Starting week 4 today down 6lbs

  • Heres to the start of my 9WEEK Challenge. The first three weeks have felt great! I started at 138.2 and weighed in at 132.2 this morning. Not to mention I hit 9.0 on the treadmill yesterday and feel super strong and happy. The results are great thus far.  I read in another post that if the people around you think you are taking this BFL stuff to seriously then your doing it right. My boyfriend said to me yesterday that he knows I'm completely this challenge no matter who/what gets in the way. He is right.

    I have found this website very supportive and read a few posts everyday just to help keep me involved and motivated. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to answer posts and give such great support and advice!


  • You are right, this website is helpful and supportive. I check in too to keep motivated and see what others are doing.

    Congratulations on your committment and results. Melissa

  • Congrats on your results.  You are going to rock the next 9 weeks.

  • Congrats on your success! I'm starting my 4th week tomorrow and starting seeing results! I've dropped 6lbs too and starting to see some muscles peak out!  I love the support the site has and all the information that is out there! Keep up the great work!

  • starting week 5 today, wtih a vengence.