BFL Coffee Crew!

  • donald--wow, you have the #1 person at YOUR gym??  I'd be so honored to work out with her too!  I looked at the bar at my gym 'cuz I've been wanting to try the toe to bar.  It's really high up and I'd have to go find a bench to reach it.  I only think about trying it when my workout for the day is already done and I'm already toast.  

    anne---HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    We were out with friends tonight (eating clean, yeh!) and there was a moment I was laughing so hard and my chest really starting hurting, like a pulled muscle.  Now a few hours later, it feels fine.  I'm to have my UBWO tomorrow and little nervous about doing a bench press.  I was practicing wall climbs today and chest felt little tight, maybe that's where I did it.

    My gym is starting up a new bootcamp to get people ready for Tough Mudder and Warrior Dashes!!!!!  A class specifically designed for obstacle courses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's only held once a week, 2 days after Ironman boot camp.  So my plan is to do the 2 bootcamps a week, and then the 3rd BFL heavy-lifting workout on Friday or Saturday.  And will get my cardios in accordingly, depending on how cardio the boot camps are.  I hope it's a success.

  • Happy Birthday Anne!!

    I love your suit! ;) It has changed since I've known you, and now into yet another challenge, that

    birthday suit is going to

    change again! Good on ya mate!

    Thank LORD for being 40 something!! It's about time we women get our #@^! together right?!

    Enjoy your day to the fullest.

    All of us hoolies across the miles have you in our heads BIG today.  xxoo

  • Hi all,

    Well first I want to Thank everyone for the Birthday wishes,!!!!!!

    I'm having a fantastic day, Got up had a drink of water went right to my gym,{WOD},  did my workout of the day , drank my Whey protein shake, and started my special day. Week 4 coming to a close, will go out to celebrate my Bday on my free day, because thats the way my man will help me do BFL right. Mmmm what a nice man he is, Love him the death.... =)

    @ Legsy~ You are so cool, I love you to death also...LOl  xoxo

    @ Optigirl~ Thank you for the Bday wish

    @Michelle~ Thank you to, Yes we haven't seen you in forever, Missed ya girl.. Come back more often... =)

    @ Donald~ Thank you ,,,What can I say, your the man love ya guy, Keep up the great work at the gym,.. =)

  • Hi all!  Happy Birthday Anne!

    Just stopping by real quick, been really busy lately...but things are starting to feel like they are coming together. Flooring for the gym comes in today so we get to install it Monday.

    Legs-You are amazing!  You are ripped!!!

    Stay Strong!


  • Happy Saturday All.

    Phew, I have to share this was a Hectic week, but After ALL i stuck with it. Went to a convention and was able to eat pretty clean and skipped one workout day, but got right back when I came home at 9: pm..(I must what this even more than I thought)

    . I also sold my car  last week because of financial difficulties, But this morning my Butt was on a Bike Straight to the Gym.. YOU have to want this and you will succeed!!!

    Enjoy your Saturday everyone!!

    PS: Legs you're an inspiration

    MONI <3  

  • New to Board....can anyone tell me how I save my text in order to ask a question on this forum??

  • Hi beautiful ladies and handsome men,

    I am such a yo you dieter.  its like crazy.  Anyways down for now.  yeah.  153

    Dixies123, I am not sure how to save text.  just type in question.

  • YooOOoo HoooOOo!

    Sitting here with ONLY my 3L today and it's after 4pm. YIKERS!! Gulp gulp...weekends and no structure still messes with me and water intake.

    ANYWAYS - ya'all are sweet. Thanks for the high 5's. Much appreciated. Sure hope to keep this up and not eat my words in the future. Isn't that just my path...up and down. Nah...think I'm over that thanks to  2 and a half years of BFL. Holy! Did I just say 2 and a half YEARS! Sweet.

    Who says this isn't or can't be for LIFE. :)

    Michelle - great to see you here and you better start posting before and along the way pics up to YOUR competition!! I still can't believe we are actually doing this. HA HA. We've gone MAD! I like it.

    Darcy - your gym is awesome. I can't wait to see the final result with you posing after a workout. Nice to have that right at your fingertips. No excuses now! Tee hee.

    Donald - dude - hows that body? You still a sore mess over there?

    Ricanbelly - bikes are the bomb. I can't wait to get mine out. Few more weeks I figure till all the ice is off the streets. Woop! It is SO nice to get that fresh air. Sometimes letting things go, allow us to gain other things. Keep your chin up, chest out, and peddle like a mad woman all over town! WeeEEEeeee!

    Opti - any freak play this weekend? Silly question. :) You rock lady!

    OK - time to hit the TM. Bloody HOUR of it! LOL.

    OH WAIT!!! Tomorrow is FREE DAY for wise, drink your water and keep under control. Your Monday will be that much sweeter. Trust me.

  • Morning All!!

    No free day here for me. It has been a long weekend, I'm working this weekend. Boy the time change is whipping my butt so far...I had to get up an hour early today, and I thought 4am was early lol. I'll be spent when 6pm rolls around.

    The flooring for the gym is in and we are going to get it installed tomorrow!!!

    Legs-Question for you...what do you think was your turning point?  I know in the past we've had some of the same issues with nutrition.  When did it all come together and what do you think changed?

    Donald-I do believe you and MO are getting me hooked on CrossFit.  It's crazy!  I could totally see Legs doing it and loving it. Hope you are doing well down under.

    Everyone enjoy their free day...but not too much. :-)

    Stay Strong!


  • Hey Crew!

    Just finished my FAVORITE IN THE WORLD meal 1.  Yummo. I LOVE oatmeal!! :)

    Here in Saskatchewan we don't mess with our clocks. Thank goodness. It would really throw this prairie girl off.

    This weekend has been crazy. I am not sure where the heck I am getting all the energy from, unless it is the gorgeous spring weather and fresh air. I have been up at 5 am (that's an hour later than usual) and cleaning, washing down, throwing out, giving away, packing nicely SO many things upstairs and downstairs. It's been great reorganizing and decluttering. I haven't done this for a long time. I think I am done now, and will be hitting the gym soon. Patti 1% says the gyms are quiet because of the time change. LOL. That makes me smile.... my gym is quiet all the time in the mornings. I love it!

    Darcy - turning point? Heck...not sure really. It all came so gradually. I think the kicker was to finally for once and for all put some clean weeks in a row with no cheats. Really be honest with myself and stop self sabatoging when I got to a certain scale weight. By hiring and paying for some awesome trainers that will take me further than I could imagine has certainly made me stay on target too. Yes I have had some cheat days, but 99% has been clean and driven with anticipation of the end result. I continued to seek out and find those on FB that inspire me and lead. I have let go lurkers and those that did not aide in my mission. Some emailed me the next day, some I havent heard from again.

    This isn't over my friend. This struggle will always be within me. I have lost weight before on more than one occassion, only to get all confident and put it back on again. That is humiliating. I don't want to do that this time. I've lost 35# to date and dropped from an 11/12 to a 2/4 in pants. The girl that used to be called 'fat-ass' isn't recognizable anymore. I have lost fat all over just like that papertowel BFLMike told me about. THIS time I have a muscular BFL body, so that is a HUGE difference. I am proud of the muscles I see now. Yesterday doing shoulders, I had to text my trainer and tell him they look like ropes inside! It is SO cool to get your body to this stage. A twist of the DB, and the striations change like the Milky way. HA HA. I still dont have the calves I envisioned, but I still have 4 weeks to go...and if they don't show then, they never will. I'll be ok with that. I know I gave it 110%. Once the competition is over, I will then need to find another outlet to keep me fit and at a good weight. I am fearful of the 'after' but have good people in my corner, that have warned me of what I will go through emotionally, and sort of feel a bit prepared. Crossfit is an option perhaps, and I have several friends that do it, however, I see CF as a total body workout that gradually shows results - and that doesnt work in my head. With BFL, and training one body part at a time, for me, I get results. And personally, I would rather do 10 reps and struggle like mad the last 4, than 1 rep of a heavier weight just to say I can. Fast twitch, slow twitch...I'm not there yet. I still love the BFL format. That is just me though. I  will be blading SOON! woop! and enjoying the outdoors soon like last year.

    I'm rambling. I didn't even come close to answering your question Darcy. It is a personal journey...and you will/are getting closer and closer to your goals as well. It is awesome to still be in the same house as you.

    I best be on my way - too much activity to be had here on a day off from work! LIFE IS GOOD!

  • Legsy-You answered it...I got what you were saying. Instead of a trainer I'm dumping all my money into building our gym. In the past I made goals of losing bf and weight. This time my goals for the end of summer is to be able to do at least 1 muscle up and 1 handstand pushup. I know in order to achieve this I am going to have to put some major muscle on and strengthen my entire body. Other than my left leg, my shoulders are my weakest body part so I want to make sure I really focus on them. I've also been looking at it as building muscle and getting stronger may save my life out on the streets.  Looking at all you have been through and have accomplished fuels me to become a better person and I thank you for that. You are a true champ in my eyes :-)  Enjoy your day off girl!

    Stay Strong!


  • Hi Sexy Lady and Sexy

    I have this big home gym, but never seem to use it.  I just started working at home.  I have a membership to gold gym. as Where are you from in Sask Legs?  Me too.  I like the silly classes at the gym.  Hey,  lost two pounds  down to 151. yeah.  Legs I 'm drinking my water.  My sister says the same.  She has a beautiful body, like you



    I have a big gym in  my basement

  • Hey Sexy Ladies and Sexy Men,

    What time of the day do you workout??


    Wakey wakey are you shakey? LOL.

    I am. Had a insane leg workout - had to do a strip set of extensions. HOLY HELL 20# can feel like 200 by the time you get there. I love it!! So much acid in my legs.

    Lotsofbutter - that is a great gym you have. What a privilage! Those paddles I see remind me of the bazillion burpees I did awhile back. 50 for 50 days. (oh the nightmare! ;) They helped my wrists not get too sore. I hear you wanting, but not so much of the doing....I hope the Crew inspires you to continue striving for the goals you have for yourself. That's why we're here...Life is short, and dreams turn to goals for those that are willing to buck up.

    ROCK THE DANCE FLOOR CREW, keep being the fabulous that you are and are capable of and ALWAYS....leave the glitter as you close the door!

  • hI all--

    i'm glad darcy asked that question (and the time change is doing a doozy on me too)  And a few days ago Bryan was talking about 'getting the big picture' and how it's sinking in.

    I still feel so far away from that evolution in my thinking.  i mean, I know I've come a ways from where I started, but I still have so far to go as far as when i'm listening to reason or my emotions/stomach.  It's like, I get what you guys are saying, for instance what's that quote I see on the forums a lot, "You have to want to change more than you want to stay the same."  And I know I'm really good at maintaining what I currently have.  But sometimes I wonder, I guess my desire to change is NOT higher than staying the same.  I feel I am comforable at my present self, but at the same time, I'm not.  I know I'm at that stage where doing what I did at C1 just doesn't cut it anymore.  Need to make it harder, zero in on even BETTER foods than I did during C1.  

    Did not have a stellar weekend.  Still doing some extra projects for work and sacrificing the wrong things to make time for it.  Looked through my fridge today to find lots of rotted veggies and meat :(  Hate it when I let that happen.  

    ok, so leaving on a good note, despite how tired and out of whack I feel right now, I'm still going to Ironman tonight!  It will be the highlight of my day!!!  :)