BFL Coffee Crew!

  • OK in Nashville and on the ROAD TRIP!! (cant wait) there...Jim and I need address and whoever can needs to show me real gym machines. I cant even FATHOM pressing that much. Here I am in my used home gym (which I love) and sometimes come close to gagging myself with the barbell.

    Dogs arent good spotters.

    Hold the spandex though.



  • The Sun is Up The sky is Blue It's beautiful and so are you dear Prudence


  • Now we're talking......LETS GET OUR GROOVE TEAM! We had it before, lets do it again. The more the merrier.

  • Gang,

    I would love to just hang out and chat today.  I have a busy work day- yea and boo all at the same time.

    i will check back later.  ok no more tears now i am blubbering


  • Legs, it just seems like we are all talking.  the last 8 posts were from me or you


  • LOL


  • That's cause no one else could get on the forum. We were all locked out. Dirt slow this morning. :-(

    Good morning fantastic people!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • M I R I A M     F R A N C E S!!!!!


    Okay, I'm going to bed right now - WOW facebook is fun!  Way cool! hehe, I'm such a dork just looking at it now!

    love you guys - goodnight! xxxxx


  • Hey there, I'm here. I'm not sure where you start posting. Do you just reply to anyone's post? Does your post then go the top of the line or the end of the line? I need more coffee :)

    I did reply post, how do you get the fonts/colors? Is that advanced reply? I'm so far behind you guys with this new forum.

    live, laugh, love

  • Deb!

    I can't figure out this site!  I posted something this morning, but I don't see it now.  Dear God---I'm too old for this, and I miss everyone!  Maybe we'll just email.  If I was a BFL newbie, I would be totally intimidated by this format and totally lost.  Yikes!  I sound like a newbie!  HaHa---just an oldbie!

    Talk to you soon!

    Patti xoxo

  • OK - I miss DanaAZ - and StephAL - they were my legs girls. I want to know if it is possible for quads to actually increase in width before leaning out because the muscles are growing underneath perhaps quicker than the fat layers on the outside.

    Good Lord the mirror dance was a hoot this morning. Theres all kinds of cellulite that appears more noticeable every time I do it. Is my muscles pushing the crap out or what. If you see Dana or Steph somewhere in this house, please tell me.

  • Good question Legs because I was wondering the same thing. I am in my seventh week and I get frustrated because I see the same, and seems like more sometimes, cellulite. I "feel" like I have not made any progress in three weeks. Is that normal? I push myself, I eat right and I "feel" lie I have even gained weight, not muscle either. I'm scared that my "eight week miracle" will pass me by. Is this a common fear? It's great to re-visit some of you guys on here. I have not been able to get use to this forum but so glad I can still reach out and there you are. Have a great day everyone!!!


  • Legs I do think it is possible.  It seems that way with my legs.  Sometimes it seems that the measurements just don't change.  But yes it is like the muscles seems to be pushing the fat tight against the skin and you see cellulite more.  Just keep pushing your workouts hard, and this cellulite/fat can disappear.  It is the fat that has been around the longest and is the hardest to get rid of.  I remember Miriam Frances posting about crying when she looked down one day and the cellulite was just gone.  :o)  

  • Hey Beth! Remember that the "miracle" can come at different points of challenge...I think it was Jessica that said we should rename it to the "8ish week miracle" It will happen! Trust the system! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...