BFL Coffee Crew!

  • To Donald,


    Good Luck tomorrow.


    Hope you can use these!



    From all your friends in the Northern Hemisphere

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • howdy folks,

    RUN, THANK YOU!!!!

    hope i can compete tomorrow..

    full of this crappy flu.

    woke up feeling terrible, then felt awesome through the day, they crappy again.

    so hoping that i will be able to do my thing tomorrow.

    not entirely convinced though.

    hold thumbs for me... here is to hopeing that i can go an dget my *** kicked.


    will hopefully get to post more over the weekend.

  • Cross Michigan bike ride dilemma


    OK so I love this mode of transportation to see the country side, other communities in the State. You know Michigan has over 1,650 towns and cities with a population of 500 or more. So, imagine my surprise when I saw this:



    Yep, that is my home town on day four.


    So, my dilemma is do I just sit out the first four days of the ride and let the other riders catch up to me as I roll out of bed on day four…


    …or do I do the whole ride with my daughter and as we ride into town, we go off the tour route for a couple blocks to eat lunch with my wife at our favorite restaurant in town, The French Laundry.


    Hummmmm   …. I think I will order the chicken salad … fantastic.


    Nine days till launch…Putting my mountain bike mule back up on the garage racks… got the road bike down. My daughter’s new bike just came into the bike shop and is built and ready for pick up. A box of add-on bike accessories just showed up in the mail so this weekend I will be building those onto the bike and we are ready!


    I got a little more ‘back side’ training (actual long distance riding) to do so my behind does not get too sore on the ride. I’m a little behind (sorry) on that activity for this ride.


    Other than that, BFL has put me in better shape for this year’s ride than I was in at the end of last year’s ride and that is a great feeling I think my daughter is a little nervous with her ‘new dad.’ We are ‘picking up’ her boyfriend about 20 miles outside of town who will ride with us into town during this leg of the ride. He is in great shape as well (I think that is automatic for a teenager, right?!?) and should be able to keep up with us with no problems.


    Short of that though, he thinks we are crazy for riding across the State.

    5150 … right! The only way to fly!!!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • run4life---I think you shoud ride the whole thing!  Haw many days is this all together?  Skipping 4 days is a lot, unless you are injured or something.  Yes, I think teenagers are automatically in great shape (except for the growing number of obese ones, but that's another rant).  I'm starting to watch now how my almost 19-yr old step-daughter's energy is changing.  When she was 15, she was SO energetic.  She could climb, run, DO ANYTHING effortlessly!  Now that she's 19, she's still strong, but I can see lifestyle habits starting to affect her.  Right now she can still stay up all night and be active, but she gets sick and rundown very easily from it.  Has your daughter been doing any specific training for this ride?  

    donald---man, I hope you do ok at the comp. and don't poop yourself!  hahaha, you're so funny.

    laura--You're almost done at your job and summer vacation here you come!  Thanks for the nice upside-down words in your intro to joe.

    joe---welcome!!!yeh, we can be crazy here, because BFL has made us realize we ARE capable of things we never thought were possible again in our lives as we get older.  And your standard sedentary adult that is just growing older and accepting their sedentary fate, would look at us and say we're crazy for attempting the more active lifestyles we've grown into with our new BFL bodies.

    Bryan---THIANK YOU THANK YOU for those book links!!  I wrote them down and will be searching for them at his store.  Right now, husband is asking me questions every 10 minutes, like "can I eat this?" and usually my answer is 'no' and I feel so bad for saying no.  But what we really need is to read up on a book and anxiously waiting to get in talk with the dietitcian personally face to face.  we have SO MANY questions!!  I've paged through those diabetic cookbooks and I don't like them!  Artifical sweeteners everywhere!  Also need to look at the dates of when the books were published.  That says a lot.

    I'm a little over my head right now, trying to get the house in order for his post-surgery comfortableness, have to rearrange the fridge so he can access his foods.  will have to prepare and cut up all his meals (once we figure out what he should be eating).  

    Now off to work a 10-hr shift.  agh!  Need to bring home some $$ though, he plans to only be on short term disability for 2 weeks.  So that's not horrible.  I may need to only buy conventional groceries though for awhile.  Oh, and now that we scheduled the surgery, he hasn't had any wrist pain!!!  wth?  making him doubt his decision and possilby cancelling the surgery.  aghghg

    keep eating right guys!!  (and working out)

  • Opti – OK I think my home town bike ride is perhaps just a rhetorical question.

    Believe you me, my daughter would never let me get away with sitting out 4 days of a cross Michigan ride. I would never hear the end of it. So I know I am in and with my much improved BFL body, I would not want to miss out on the opportunity to show my daughter that she is in for the ride of her life, in a Loving and Kind kind of way =).

    Her bike training was all on the soccer field, indoor and out. She ‘trained’ that way last year and that ride was longer and hillier. She’ll be fine for this one…but we also have a more serious fall ride and that ride will be more interesting for her. It is 5 days of 75 to 100 miles each day. In cycling, I have heard it said that the 100 mile bike ride is the cycler’s marathon. So, She better be training for that. I know I am a little nervous for that one.

    Donald – time for a health and CF report. How’d ya do man??? We’re all thinking of ya!

    OK Joe – It has been a whole day already. It is time for you to post again. Don’t be shy!!!

    Opti again – I am definitely thinking about you. I know you have a full plate now. More work, less over all money for the short term…some food decisions … and taking care of two of the most important things in your life (you and your husband of course!). I am sure you and the hubby will get through this just fine. It is just getting through it that is the hardest part right. I know it will go well and two weeks of rest and healing will go fast when you are at the end looking back. Lean on us when you can and just know we are all think of you and the husband.

    Laura – did I get it right that you are finishing up W8 of a BFL cycle. What cycle is this for you? I gotta quit whinning about how hard C2 is for me. I guess I am a ‘closet perfectionist’ and when I hick-up I get a little ticked at myself. Lately, I’ve given myself a reason to be really pissed!

    So, for you after four more weeks, are you coming back for more…meaning another BFL cycle? I gotta believe that you are in, in a hybred kinda way with all the other sport fitness activities you are doing.

    Bryon – I think it is C5 right…W1, how is it going for Ellen and the friend. I would ask about you, but I know you got this!

    OK Crew, have a great upcoming weekend. For me it is three graduation open houses this week end. Oh the celebration and the food of it all. I do know that you ‘Paleo’ and ‘Primal’ people have made me be completely aware of how I feel after I hammer down mega carbs … and that is bad! In the past, I guess I kinda knew that I did not feel all that great when I mega carbo loaded, but since I never focused on it, I guess I thought that this is just the way it is. So, I am going to try to keep the carbos down during this weekend celebration.

    Have a great weekend!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hey, I read this and immediately thought of you ‘guys’ here on the Crew:

    “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”

    Reading about all you guys pushing yourselves to the max has given me that inspiration!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Donald you alive over there? :)

    Happy Saturday crew. Saturday morning here, not too early. Egg whites and steel cut oats steaming in front of me. Mmmmmm.Yesterday was another busy day and by the time I got home I realized that between the store and training others I had yet to expend any real energy. By that I mean really challenge my body. And the body needs to be challenged in order to grow and change. So on with the running shoes and on to the driveway. It was odd for me to be running at night. Normally I do all my exercise in the morning, however when you have a goal you do whatever it takes. After an enjoyable but challenging 4k a shower and a cup of tea were such a luxury. I am grateful to live where I live and to have the freedoms some countries in the world do not know.

    My workouts are going fantastic. My knee is holding up fine and my rotator cuff is healing, not perfect, but much much better. Eating has been 100% clean in the BFL sense and my body is responding. It feels so great!

    Joey: you still out there? :) how are things? where are you in your fitness journey?

    run4life: I laughed about your "dilemma"  definitely wait for everyone to roll through town then burst out of your house full of energy and ride at the front of the pack like 4 days was just a warm up for you. Hahaha that would be funny. seriously though it sounds like you are going to have a great time. I wouldn't want to ride across my province though, not even the narrow way. Not to be hopelessly naive, and at the risk of exposing my inadequate knowledge of USA topography, but is Michigan quite flat? Im not saying your ride will be an easy four day coast but the mountains here in BC... well it would be one helluva ride.

    opti: hope all is well. you sound busy and maybe a little stressed. I'll send some positive energy your way today. :)

    Have a great day everyone. Breathe, drink lots of water and don't forget to laugh.    

  • Orrin,


    I would agree. Riding in Michigan is nothing like riding in the Canadian Rockies.


    I have been to God’s country in the next providence over, Alberta in 81, then 94, and in 2005, I spent a few weeks hiking around Banff, Jasper, and Lake Louise each time.



     Amazing places and I cannot believe how much Jasper has grown up over time…well really the whole area from Canmore on up!. During my treks, I remember several bicyclers on the road through the mountains pulling trailers of equipment (self contained) up those mountain passes. Amazing and talk about


    The biggest hills I have ridden here in Michigan are rated officially as a Class 1 (on a 1 through 5 scale). In the fall, with the other longer ride, I am doing with my daughter, there are a series of hills that are nowhere near as long as hills in your neck of the woods but that have some challenge to them. They are affectionately named, 'The Five Tears' and 'The Wall.' ‘The wall’ at the top is an 18 percent grade. I hope I don't flip over!!!


    Anyway should be fun. I hope your injuries are continuing to heal and don't slow you up to much.


    All the best for now...I gotta go out and move some mulch and then another ton of rock for landscaping.

    Hey isn't it fathers day weekend!?!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • run4life, i agree the country out here is amazing. I have seen those bikers with self-contained units trucking along in the mountains. They must be in incredible shape! Not for me but I certainly have respect. It is father's day weekend. I just finished Father's day dinner (a day early) at my parents house. I even had a piece of mom's homemade pie Mmmmmm. :)

    Well off to grow some muscles (I am sure pie makes good fuel for muscle repair right?) and back to the gym in the morning. Arm day! :) love it!

  • hi everyone!  Just flying by quick.  thought about going for  a run this morning, but it's SO HOT already and the pool isn't open yet.  About to make breakfast for the hubby and I.  Sure hope step-daughter remembers to wish him a happy Father's Day today.  I know it would make him feel good.

    donald--SO GLAD you were able to make it to your competition and that you didn't have to sit out!!!  what 'place' did you come in?

    I went to work out yesterday at the gym, since it's been hot here lately.  Even the gym was warm!  I went on an elliptical at LEVEL 1 and it felt hard!!!  what the heck?  I then went down to their basement for handstand and rings, and it was even warm down there!  Felt dizzy.  I asked myself, what would Grok do? (generic Primal character) And he would sit back in the shade and not exert himself if he didn't have to.  So I tried other various machines but everything felt like such an effort.  Then I went home, cursing myself that I should have just gone to the pool instead.

    I baked kale chips yesterday, they are so good but I'm trying to keep away from them so I have enough to bring to next Thursday's get-togehter.  They are time consuming, so I don't nkow what possessed me to make them, other than I knew they'd be a healthy snack.  If anyone's interested, the recipe's at

    Husband's having some common side effects from the new medication with nausea and stomach.  We eread trough the paperwork, and ti said this is common at the beginning of treatment.  Just yet ANOTHER reason to take care of yourself so you never have to go through any of this!!!!  

  • Opti – Glad you gotta  work out in even though it sounds like it was screaming hot at the gym. Sometimes it is not perfect, and in those cases just getting a workout done is a victory … right!?!

    I hope the husband’s side effects stay minor and reside quickly so he can get on with enjoying life!

    Hey I gotta tell you and Bryon and Donald and Larry, that I scanned through the Wolf book all last week, and other sample Paleo and Primal Books. I have been talking about it with my wife. She keeps reminding me that, while she did not following this exact program way back when (like when she was in college) she did eat very close to it. I guess I have stronger will power for I changed her instead of her changing me. I am sorry dear!!! :P

    OK, long story short, while I am on my bike ride with my daughter, my wife will read the Wolf book. I think when I get back the pantry will be cleaned out and we will probably be stepping into it in July. I am not sure if we will be 100% pure but we will at least be starting with some variation, especially reducing/stopping (OK it is hard for me to say – but probably dropping eating starches) breads and pasta. Oh that hurts even trying to type it. We both want to further reduce the sugar intake and also work better on macronutrients intake.

    So we will see where we are when I am back from the bike ride.

    Speaking about our bike ride … one week to go. I picked my daughter’s bike up from the bike store on Sunday, now I am nervous. I am been smack talking her up all week long about how she better watch out.

    Well, when I went to hoist the bike up to put it into the truck, I almost threw it through ‘the roof.’ I know that BFL is making me stronger, but not this strong for the bike feels like there is nothing there. She is going to be a screamer on the road! Oh, I hope she takes pity on her ‘old man!’

    This is my BFL C2W9. So, trying to stay with the program. Bryon and others warned me it would be harder than C1 mentally and I think I am proving that to be true. I will definitely finish C2, but it will not be very pure, or as pure as I wanted to be. I will be doing C3 starting sometime late in the summer amongst some other running and biking events.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • run4life---wow, so happy your wife is interested in reading one of the books!!!  I understand how it hurts to even write/think about dropping pasta and bread!  Think about how many carbs are in a tiny amount of pasta though!!  my hubby's been pretty good with weaning off the carbs!!!!  He has not binged or cried yet :)  He's even trying the sprouted bread company that I used to rave about and he's liking it ok.  He only has one piece at a time, sometimes with nothing on it.  

    I gotta say, of all the things I gave up, you'd think i'm miss cookies or donuts, but I actually miss that particular bread the most!  And now it's in the house again, but I only smell it sometimes, not eat it.  (I'm still not convinced it is 'bad' for me, since it's 100% natural ingredients, low carb, high fiber and protein.)  But I KNOW it's a trigger for me, so that keeps me away.

    We went to an impromptu social gathering last night and I broght my kale chips.  almost everyone was pleasantly surprised at their taste.  Even my husband tried one and didn't hate them!!!  All the other snacks there were carby.  My husband picked out 3, and had 1 serving of each.  I longingly looked at a homemade dessert, but I didn't go near it.  Wehn I got home, I was writing in my food log, and realized the only thng I ate was my own kale chips, I successfully stayed away from everything else :)  It was hard!!  ther were even organic crackers there, and I briefly thought about them, but knew the answer was 'no way'.  Someone had some super hot salsa, so I dipped kale in it. That was my indulgence, it was good!

    I'm not getting much exercise in, but eating is 100%, with the exception of maybe too much cheese at times (I live in WI and all!)  All my pants and shorts are loose, maybe even getting to the point I can't wear them!

  • bryan--I watched your chicken run video.  I realized it was the first time I ever heard one of your guys' voices for real!!!  That's a nice setup you have there.

  • howdy folks,

    i posted here off my phone over the weekend, but seems like it didnt happen...

    so i went to the comp on Saturday.

    was feeling ok'ish.

    then the 1st workout came, i was in the second heat 19 men in total.

    the workout was to run 200M with each of the following.

    25kg sandbad, 24kg kettlebell

    20 kg weight plate, 9 kg medicine ball

    then just run 200M

    well after less than 100M with the sand bag i wanted to quit.

    my chest just closed up, it was like mission impossible to get any air in. and it was freezing.

    have no idea how i finished  came in 17th i think.

    second workout was a bit better

    24kg KB deadlift high pulls and burpees

    i did this one on Wed night when i realized i was starting to get sick and i only did 5 rounds in 5 min, sat i did 5 rounds plus 7 extra high pulls.

    the dude right next to me, my size, from the same gym, exactly the same score:-)

    and i only beat him by a few seconds in the run.

    3rd event i only beat him by 3 reps.

    wow super close.

    anywasy i ended up 14th out of 19

    but was just happy to make it through.

    chest was crazy tight.

    was an amazing experience though, pretty awesome to see what the more advanced athletes were doing.

    sunday sick

    monday sick left to go home early

    tuesday(today) sick, cam in late leaving early.

    feeling terrible.

    and now Jenny is starting...

    anyways, i'm in here for another few min then off home.

    keep on keepin on folks.

    chat soon



    Donald - way to do the challenge. I know you probably wish you did better but is it awesome how you persevered.


    I am in total disbelief how you CF folks do it.


    Me, I am still hanging in there with BFL C2W9 ... trying to bring eating back on board better and more pure on the workout.


    I just got back from a quick 10 mile bike ride with my daughter. I got both our bikes up, running and tweaked. I cannot believe the difference on how these bikes roll compared my 20 year old mountain bike I rode across Michigan last year. My daughter and I are both stoked for the upcoming ride, and with her ‘speed racer of a bike’ I was nervous, but on this ride (even though it was a fun ride) I think she was shocked how I was powering up the little hills in the area. To be honest so was I compared to last year pre-BFL. Thanks you BFL. Now to install some clipless pedals on my bike to match hers and then game on, five days until we head to the west side of the state!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!