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    Thanks for the quick replies!

    I just finished eating like a 1/2 a head of Romaine, so we'll see where that takes me.  I think I was unknowlingly slacking on the water though, cause today I've been diligently refilling and have had to have more breaks.  I'll keep y'all posted.

    I'll go ahead and post all my details so you can share my pain!  I am 59 (Yuk!) and used to be nice and trim in 2001 but then life happened..oh ***, and I ended up at 180 at 5.3 1/2!!  So that was last May 8th, in fact.  Now I'm at 141...not currently budging.

    So I started just my own diet of sorts and got down mid 150's, with really no exercise.  I remembered reading about BFL and got the book and started again this March.  As I said, I used to be so active, but the exercise has been the hardest for me...I'm such a loser in that respect ...but I'm turning it around now.  I find that I just have to GO...literally pick up my keys and start walking out the door before I think too much about it.

    So here's a great tip for all of you in return...maybe you already do this.  I went thru my closet and categorized all the clothes according to fit and size...and made myself iterim GOAL things...blouses, pants, etc.  It's a great incentive for me.  So now I'm out of INCENTIVES and I'm yesterday I went to a great Thrift store and got 36 things...all for $50.00!!  All of my weight is in my gigantic belly basically, so even a 12 will hang on me otherwise but be really snug at the waist.

    So I stocked up on 10's and 8's . .  and that really has me revved ... I tried the bathing suit thing but too much of a joke still, so it'll have to be my old one for now.  If you do thrift, it's important to measure the waist of pants that currently fit you well...then measure about 2-1/2" below the crotch one of the legs -- that way, we can aim for something an inch smaller -- or know that a pant is going to be too baggy elsewhere.

    Hope this helps you in some way.  Thanks again!



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  • I keep a pair of pants that WERE to small, I'm at 9 weeks and they fit now.  I don't get on the scales, I just use a few pairs of pants to be a gauge.  Keep on keeping on.  Week 8 was my crappy week.  Pretty

    much ate bad all week with one day of diet.  I'm back on track, and going strong....Wont be long before your in the 8's and 10's....