Finishing week two in two days! God willing :)

  • Hi everyone! I am new to the plan and website.. trying to find if we can make a journal, where to post... everything!

    I want to share that this week I was really really tired, wanting to go to sleep at about 6 o clock and very tired during the day. But yesterday was a wonderful day!! I started feeling energy (which is a big thing from heaven to me, because I have low thyroid..and I was concerned if I needed to change my dosis with my doctor.) I did not miss a workout, and feel wonderful at the time and afterwards, but very tired again after finishing..:( I am so happy it changed yesterday!

     Another wonderful thing is the very workouts!! sometimes we forget the most important, to enjoy them, and how great we feel afterwards. It is amazing, the energy they give you for the rest of the day. The calm in the spirit and joy, they just truly help to make you see life different. It is also so easy to see them as a burden, when they are a blessing. More energy to move and love your little ones! I just feel very happy and wanted to share that.. It is so easy to forget things, to get trapped in life, even when having a routine. But it is great to re- discover and get stonger to get in the fight of everyday life :)

    I wish  the best for all of you, in this life "journey"

  • Hey! I'm about at the same point -- almost done with week 2 in my first challenge (I have to admit I'm hoping it will be my ONLY challenge -- this is hard and I want to achieve my goals the first time out!).  Good luck with finishing this week strong.  I'm actually feeling pretty different and I think that real visible differences are coming soon.  Even if they're small, I'll be happy.  

  • Monasasha & Lindsay-Great to hear that week 2 is almost in the books! Yes, the program makes you more joyful, energetic, happy! Keep looking at the small little changes cause they eventually turn into BIG changes!

    Much success to you both!! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Hello all, I am also coming up on the end of my 2nd week.  I met with a trainer today and become somewhat discouraged.  She told me that I shouldn't have a cheat day that it will slow my progress and that I need to do at least 1 week of very very low carbs to really get results. What do you think?

  • Just getting started and hope what I have to offer is beneficial.  If you are sold on this program as one that will help you reach your goals, why would you not stay with the program.  You can talk to a lot of people, so called experts on training, nutrition, and weight loss and get a lot of different suggestions.  Look at all the different diets and what they recommend.  BFL gives you the program and if you believe it to be a good one, stick with it and see what happens.  Forget about what your trainer is telling you.  Chances are that your trainer is telling you a different work out schedule than what BFL recommends.  I have seen and used a lot of different work out routines, but BFL is unique in its approach in the amount of time and method.  Good luck and stick with what BFL recommends; otherwise, you are not using the program, just trying to complete the program for the award.  


  • Thanks Glenn, I am going to stick with BFL.  I am feeling good on the plan and my clothes are already fitting better so it must be working.

  • Hi Lindsay! It is great to know we are in the same place :) the best for you!

    Debbie, thank you so much for your wishes, it is so important to keep in mind things that are really important, and live day by day with love I believe :) I have seen that the older I get, the harder is the fight ;) but we have to keep going!! and we are blessed if we have everything we need to go on :)

    webergirl29going very low in carbs is not healthy, and it is no fun.. If you want to change your lifestyle, and keep it, it sounds better to have a day where you can choose. Because it is not a solution for a month or two, if you want to keep it for the rest of your life :) I have been in low carb plans not very low.. the one that was very low and I did it years ago.. it was hooorible!! But  for some years, I have been on sensible ones, and on them the nutrition is somewhat about the same than BFL, , so this it is kind of  different for me, but not that much in nutrition.. What I thing might do the difference for me, with my health issues and my age ( I am 38) I think is the excersise plan. Some things I have been doing for some years, like the 6 meals, waching the protein, quality and quantity.  Now I have problems with a gluten allergy, and my thyroid. So it is challenging... you can follow this plan choosing the foods that have less carbs, you could try eating for carbs fruits (blueberries and strawberries) you could choose for the other meals like vegetables for carbs, and only one serving of grains a day,and you still keep doing this plan I think. I think about this! You are doing great girl! so why change it and complicate it?

    I have to go with my girls, but again the best for everyone and thanks!

  • webergirl29-Trainers that haven't read the book don't buy into it.  Don't get discouraged.  You need to stick to one plan.  So if it is a low carb diet, BFL, South Beach diet, or whaever the trainer offers.  But you got to stick to one and it should work.  I am finishing week 3 on Sunday.  And have read the book 2 times.  Also read Eating for Life and I really believe that Bill Phillips knows what he's talking about.  Also, the only way that I have managed to be good for 3 weeks is b/c I look forward to my cheat day. You can also call EAS 1-800 for support.  :-)

  • Monasasha, I'm finishing week 3 on Sunday.  Around the end of week 1 and all week 2, I was incredibly exhausted.  Taking noon naps, couldn't keep up after my boys, just wanted to go to bed.  I was confused b/c I was hoping this would give me energy.  Luckily I feel back to normal so maybe it just happens by changing your eating style and your body accomodates after a while.