Loving this, but still blubbery!

  • Into my 5th week tomorrow.

    200lbs, female, 5'-7".

    Have lost a mere 4lbs since I have started. But feel good and look less Jabadahutt-ish, for sure!

    Feeling good, but nervous i amy not going to lose the blubber by week 12.

    What do I need to do?

    Can I do cardio with weights on the same day, twice a week? Am I blasphemous?

    Should I cut the carbs? Maybe for one meal out of the day?

    I also can work out only at 8 am (after the kids are in school) hence my eating looks like this:

    6.30 am shake

    10 am (one hour after workout) oatmeal, slivered almonds and little honey)

    1 pm lunch (salad and tuna)

    3.30 shake

    6.30 pm fish and vegetables and hw rice

    930 shake

    Is the oatmeal ok, every day? IS the shake 1.5 hours before workout out of my system (empty stomach)? or should I have nothing at all and only eat my first meal at  10?

    Help-help-help! Thank you, guys!



  • You do not need to tweak!  I'm 5'7" and I was 209 lbs when I started the process.  GET OFF THAT SCALE!  It is not your friend. :-)

    Did you take photos (front, back & side) and are you taking measurements with a tape measure?  Next to how you feel and how your cloths fit is the best way to "see" your progress.  Look at my progress photos via my profile to see it will not all be gone in 12 weeks, be realistic about you goals.

    BELIEVE what you feel.  Do not let the scale over rule what's obviously going on.

    As for your meals, is it possible to workout before you wake your kids?  This way you are working out first thing, on an empty stomach and your meal schedule will be better than it is now.  Right now you've got too many hours between a couple of meals.  Also, are you eating the right portions?  Are you saving the bars for emergency situations for when you can't get an authorized meal?

    Keep working at this because it does work, it just requires a lot of patience, but overall it's pretty simple.  Eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water (80-96 oz) everyday, and get plenty of rest.

    Hope this helps.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • jaja,

    Oatmeal is not an approved bfl meal, unless you are adding a scoop of protein powder to it!  There is not enough protein in the oatmeal alone.   It is key that you are getting approximately 20-25 gms of carbs and 20-25 gms of protein in each of the six meals.  When dealing with items like oatmeal, cottage cheese, or yogurt, where you cannot use palm, fist method, then use the label to determine how much to consume so you reach the goal of 20-25gms carb & protein per meal.  

    Just do BFL by the book.  Keep up the hard work.  There are no short cuts, but you can do this.  Just keep it up.  This is not a twelve week process for many of us with a lot of weight to lose.  During my first challenge I lost 18 pounds (started at 165 on my 5'3" frame).  Then I did a two week active rest period, like many do, where I wasn't active, but ate totally clean.  Lost 4 more pounds over those two weeks.  Now I am in week two of C2.  This is a great program, but you just have to stick with it!  I have only lost 1 pound over these first two weeks of C2, but I am not discouraged.  I am building muscle again!  YAY!  The fat will come off.   Look at DebMo's pics or Sharon Wonder Woman's pics.  They are looking great!  You can do it too!

    One thing that might help, is that we should not go crazy on free day.  Many stick to a free meal and a dessert.  One whole day of eating freely could set you back a lot.  A nice indulgent free meal will boost your metabolism and let your body know you are not starving!  So, enjoy it, but not a whole day.

    Be patient, and keep asking questions, and read all the threads.  It has helped me so much to read posts.  

    Good luck!  Julie (C2W2D14)

  • I feel like a kid...I am nervous and upset. I saw those photos of all those people with than 30 lbs to shed...and it seems they did it. Why not me? If you have a look at the book cover...there are people heaver than me...they seem to have done in 12 weeks.

    I don't want to be model-esque in a bikini, but look fit and healthy in clothes by week 12.

    I am not giving up...but I feel let down (by myself)

    Thank you a billion for your advice, I will take it to heart and work even harder.

    Let' s see what the next few weeks hold!


  • jaja-

    think of it this way...

    every time you feel nervous, upset and why not me.....your body responds with hormones/chemicals that are not condusive to healthy weight loss

    when those thoughts creep in immediately use your mental muscles to strike them out of your brain, then follow up with a positive reinforcement!

    Soon you will believe what you are telling yourself and your body will follow by making hormone/chemicals that are the gateway to the pounds dropping off. Your inner fit, healthy body will fight to get out quicker!

    trying to tweak the program will set you back.

    Work hard, eat healthy and you can't go wrong!


  • Hello jaja and congrats on your progress so far.

    If what you are reporting is typical of your nutrition for the 4 weeks, something seems off.  Here is how I would modify your food schedule

    8:00 Workout

    9:30 Protein shake (on resistance training days this can be right after your workout)

    11:30 Protein, Veggie, authorized carb

    1:30 Protein, Veggie, authorized carb

    4:30 Protein Shake

    6:30 Protein, Veggie, authorized carb

    9:30 Cottage Cheese and a piece of authorized fruit.  (or a Protein Shake)

    I don't know what you are including in your Salad.

    What is "hw rice?"

    3 shakes per day seems a lot to me.  Your body doesn't really have to work hard to digest those.  I would consider getting more real food and fiber into your body.

    Can you give a sample of what you are doing for cardio and resistance training?  How are you measuring intensity levels for cardio?  Is it for instance the miles per hour on a treadmill? What did you start at 4 weeks ago and what is it now?   What exercises and weights are you using for your resistance training?  Have you been increasing weights since Week One?

    Sorry to ask so many questions, but the answer to your question lies somewhere in the daily process.

    As an aside, I have added 4 mile walks in the afternoon about 4 days a week.  Not intense, just swift pace.  It makes me feel good about doing something "extra" without overworking.

    Best of health and discipline to you.