BFL Coffee Crew!

  • Good Morning Crew,

    Laurie - Goodness you are right we are past the 1/2 way mark - see time flies when you are having fun. I just keep thinking 6 more weeks to make it happend people.

    Dana AZ - I am so agreeing with you on the food temptations and nibbling here and there. That is why I have decided to stay away from sugar even on my free day. I feel like I deserve it because I work hard all week but then I pay on Monday and Tuesday fighting those darn cravings and it is easier for me to just stay away.

    Bryan - I was in an accident and it was my fault and I got a ticket as well, so don't feel so bad, but where was that cop when the guy was egging you and your friend on? I know you were probably asking yourself the same question. When is that wedding again - has to be getting closer and closer.

    Mo - thanks for continueing to pop in and check up on us even though ur life is crazy busy right now!!

    Donald - Loving the new interval training - Oh my can I just say that is crazy but having a blast doing it

    Have to admit I have been slacking on the burpees so far behind now not sure I can catch up. Man hate those things.

    Still just thinking how amazing it was for our Marathon ladies to meet up and do something so special. Just touches my heart - u ladies rock!!

    Everyone have a great day!!

    "If you mind can conceive, you can achieve it

  • Good morning crew!!! I'm super excited and full of energy today!!!! (Some that could be the fact that I've been drinking yummy coffee this morning!!)

    Two coworkers of mine have decided to run the rock and roll half marathon in September!!! This is really exciting stuff because they have asked for my help with the training. One used to be a runner in the past, and the other had completing a half on her bucket list!!! So I hooked them up with a couch to 5k program and I'll be running a 5K with the at the end of May!!!!!

    taylort- good for you giving up sugar!!! that's amazing!!!

    Mo- Prayers coming your way, though I'm confident YOU GOT THIS!!!

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • Good mid-day to all.   Finally trying to post on here again.  last 2 times, it disappeared.  Strange.  wouldn't it be great if fat was like that. LOL.

    Sorry so absent on here.  not pulling back at all,  just spending too much time reading and not enough time posting.  here for the long haul.

    Bryan - sorry for the jerk in the truck and the ticket.  sometimes life thows you a curve.  roll with it. tomorrow is always a new day :)  Really enjoyed reading the info you posted to AnnB about the cardio before weights.  never thought of it before.  good to know.

    Marathon ladies - you totally rock and are such an inspiration to everyone.  big 'whoo-hoo" to all of you.

    Laurie - two positive things: saturday, while at a c-ball game, 8yr old caught a ball w/#9. brought him in to splint and stitch.  great to know I made a difference.  prognosis is good.  today, librarian at school posted on fb that she was tired of being chubby.  sent her info about BFL.  interesting enough, the other posts she got suggested all kinds of stuff, 17 day diet, HCG drops, adkins, what crap.... there was not one suggestion that included exercise or building muscle.  Asked her if she wanted to be a smaller pear?  or to transform? wishing her the best. maybe I should call her.

    Thinking about going to the gym now and again to add a little life to my routine.  insomnia is over.  now I cant get out of the bed.  Had to move some UBWO/LBWOs to the evening.  Trying to keep cardio in the am after fasting all night.  Starting to see some changes in my arms and back of my legs.  yeah!!!! scale is moving.... s...l...o...w...l...y..  I'm with donald, the thing lies.

    passed up stoping at the drugstore for some easter porn food.  reminding myself... nothing tastes better than being fit...

    MO - thanks for all you are doing for us while juggling your own life. you are so appreciated.

    Is there a video with Porter Freeman and BFL? seems like I read a post about it, but cant find it.

    TaylorT - best to you on giving up the sugar.  It knows my name well.  I may be following your footsteps.

    To those of you who are not posting for one reason or another, but reading posts, stay strong in your fight, make every workout count, every rep count, they add up.  

    Take care everyone.  

  • C3W12D81

    Hi Dear,Marathon ladies ~ Just wanted to pass on a message from My BFF,friend Carolyn. Who lives in Calgary AB Canada. ~ THANK YOU ~ ON behalf of Carolyn & Linzi.~ Linzi Who has CF ~ It's because of you Fantastic people there will be a cure found someday !!!!!! =D . This is what she text me today. =)

    Your totally are an inspiration to everyone of us. A BIG BOOM CHICA WOOT, YOUR TOTALLY AWESOME PEOPLE.
  • Howdy folks,

    Burpees done, 25 of them. roll on next week, cant wait for the 31st.

    LBWO done.

    had a hard time getting my head in the game today, had a good workout, sweating so it looks like i just got out the shower so it was a good one, just really hard.

    Last one with thee exersises, so i'm changing things up for next week, no idea what i'm changing to yet.

    GAgirl, funny how everyone wants to lose weight, get fit and toned but look for or recomend the diet plan that requires no exersise!!!! good on you for at least being different. it took me a while to realise there is NO quick easy way to lose weight and get in shape. no magic pill, no magic shake or soup or secret formula. tried all that crap. the only way is to eat right and exersise.

    thing is eating right means having will power and exersise is not only will power but also means not being lazy. thats where i had some serious challenges.

    Taylor t, glad you loving those workouts. you should plan a TM run next saturday after you have done these workouts for 2 weeks. i'm betting a MUCH improved distance in 20 min, well done girl, you rock.

    Coach MO, you need to be focusing on YOU right now. i know you will ace the certification, just take the time you need for you.

    Tisha, looks like the marathon bug has bitten you, so glad you got 2 friends to train with, that always makes things easier.

    Sorry folks thats me today, A big shout out to everyone i missed, stay strong and workout hard.


    You can scream, yell, swear, shout, cry, whimper, grunt, bleed, puke, fart and pass out. JUST DON’T QUIT!!!

  • Hey friends!

    I am having a hard time catching up with life - if I am not all in, I am all out ... Work is stupid and I am feeling overwhelmed. Tomorrow the gym will help me get my mojo back. I need my structure. Thats just me.

    No time to respond to comments, just wanted to poke in.

    However, MO - best of luck with your exam. Dont forget to breathe!!

  • howdy me again.

    ok so i just had a shower, and when i was drying off i looked in the mirror and guess what i saw.

    come on guess

    ok so i was starkers so i'm not telling everything i saw.


    i saw my top 2 ribs, 1st time since like forever ago that i can actually see them

    YEAH BABY!!!!!!

    Scales a liar, the paper towels are comming off slowly.

    i'm so happy, i'm so happy/ :-)

    last time i was this happy to see ribs i was in a restaurant.


    cheers folks

    You can scream, yell, swear, shout, cry, whimper, grunt, bleed, puke, fart and pass out. JUST DON’T QUIT!!!

  • Donald you crack me up!!!

    AMAZING NEWS!! And I agree, the scales LIE!!!!

  • Hi All!!

    Sorry I haven't had time to post lately, things are really busy.  Just wanted to drop by and let you know I'm still here and pushing hard...every muscle in my lower body is killing me right now.  I'll try to catch up later at work if it's slow.  Have a great day!!!

    Stay Strong!


  • hey all... omg donald I so needed to hear that about the scales today,, I am shrinking but my scale isn't moving.. I even went up a lb in the last 2 days.. a couple days ago,, I weighed myself and It was the same as the week before so I upped my workouts.. monday night I couldn't walk and barely got up my stairs to go to bed and my upper body is toast today from yesterday,, I get on the scale this morning and baaammm! up one pound,, I am on week 9 and totally full of frustration.  I know I have lost inches and I should be proud of the hard work put in but I feel like I am at a loss..

    should I totally delete my free days?  I have been eating clean other than free days.. and only a special snack and one bad meal.. which is usually pizza.  is it possible that I am not eating enough throughout the day?  I am always hungry but I only eat the portions explained in book and 5 meals a day.  somedays I drink 2 myoplex.  

    If anyone has suggestions i could use some.. I am not willing to throw in the towel but being at the end of week 9 and the scales not budging.. I am freecking out.  we planned a disney vacation for mid april so my goal was to be a bit smaller by then,, and instead my body is totally fighting the hard work I put in.. if anyone wants to private email me feel free.. i could use the suggestions or help..

    thanks :(

  • OK jnash...DEEP BREATH!!

    Do not do anything crazy!!!

    Post your menu so we can see. Be honest.

    I would not TOUCH the free day..leave it!! Enjoy or it will backfire on you!!

    Could be you are not getting enough. Do not increase your cardio your menu and we can go from there.

    And F%$# the fricken scale!!!!!!! ;)if you are losing inches then what the heck!?!?!?

  • No time for many personal shout-outs... sorry.

    JNash - Yes... please post some of your menus.  Remember when Mazjaz thought she was doing it to a "T" and we found all kinds of things that were messing her up?

    Donald - Love you!  

    GAGirlSmiling - Hope that child's tooth wasn't too traumatized.  Good thing you were there!  /  I love your comment to the librarian.... did she just want to be a "smaller pear".... that was funny.

    Anne B - I've already responded to you privately, but again, I'm so happy that we could help Linzi.

    I'm missing my besties and feeling kinda down.

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Go Yummy, Go yummy. hahahaha

    Jnash, i'm willing to bet that you NOT eating ENOUGH!!!!

    And whats our typical response, i must be eating too much maybe i should cut down, eat less, and then our body goes into starvation mode and then just hangs onto the fat even more.

    Coach Mo showed me where i was eating way too little, and with Mo, Yummy debs and some of the other cleaver ladies in here i'm sure you will get some really good advice.

    I have decided to just ignore the scale for a while.I'll do the tape measure thing instead every

    2 weeks.

    right now i need to drop weight so i can skydive, so my number one goal is to be 219pounds, or 99.something kg.

    So this is consuming me day in and day out, i just want to see the weight drop. BUT, right now i would rather fit into clothing 2 or 3 sizes smaller than i'm currently wearing and be the same weight than be a light fat dude, hope that makes sense.

    the scale is just so unreliable, water weight, etc, and i'm convinced mine is moody.

    If you loosing inches and your weight is the same or going up WELL DONE, you must be adding muscle, and the more muscle the more fat you will burn, also means you need to adjust your food intake.

    Don't stress, you have great help on hand here and i'm sure you will have just a littl etweak and things will happen.

    You know how happy i was to hear i had to eat MORE!!! Booya. LOL, stick your menu on here and watch the wonder of teamwork and excellent advice come pouring out to you. it will also help all of us realise where we could be going wrong.

    Week 9, awesome job, keep on keeping on, inches dropping, you on track, dont lose sight of the end line.  


    You can scream, yell, swear, shout, cry, whimper, grunt, bleed, puke, fart and pass out. JUST DON’T QUIT!!!

  • :( Im feeling down too Laurie.... there was such a build up then all that crazy excitement. I feel empty today.

    Just sayin ...

    I hope the gym cheers me up tomorrow. There are no like minded people around me today! Got some stink eyes ... for some reason they didnt perk me up today.

  • ok all.. so this is my typical day,, I have one cup of coffee before any workout meaning cardio and weights.. I add 1 tbs coffee mate which eqauls 25 extra calories (fat free).  and 1 tsp of splenda..

    one hr after cardio and right after workout with weights is when I eat.. i work out every morning around 7:30.

    breakfast myoplex and water

    mid  morning 4 egg whites with ketchup and an orange and water

    lunch chicken breast cooked with greens fat free dressing

    mid day  3/4 cup of lowfat cottage ch and a lowfat yogourt.. (dannon)

    dinner: big meal.. chicken, fish or turkey with green beans or asparagus, spinich and a starch,, sometimes its a sweet potato. reg potato baked or no yolks noodles..

    before bed:  I have been starving.. I usually eat cottage ch and yogourt again but because of the scales i have been cutting out my carb before bed and just eating a protien...

    last sunday for free day,, i did have pizza, chicken wings and duncan donuts 2 but it was my free day and the rest of the day meals were timed out and even had myoplex.... so with all that said  oh and I dont add anything to my potatoes or noodles..

    anyhow.. should I cut out my coffe mate,,, make my meals a bit bigger?  someone once said that hydroxy cut works with this program.. maybe I am just impatient and it's effecting my results..

    questiion?  I was told that we should not eat starch carbs after lunch... such as wheat bread or pasta or potato?  so I have been trying to eat more greens..

    yikes.. I have lost inches around my waist and I can see my collar bones and shape in my upper half but my hindend in my jeans is not loosening.. I think that's my issue.. my bottom half is staying the same and the scale is not budging so i am discouraged... so if somone wants to give me an exact menue for next week,, I can give it a try or just keep doing what I am doing and see if results pull thru.

    sorry this post is so long.. maybe I should cut out ketchup on my eggs and any other bit of toppings that my contain extra sugars......

    ho hummmmmm!!!!!!!  I am not giving up ... I promise.. I have made it to week 9 I can keep on going..

    smiles. Jen