years now and that includes three marathon training years. I have always skipped along close to it, but always on the high side. I thought this would be the time –BFL C2, but then I let up on  the diligence and cave a little to cravings. Not much, just a little. Hey it is only a number right. Really doesn’t mean anything. OK, so now I am 4 pounds away, up two pounds. I might have a chance this coming week when I will be riding for about 3 to 4 hours a day for 6 days at a good clip. If I can really keep breakfast and dinner under control, I think this could be the week. Lost six pounds last year during the week, but then again it is only a number, I did smile Taylor T when you posted for, you were describing me to a T!

    Larry – I am crying here. Hey when does your book come out in mini series form – I am not much of a reader….OK.

    Actually your posts are like Harry Potter to be. I have been in the virtual line just waiting for you to post. OK glad you had a great time camping and you are so right I would not pass up any opportunity to share an experience with my daughter. It is the best and it sounds like last week was the same for you. I guess I know what you are saying about steel. I rode steel and so did my daughter last year. Heavy Man. My daughter borrowed a bike from a metalurgist my wife used to work with. He rides nothing but steel. Something about micro structures and metal fatigue and brittle metal and failure. I on the other hand like to be ignorant about my light weight Aluminum bike. I hope if I break it I am going like 5 MPH – I love it when my skin stays attached to my body!

    OK so it sounds like you own the BFL challenges. You have a whole bookself of them. So you have to tell me if you are going to reset and go pure 100% as far as you can Sounds like if you do that you will start ASAP to be done in time for the Mouse trip in Sept. I love that guy! So if you reset and if you want company, I would love to join you. I am a little sloppy now to be honest and with the bike ride this coming week it would be like active rest for me so it would be perfect to reset as well. That way you could take all your frustrations out on me and I could use a drill sargent to ride hurdle over me. Hey a win – win !!! Let me know otherwise I will just finish C@ with a C- Ugh (shoulders lowered to the ground – Charlie brown Style!). And surgery. I will be thinking about ya all the way. Hey how is the other side the heel and PF? Finally hang in there with the lack of whine (I mean wine). Donald is just looking for another reason to knock out another 200 Burpees – you know he won’t even be winded!

    Sleep tight Crew!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hi all,

    I have off today and need to get 1000 things done.  So replying to my friend's was one of the first things to do :)

    run4life---I know your race is coming up in like 2 days?  So excited for your journey, you're going to remember this forever!  well, I hope so, I know it has to compete in your memory with all those other long distance things you did.  How do you guys eat?  Are there designated eating stations?  Do you ride with big packs on that contain all your trail mix or something?

    Larry kp--I'm so sorry to hear about your pending surgery, 6 month recovery????  Yeh, I would plan that over winter and the cold months.  K, you won'tbe able to skate, ski or sledding.  But think of how next summer would be!!!  omg, I feel awful comparing my procrastination on getting an ingrown toenail and wart taken care of!  I don't want the short recovery time fromthat, and that's NOTHING compared to 6 months.

    Question on your eating while you go camping and stuff:  We've got a big family camping vacation coming up.  I don't want anyone to go out of their way to supply food for MY dietary needs.  But if I bring any of my own meats, either way I look at, I might be offending the main food-bringer.  I can't bring enough of my meat for everyone, there wouldn't be room.  But at the same time it would be selfish just to bring enough for myself.

    Since they all know about hubby's diabetes, there might be less sugary stuff brought and shared by everyone, so that's in my favor.  I will be bringing lots of jerky, trail mix, and whatever fruit or veggies I can that won't rot in the heat or that will fit in limited space in a cooler.  Last year, I brought a bag of fruit and it took up so much room, and didn't even last that long :(

    k, so here's my question (finally):  Have you come across a meal where they only serve carbs?  like pancake breakfast? or mashed potato, corn, as the only sides?  Do you sometimes give in, or do you eat a small amount of meat that they offer you, and sort of 'fast' until the next meal where they hopefully have more meat and veggies to eat?  Has anyone approached you at camp and ask just wth you're eating that way?

    also, I was thinking of bringing along some gluten-free snack foods like crackers or chips, just to get me through while I watch everyone else eat crap while we just sit there around the fire.  I know not all gluten-free foods are Primal though, and I'm afraid I will start to binge on that stuff instead of produce.  Like it will turn into my BFL challenges, where I used bread as my primary carb source for most of my meals, instead of fruit or yogurt.

    taylor t---GLAD to see you pop in here sometimes!!  are we all self-sabatogers?  seems like it sometimes, thenyou see people that seem to have it all together.  then I wonder if they self-sabotage behind closed doors.  I do or did all the time.  I think I do it because I see others around me happily eating sugar and they seem to be in total control of it and can stop at one piece.  Then faifthfully not eat anything after supper and go through life just fine, and I want that!  Like why can't I eat crap with no repurcussions?  Don't these other people eat that sugar,then think about it constantly like me??  I'm currently in a Primal challenge for all of June.  Sometimes I think of totally going all out at the end with food!!  Hubby's got a birthday at the end of June, and I was going to have a piece of cake, but afraid it will turn into a binge.  He's thinking of no cake now, just a single treat from a bakery.

    orrin--glad to see you are still going strong too with your challenge!

    I'm about to completely rearrange the fridge now to put all of hubby's food accessible in the front and the door.  Everything else has to be pushed in back.  Then I need to chop and portion it all into containers he can get into with his 1 non-dominant hand.  Surgery is in 2 days.

  • run4life--I spent YEARS eating a 2nd plate of spaghetti.  EVERY DAy I ate supper about 3 times each night.  I'd have a small carby breakfast.  Then a small lunch (you can't eat too much fast food for lunch because it would make you tired and irritable for the afternoon.)  Then supper I could go all out and really relax with tons and tons of food.  Then fall asleep bloated yet eerily happy....   omg.  every day.  for years.  food was soothing.  I was so jealous of those people that would eat supper at 5, then nothing until bedtime and the next morning.  i'm still jealous of them, it's still not become 'old hat' for me, I don't know if it ever will be easy.  But it's better than it used to be.

  • Opti - you put a smile on my face with your last post...and seeing how well you are doing with the Paleo challenge you are on is amazing. Perhaps that might mean that there is some hope for a carb addicted crazy BFL Paleo want to be guy like me.

    Opti - I will be saying some prayers for your hubby in a couple days and I am sure that all will go smooth.

    You are already taking great care of him with all the preparations you are doing. Remember you are both going through this so make sure you take care of yourself as well on this. We're all here for you and your husband.

    OK 95 degrees out here now. I know that for your Canadians that is a strange temperature number so I will convert it into a unit you are used to ... HOT!!! What were you expecting, math ...  ;-) So you know what this means. Time to take the new bike out for a spin to get some wind in my face and to test out the clipless pedals and shoes. Starting to pack stuff tonight. Heart is pounding ... sort of like the night before Christmas when you were a little kid.

    Putting lifting on hold until I am back.....


    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Happy Thursday all,

    Just a quick note!

    Optigirl - Man so glad to see I am not the only one. I think we all have our trigger foods. Some people it is bread, some it sweets. I am one of the sweet people. Can't just have one of those little snack candy bars, nope think I need like 10. The thing is I can eat those 10 and still want 10 more, so what is the point to begin with.  Before I started BFL I ate so much junk, seriously. Then after my first challenge I was like OMG no wonder I was so over weight when I drank pepsi, ate cheese its and ice cream - I mean really!! I have come so far, but like you sometimes I feel like I could binge at anytime. We just need to believe in ourselves that we know better now and we will never go back to being that person.

    Had a great workout last night and food was on target yesterday.  I love reading all the different stuff everyone is doing. It is great that there are so many options out there to stay healthy! Everyone keep up the great work!!


    "If you mind can conceive, you can achieve it

  • OK Crew eating wasn't good yesterday..actually it was a train wreck! New day today.

    It is late but I need to give a quick shout out to my buddy Opti. I will be thinking and praying for your hubby that surgery goes well and that he has a complete and speedy recovery. You also take good care of yourself during his recovery period.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Good Morning Crew!

    I haven't been here for a few days. I have been so busy I can hardly think. I am ready for a small break...maybe in a few days, still lots to do. My workouts have been wicked awesome. I've been getting to the gym by 6:30 and working out till 7:45 then training people from 8 - 10 then I open my bookstore and either sell books, sort books, price ans shelve books or sit and study for my upcoming Personal Training course. Body and Mind are feeling the strain, so it is so important to feed myself good, clean, healthy fuel. I am grateful to have the means and opportunity to buy all the food I need and want.

    Teresa! HELLO! :) How have yo been. So good to see/read you. I have been wondering where you were and how you were doing. I loved your last post. There is much wisdom there. I think all of us have dealt with self-sabotage. Things really changed for me when I finally looked myself in the mirror and said "I have value. I have worth". Glad you posted :) Don't be a stranger.

    Michelle: Great to see your post and hear you are doing fine and working hard. 25lb added to your front squat, sweet. It is great to hear you are not afraid of some weight. Keep me posted on your comp prep. I would be very interested in your workouts and food.

    Larry: oh right how I started training people. hehehe. I forgot to write that. Well to be clear I am just starting out, but you have to start somewhere right? I think two things came together: 1) i was looking for something to add to my skill set (to use an overused and vague word) in order to give me wider and more varied options in my life. 2) As I was training myself and studying fitness and nutrition with great personal interest I found not only did I really enjoy it but people were starting to approach me with questions and to share their goals and struggles. I realized that what I considered basic knowledge about health and fitness was unknown to many people. It is such a joy to share with someone and see the light go on, see them understand and then see that knowledge begin to transform their lives. There is so much misinformation out there and fitness myths plus the obsession with scale weight coupled with the insanity of food marketing, no wonder people are confused. If I can spread a little positive light into the lives of others I will be a happy man.

    I think I have rambled enough for one day. I am off to make coffee and breakfast for two then off to the gym and embrace another day with gratitude, passion and a determination to be successful.

    Have a salubrious Friday everyone!      

  • hi guys!

    run4life--oh my, yes to be young again and stay out late, then wake up the next morning for a 6-day bike ride!!!!  I don't know, those youngens', I pray a lot that my step-daughter gets her teenlike-behavior out of her system--soon!  Little sleep, poor nutrition, along with those other life things that they need to learn on their own despite our constant preaching, etc.  Yikes, don't want to go another tangent there.

    Will you even be able to sleep tonight with the excitement??

    taylor--i was thinking about your self-sabotage statement last night at a social event.  The hostess whipped up a dessert and it was hard to resist, I was saying that statement to myself, "Don't eat that.  You are worth it."  It was made out of processed crap, so that helped!  And everyone ate out of these little dishes, and I thught, there's no way I could eat a small amount like that and be anywhere near satisfied.  So what's the point in having any at all?

    Husband came out of surgery just fine!  We are home now, he will be a little drowsy the next couple days.  I packed Primal snacks for myself, and they had free organic free trade coffee!!  Thanks for all your prayers.

  • Opti - Just want to say quickly that I am so glad things went well for the Husband. Glad you guys are back at home. I will try to stay with you guys (on the posts that is) while I am on the road (as long as the battery holds out that is).

    I am actually going to try to minimize the carbs while I am on the road and really go heavier on the protein than I would have in the past. Lately for me, nutrition has not been a good story for me. That is why I love your posts and how you are tackling your temptations!

    Last year, I was so hungry after every daily ride that I tried to make ever dinner a carbo-loading dinner. I am not convinced that this is/was the way to go. SO, I am going to put more protein into the meals and ensure that I have protein on the bike to keep me satisfied.

    If I did the math right this bike ride should burn around 14,500 calories above the BMR.

    So, I hope to minimize additional caloric intake, but keep it sufficient to enable me to keep moving forward. Last year I would have convinced myself to carbo carbo carbo load all day long, each and every day!

    We'll see how it goes!

    Enjoy the weekend Crew!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!