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  • At first all I understood and worried about was the BODY but  now I see the big picture and understand the FOR LIFE part of it. Just like each each day is part of a week and each week is part of a month, each challenge is part of our life. Dream big and accomplish things in small steps. You can't put all your hopes and dreams into just 12 weeks. This is your life and it is an endurance event. You are in it for the long run so find something you love or something that scares you and challenge yourself. BFL is the foundation of fitness, especially for first timers and people coming back after setbacks and LIFE happened. If you live towards the goal 6-7 days a week a 11-12 months a year while not alloying for destructive behavior and thoughts then you will live it FOR LIFE. I don't have it all figured out but little by little I am making improvements. The mental is the real battle.

    "The acquisition of knowledge doesn’t mean you’re growing; growing happens when what you know changes how you live. You can’t change anything or make any sort of progress by sitting back and thinking about it. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. The best time to start is now. You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading your previous one."

    Here is a great read, 12 Stressful Things to Stop Tolerating:

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Well said my friend.

  • One of my FB friends had this on there today. It cracked me up. I come close to this some days.

  • Legs - Now I actually want to try red bull coffee. Maybe I can use an 5-hour energy as creamer. I bet it would make for an interesting blood pressure reading. Might even make it look more like a good bowling score.

    I did not even start to see the big picture until about 6 months ago.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • howdy folks,

    i want to see noises....

    gotta try that, some redbull coffee.

    Opti, maybe your trainer is just doing the workouts, but hasn't actually entered the games officially. there are 5 workouts, one a week. we have had 2, next one is released tomorrow, i just hope its something that i can do. if its pull ups then i'm out, still can't do the things without a band to assist, and for these games no bands allowed. so that would suck. i think its going to be something like box jumps, and double unders and a deadlift maybe.

    did my workout this morning, man it was a hard session. my body is really feeling broken theses last 2 days. my hips are feeling it, and ever since i broke my hip thats a concern, i havn't felt a workout there for a while.

    Bryan loved your post, very wise dude, i still dont think i see the whole picture, well i think we all think we do see the big pic, then later realise we were way off, well i'm still thinking i'm way off. just focusing on day to day. eat clean, stay focused workout hard.

    Legsy, will try a 999 later me thinks :-)

    cheers folks, chat soon.

    where the hell is everyone???

    all the lurkers, stop lurking and get in here and say howdy, let us know how things are going...


  • Hi Coffee crew,

    Guess I;m one of those lurkers, So I;m going to have, too come on here more often, I still read all the post that come on here from my phone. Hehe. love reading everyones post, Well I;m in week 4 and going strong. Got up drank my water, went right in to the gym, got my H.I.R.T. Workout done, hit my 10's right on the button..Boom, Loving this H,I,R,T workout, that's what I now call my UBWO & LBWO now.... I;m so focused this time around, I haven;t missed one workout since I started Feb, 13th 2012. and I have been eating so clean that I squeak...LoL Everyone have a great day working out....

  • Does H.I.R.T. hurt? What does it stand for?

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Hi Bryanl~ It stand for = High Intensity resistance training. Thats what I do on the bowflex resistances training.. Love it. =)

  • I agree well Said!!!

  • Did LBWO yesterday and swore under my breath many times and almost thought I was gonna wet myself, I was pushing so hard ! And this morning I woke up feeling like I was in a fight.  My calves were so sore and my whole rib cage sore.  Even my eyelid (from bad makeup).  I had a cardio on my agenda tonight, and after 5 minutes, it still hurt so much, then I went to Zumba class instead for something completely different.  It was fun, got my 'shake' on, but heart rate went nowhere so I will definitely not do that again for awhile unless I'm in AR or recovering from injury.

    While the Zumba was going on, there was a boot camp on the other side of the room and I was getting jealous that I couldn't be part of it.  They were doing fun partner things with ropes and dodgeballs.  I could hear them laughing.

    We're going to friend's house tomorrow where she usually serves up some yummy unauthorized food.  I was worried how I was going to turn it down 'cuz I already had free day this week, but found out she's serving veggies and dip!!  no supper, so that's awesome!!  I will wolf down a good sandwich b4 arriving there since I'm going straight from work. Then all I have to do is avoid the dip and munch away on veggies!  

  • Last night after work I did my "obstacle course" workout. I was a sweaty mess in less than 10 minutes.3 weeks until the Tough Mudder.

    I have not run in 11 days and this morning I got the urge to run 2 miles on my way to the gym. I did not have my GPS watch on me and decided to keep waiting a little longer. It took 13 days for my other knee to recover from my first Half Marathon in November. I plan on running with my father in law this weekend. His knee has been bothering time since last April and he is getting back into running.

    This morning I got to the gym 5 minutes after it opened and got on the elliptical machine I like the most. I programmed it for 55 minutes and warmed up for a min then got my heart rate above 135. After 10-15 minutes I picked up my speed and dropped the resistance 1 notch. My hear rate was 145-155 for most of the rest of the workout. I wanted to burn 600-700 calories but I am behind on my hours at work and stopped my workout when I hit 500 calories at 37:30. I left the gym at 5:50am. In order to be at work on time (7am) I need to leave by 6am but I am not considered late until 7:30-8a. I am an hour and 45 minutes behind so today I will have to work 7:30am to 7:15pm to get my 40 hours for the week. I worked overtime the last 3 Fridays but tomorrow I have alot of errands to run and cleaning to do. My wife's parents are coming to town this weekend to help us build a chicken coop.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • This morning I stepped on the RNG and it said 169.4. I hit the 160s for the first time 3 weeks ago right before I hurt my knee but it went back up to 172-173 after the injury. I have had to cut back on calories since I am not running 4 days a week. I estimated I was burning 3500-4000 calories a week. It feels good to get in cardio workouts again. One thing I did was cut back on my guacamole. I was eating a 7oz pouch a day and now I am eating 1-2 100 calorie packs. I have also cut back on fruit and carbs. We decided to give up breads for Lent and that has been a major help too. Plus Legs has been inspiring me and reading what her diet is like helps me plan out mine. When I started BFL I wanted to get down to 10-12% body fat and get back to 160 lbs lean body mass (thats the LBM I calculated when I weighed 233). I have put those goals aside but see Legs lean out for her competition reminds me that I can still reach me goal.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Howdy Folks,

    Yesterday the new workout for the CF games was released.

    the god news is before this was released i was in the top50% in Australasia. HAHAHAHA only just.

    but thats not going to be the case next week this time.

    the workout is..

    15 x box jumps 24 inch box

    12 push press(shoulder press) with 115 pounds

    then 9 x toe to bar.

    As many rounds as possible in 18 min.

    toe to bar = hand on a bar like you going to do a pull up, then swing your legs and get your toe's to touch the bar you hanging from.

    WTF????? i have managed to do this ONCE before. now i have to do 9.

    so i did the workout last night.

    box jumps, no problem, shoulder press no problem. Toes to bar..... it took me 9 minutes to do 9. i had about 4 or 5 misses for every one i got right.

    the 2nd round i ended up with 6 toe to bar so they did get better, i think i figured a way to make it happen, well with a few less misses in betweeen.

    i am so sore, woke up a few times last night just feeling beat up- bad.

    so didnt do CF this morning, i am going in tonight to spend an hour just working on them to see if i can getthem better. need to be able to do at least 3 rounds for the workout, and thats a pathetic score.

    last night the guys were doing it and pushing about 85% just giving the workout a run through and they were doing 7 rounds with ease. i didn't even do 2.

    man that SUCKS....

    so i need to do some serious work on them in a hurry.

    this morning i went in to arrange that i could do teh workout tonight and Sue, a 62 y o was doing her games workout, she did over 7 rounds, and after last week she is ranked 1st in the world. i just love working out with her, she kicks my *** on a regular basis, and is a pure joy to workout with.

    imagine being THAT fit, active, competitive at 62. LOVE it.

    chat later, gotta work.


  • Oh yeah,


    its today in my world :-)

    hope you have an awesome day!!!!

  • Hey, crew!

    I haven't posted in FOREVER, but I've been reading.  I love how everyone is doing their own thing but keeping tabs here.  

    Legs is my hero!  She is an inspiration and helps keep my head in the game.  Thanks so much for encouraging me along this journey!

    Donald keep workin' it.  My husband is taking up Crossfit these days. Woop!!!!  He did that workout you mentioned today--box jumps, push press, toes to bar.  He said he couldn't raise his arms above his head afterward!!!  I'm just excited to see him back into something.  Great to have a friend who is pushing him as well.

    Bryan, keep at it!  I can't wait to hear about the Tough Mudder.  Or maybe I can.  I don't want you to freak me out before mine in June!!!!

    I am 64 days out from my competition.  I thought I ate clean before.  Whatever.  I now know what TRULY clean eating is.  I love it though.  I have a long way to go before seeing abs like Legs.  I can see a difference in 4 weeks though.  9 to go.  Maybe I'll be brave and post a photo sometime.

    Good to see everyone.  Happy Birthday, Anne.