BFL Coffee Crew!

  • Meldull - tea drinkers, drinkers period! . :) Shhh! (did I just say that!)

    Welcome to the playground.

    There is alot of support to go around - that I know for sure.

    Funny about the IBID. I was thinking IDBD would be like  itty bitty ... it's probably code for something we need to fear. Hmmm.

  • Legs and DebbieMO - I do have a real name :-)

    I-B-I-D   Simply stands for I Belive In Dreams.  It is from this name where I actually decided to join the BFL Challenge.  I am on a journey and I guess for a little while, I just need to be reminded that I do believe in dreams...

    I-B-I-D    I Believe In Dreams

    Want it.  Plan it. Do it.

  • I-B-I-D I like that...welcome to the crew!

    Thank you all for the support :-)

    Bryan-sorry for your loss

    Stay Strong!


  • Thank you OhioDarcy - I really appreciate it!

    I-B-I-D    I Believe In Dreams

    Want it.  Plan it. Do it.

  • Meldull-welcome to the crew as well!!

    Stay Strong!


  • IBID - love the meaning behind your "name". We will do our best to help you get those dreams come true. :) Dreams are goals waiting to be conquered. You have found a great support network within these forums and this Crew itself.

  • me now known as .


    I Believe In Dreams Too But Frequently Find Myself Living In A Bloody Nightmare


    I-B-I-D-T-O-D-F-B-W-F-W-F-L B-N-F-F-W-S

    I Believe In Dreams Too One Day Fat Boy Will Fly Well Fly like Buzzlightyear Not Flying Falling With Style!

    Cool Name, Now time to ramp up them workouts and get the dreams realized!!!

    Welcome aboard.

  • Hello all!

    Welcome IBID (love the name) and Meldull. :-)

    Bryan - Sorry for your loss.

    Congrats to DebMO!

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Good morning Crew.

    I-B-I-D~ Welcome to the Crew.  =)

    Meldull~ Welcome to the crew also.=)  and the play ground.

    (*I-B-I-D~   Simply stands for I Belive In Dreams!!!!*)~ Nice I like it.

    Bryan ~Sorry for your loss

    Every day  is a new opportunity to make a difference in your life and making the most of it. Cardio Check,  Burpees Check, Breakfast Check,... =)

    Have a awesome day everyone. Drink Drink your water and eat clean.

  • Happy Tuesday Crew,

    IBID - Welcome to the Coffee Crew - you will find all the love and support you could ever want here with all these wonderful people!! Stay connected they will take you places you couldn't even imagine going!!

    Bryan - I am so sorry that you have to go thru such a difficult time, but please don't give up on you. Remember you are worth it!!!

    Darcy - Girl, Thank you so much for your post. When I was reading it, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was wondering why the last week and 1/2 was becoming so hard and then I read your post and I was like OMG - that is me. Self Sabatage. Same thing with me I have been letting unauthorized food in and thinking well I deserve a little of this and a little of that I have been working hard. So thank you for putting that out there between your post and a chat with a very special friends last night I am back on track. So thank you both (you know who you are, one amazing fellow!!)

    Laurie - I am feeling much better. Still have a litle bit of a cold hanging on but at least I can breath now which is a plus. Makes doing those cardio exercises alot easier when you can at least breath normal before you start - lol.  Thanks for checking up on me though.

    Aussie Deb - Thanks for you post a couple of days ago, just goes to show that each of us our on our own journey with this BFL and that it is ok to do what you feel is best for you. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Everyone else have an awesome day!!! I have some self promises I have to keep today!!!!

    "If you mind can conceive, you can achieve it

  • Morning all you sillies!!

    Milly and I clicked like old friends this morning. Felt so good to be back on my own TM where I belong. Didnt hit any distance records, but was a sweaty mess none the less. Did some of those modified "fitness tester of Donald from hell" ab crunches till my whole core felt like it was made of iron and not mushy skin. LOVED IT.

    MO - Congratulations on getting your CF Trainer certificate. You have come so far lady! It is great to see people setting goals and working toward them then achieving them.


    There is so much potential within us all. Let's continue to go after it!

  • Thanks for the support. I felt alot better after my run last night. 3 days with no physical activity and poor diet choices was not helping. My motivation is usually a 9-10 and yesterday is was about a 3. I am at a 6-7 right now and will keep pushing. I found out at the funeral that my friend who died was trying to get healthy and had recently started lifting weights, he was only 28 years old. On the day I found out he had passed I dedicated my 6 rep set of preacher curls to him and loaded more weight than I usually can mentally handle and was able to manage it. This past weekend I let the stress of everything in my life knock me down. I am back on my feet and just like my sore back I will push thru the pain and heal.

    Red Hot Chili Pepper - Knock Me Down


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • I *pinkpuffyheart* this board.  The support is incredible!  

    Welcome to I-B-I-D and Meldull (I drink tea, too!).  You'll love it.  I'm just learning to ropes, too!

    Bryan - losing a young friend is heartbreaking.  You're in my thoughts!  

    Mo - Crossfit!  That stuff is great!  Congratulations on your certification!

    Darcy - I, too, am the queen of self-sabotage.  I get into this really great groove and my pants get loose and then I eat a whole pizza after downing a gallon of ice cream.  Good for you for figuring it out in a few days and getting back on track.  

    Legs - eating is easier this week.  I'm finding my groove.  And yes, only running wears you out.  In not very good ways!!!

    Donald - I look forward to your humor every day!  And thanks - I fully intend to rock this challenge.  

    Speaking of rocking something.  I felt like a flippin' superhero this morning.  Well, a superhero a la HIIT.  I don't have a treadmill and I love to run.  I have a three year old and this crazy Australian Shepherd who could outrun most racehorses.  The natural progression is that I have to do (to the best of my ability) HIIT pushing said 35 pound child in a BOB Revolution while trying to keep my dog under control.  I woke up this morning and realize that it was wet and cold outside.  This is not normal for where we live (Texas - the DRY and HOT part).  I thought about finding something else to do, but I decided to tough it out and stick to my original plan and just go.  I pulled out the rain cover for the stroller, put on something a little warmer and headed out.  Let me just say - cardio was a struggle for me today.  And I love to run.  I started working through intervals and on the last minute of the second "set" (9), I noticed that I was working way harder than normal.  Not because I'm awesome, but because the stroller felt like an iron chariot. Ugh. TWO.LOW.TIRES. But.  I stuck to the plan and just finished.  So.  Cardio.  DONE.  

    Now, I'm going to go wash the cardio off of my body.  Pushing an iron chariot while wrangling a wet and wild dog = lots of sweat.

    Julia - Herder of Herding Dogs and Children

    C1 - 3/21/2011 PUPPY POWER!!!


    This has to be short cause my loud 2nd graders just ran into the gym from recess!

    TSK (thesunshinekid) =) I *pinkpuffyheart* your post!! The iron chariot!! Way to go!! Woop!!

    Bryan-so sorry about your friend...hang in there! Be Strong.

    Legs-Thanks my friend!! I love living out a dream!! =)

    Gotta run...taking them through a tough workout!! hehe!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • **pink puffy heart** to you all. (such a girly expression ... he he - cute)

    Oh which reminds me ... MO wore a shirt with ruffles in Atlanta. You loved it didntcha MO! :)

    Anyways, I was thinking (I know, it happens...) when I used to be in Weight Watchers, whenever the scale went down, I got congratulated. "Way to go, you must have had a great week etc". When the scale went up they said "that's ok ... you'll do better next time". They comforted me and made me feel it was OK to go week after week with no progress on the scale.

    Now maybe this doesnt make sense but I am trying to explain , that we dont need people in our lives anymore (most of us here are over 30 and have yo-yo'ed..) that coddle us, forgive us for eating poor or not following through with our goals. What we need are like minded people like here in the Crew that are beside us when we fall, and with both arms, lift us up and kick us back on track because they appreciate us that much to be that firm. We need to be reminded daily that we are ATHLETES and STRONG and ABLE to continue. Even when we are tired, even when it is cold and dark, even when we are banging it out alone in a drab looking garage, even when it rains .... we need to be reminded that without continuous workouts and continuous hitting 10's and being UNCOMFORTABLE, eating clean and drinking a small pool every day, we wont see the results we desire. And who wants to be sitting here next year with the same goals .... NOT A ONE OF US! We are only going to get better, stronger, leaner and mentally  more capable to be our authentic selves.

    Just sayin....