Am i doing this right?!? (weight training)

  • I just finished my first week of the exercise program. But i don't think i'm doing it right. The plan says to do each set with 1 min of rest in between and 2 min between muscle groups then to repeat the pattern 4 times for lower body, 5 times for upper. It takes me approximately 20-25 minutes to complete 1 round so to complete the 4 or 5 rounds takes me about 2 hours in the gym. But i was reading on the BFL website it says: Keep upper body workouts to 46 minutes maximum and your lower body workouts to 42 minutes maximum. If this is the case...why is it taking me so long to do it? On the nutrition page it says nutrition is so important because i'm working out less than 4 hours a week but the way im doing it i'm weight training 6 hours a week.

    Someone please tell me if i'm doing this wrong.

  • Upper body goes like this do 12 reps then 1 min rest, do 10 reps then 1 mins rest, do 8 reps then 1 mins rest, do 6 reps then 1 mins rest, do 12 reps then do 12 reps of a different exercise for that muscle group. If your rep sets take 1 min with 1 min rests this should take 11 mins then you take 2 min rest, then go on to next muscle group.

    Hope this helps. It can be a little confusing to begin with.

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  • Thanks Jeff. So once you're done with the each of the major muscle groups you're done. That's where i was confused. I was doing the enitre upper body or lower body routine and then repeating it 3 or 4x. So i'm only supposed to do it once?

  • That's right, upper body do chest, shoulders, back, triceps, biceps. Do each muscle group just once.

    You're done. For the day.

    Same for lower body. Qauds, hamstrings, calves, abs. Do each muscle group once your done for the day.

    1st week do mon : upper body,Tuesday 20 mins cardio, weds : lower body, Thursday 20 mins cardio, friday : upper body, sat 20 mins cardio. Sunday free day.

    2nd week do mon : lower body, Tuesday 20 mins cardio, weds : upper body, Thursday 20 mins cardio, friday : lower body, Saturday 20 mins cardio. Sunday free day.

    Week 3 same as week 1, week 4 same as week 2.

    Just repeat for 12 weeks, good luck. Jeff.

    My success is your success.

  • Got it. Thanks so much!