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  • Hi Everyone!

    Just wondering If the  women on here are following the original BFL or the BFL for women? I am getting ready to start my third attempt on 2-17-2014. I would really like some help as I am 47 years old and have 55 lbs to lose.



  • I followed the original book and the original book food list. The less choices I had for nutrition, the better, at least for me. And as far as girl exercises and boy exercises... to me that's a crock. :) We all have the same muscles. Train like a man! LOL, and you'll look like a goddess once you are done! BOOM!

    I dislike the new and "improved" BFL food list. I feel its too wide(for 12 week results), and people are getting lost in their choices with combinations and portions.

  • I also follow the original book and food list!! And agree with you legsy  train like a man !!! :) eat clean and work out dirty and you will see the (( BOOM,,!!)) just like legsy says !! :)

  • Original BFLer here.  Didn't hurt one bit. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I also followed the original BFL book and foods list on page 84.  I agree with the wonderful and wise women here... except I didn't "train like a man".  I trained like a woman, a powerful one, which means I also followed the original BFL for my workouts.  We don't need special accommodations, just for those silly boys to get out of the way!  

    I lift like a girl and tell the boys to try and keep up.  :)

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Divadolls! Great you are here!

    Spot on what the girls above say - must have done over 20 challenges between the five of us...lift like a STRONG girl, eat as tight to the original list as you can if you want the most out of the 12 weeks.. The more you put into it , the better results - plain and simple!

    "Third attempt"... What keeps tripping you up?  Did you have support of a forum?  I URGE you to consider coming over to the thread called "Calling All Lifers" - 6th Jan Game Day"... we have a huge group of people that will make it to the end over there - I'm on C4Wk5Day1 and I ain't going anywhere! Some of us a very chatty and post a lot, some just lurk read, get motivation and post once a week to let us know their successes, struggles, ask for advise.. your choice!

    All the best!


  • Thanks Ladies

    would you tell me your meal plans for the day

    this is what i am planning:

    4 am   meal 1. i cup eag whites, 1/2 cup black beans, 1/2 cup tomatoes

    7 am   meal 2. snack apple with whey  pro shake 12 gms

    10 am  meal 3. 4 oz tuna, 1/2 cup black beans 1cup tomatoes

    1 pm   meal 4. snack apple with whey pro shake 12 gms

    3 pm   meal 5 4 oz tuna 1/2 cup black beans 1 cup tomatoes

    5 pm   meal 6 snack yogurt and cottage cheese

    what do you think



  • you look great

  • Hey there Divadolls!

    Good for you wanting to make the change and asking for help instead of trying to nut it out yourself! You must be an early starter!

    The mix is ok, but not much variety, so not many "different vitamins and minerals", the grams for the carbs and protein look under - try for 20grms of each at first to see how you respond to it

    Is the "pro shake" just protein or does it have carbs? What is the grams of each?  If it has carbs the apple may be ok, if it doesn't the apple is not enough and neither is the protein at 12grms... it won't satisfy your hunger as you do the intense workouts.

    3 lots of beans in a day, try to mix up your starchy carbs a bit (brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, pumpkin, kashi, oats)

    No green vege's with your tomato's  - full of fibre and quite filling (zucchini, broccoli, green peppers, kale, spinach, brussel sprouts, asparagus, cauliflower, cucumber)

    Proteins - Tuna is fine, no problems - variety?... do you like chicken or turkey breast? So versatile to mix up with vege's or salad, I realise this is just one day.. but I try to get two different protein sources (other than shakes) in a day unless I've cooked up batches and need to use it..

    That's my 2cents worth.. I'll put up a post that Legsy did for another lady a few weeks back that should help you also..


    POST – CCKINS3 – 5/2/14

    Legsy- Here is an example of my nutrition that I have been following

    6am: Yoplait greek yogurt 100 cal with some blueberries and raspberries

    8:30am: I made a veggie frittata with turkey bacon and figured out the caloric intake on these to be 220 cal for 2 servings

    11:30am: Salad with cottage cheese, mushrooms, black olives, dressing, romaine lettuce and 2 pcs melba toast, 229 cal

    1:30 pm: EAS Myoplex 30 bar 350 cal with med banana 105 calories

    4:00 pm: Myoplex Lite drink 170 calories

    6:30pm:  2 Veggie burger no bun, wedge of laughing cow cheese and asparagus, 288 cal

    All of these items total up to a total of 1,365 calories/day minus what I am burning off in working out. I am currently using the Lose IT app on my phone and this is helping me tally up all calories. Also, I have been taking my off/rest day to make all my food for the next week but am eating the same thing for each meal for the week and am thinking that could be part of my problem, any thoughts?

    As far as workouts go, I have been doing the workouts that are in conjunction with he body for life champion book and using dumbbells for my weights, I have a home gym that I have set up.


    Chest-incline bench with dumbbell bench press and then switch to the regular dumbbell bench press

    Shoulders-Seated dumbbell presses and then dumbbell side raises

    Back-Incline dumbbell bench rows then bent over dumbbell rows

    Triceps- Bench dips then standing dumbbell extensions

    Biceps-Incline dumbbell curls then seated dumbbell curls


    Quadriceps-Dumbbell squats then dumbbell sumo squats

    hamstrings-straight leg deadlifts then swiss ball leg extensions

    calves-standing dumbbell calf raises then angled calf raises

    Abdominals- Planks (incresing time for each of the 4 sets of reps) then crunches on ball with a weight plate

    Cardio-I have a treadmill so I have been using that and to get to my different high points I have been raising the speed and incline to reach those points.

    I feel like I am following everything diligently but the scale isn't budging :( and Im not getting that muscle fatigue for the next day or 2.


    Cckins3 - I LOVE LOSE IT!!! : D I use it too. There is a report on there that will tell you the percentage of carbs/protein each day. Do youuse that as a guide as well? Calories are one thing, but how those calories are created, quite another.

    I printed off the above, and used a highlighter. What I see is alot of carbs, and perhaps not the most effective carbs for scale loss. I don't see alot of protein. Are you checking the labels in your greek yogurt? I find the ingredients vary aLOT from brand to brand You want one with low carbs, and high protein, if you are using it as a protein source. Turkey bacon, IMHO, a processed salt laden, water retaining food choice ... and the frittata, is dough right? Cottage cheese (back to back dairy), and more bread. (melba toast)

    Cheers to Myoplex, but it needs to be used in an emergency only, on travel days, or in a pinch. The bars are loaded with hidden sugars, and good clean real food is a better fuel choice. Mixed with a banana, which is high in sugar ... Veggie burger, processed, and full of carbs right? More dairy.

    Dairy products, IMHO should be used for your last meal of the day. The casein protein is slowly digested (its hard for your body to digest...) and is a good "food" for your body to use while you sleep, to repair those muscles you beat up at the gym. It satiates you while you rest, and you wont wake up famished.

    Fruit is yummy, but naturally high in sugar. I do believe berries are a great source, and I suggest you continue eating them, along with a banana (good for potassium and relieving cramps from training) if you must, before mid afternoon.  

    Just for kicks and giggles, I would suggest you revisit your menu. Try to incorporate more lean meat, such as fish, chicken, turkey, beef... and egg whites as well. For your starchy carbs, give oatmeal a go, rice, or a sweet potato. Eat loads of greens and use lemon juice as a dressing, or some lite NONcreamy dressing. Spice up your food rather than dousing with a sauce.

    Im all about quantity when I am serious about losing weight. I want as much food for the least amount of calories. LOL. Ever notice how you can eat 5 cupcakes bang bang bang, yet it takes forever to eat a large plate of greens and salad? Think about this....if it takes you a long time to chew, THAT is what you want to keep eating. Choose foods that take long to chew. : )  If I were to eat another Myoplex bar, I'm guessing 3, 4 bites tops. Done. But to eat the equivalent 170 calories in a better choice, would take much much longer. 4 - 5 oz of broiled chicken with 3C salad or 6oz or so of california mix frozen vegys. That’s a full plate.

    As far as your workout - looks like you have chosen some great ones. What needs to be met though is are you lifting heavy enough. Are you digging deep for those last few reps, no matter the exercise. THAT is the question. If you are not feeling fatigued, your body has caught on to what you are asking of it. Time to switch it up! Find some more exercises to do. Or change the order of them, or the hand grip, or the rep speed. Do SOMETHING different, to keep that machine guessing.

    I hope there is something in all that, that helps you. Keep asking questions, and I hope you get several suggestions, then choose from them something that you can incorporate into your challenge. Even if its one or two changes .... dont give up. When I started, I was the question queen Im sure...and probably one of the biggest BFL doubters ever. I SO wanted to blame the program, and not me. Its a tough pill to swallow, when you come to the realization, the program works, if I work the program.

    Have a strong day!


  • Thanks Ladies it gave me some ideas. Today went well with my eatting. I eat pretty much the same things thoughout the day when I work. I start my day around 2:30 am and can work anywhere form an 8 hour  to a 15 hour day with sometimes an hour and a half to get home . I drive a fuel tanker so Monday- Friday I live out of a lunchbox. I always cook ahead of time and make enough for a couple days.

    I have to run now but wanted to thank you for your help and let you know i appreciate it. oh by the way sorry for the dupe post.

    have a great night

  • You are welcome, that makes total sense with the hours you work... I guess if you switch it up week about with carbs and get more creens in - that would be a good start.

    Cheers and all the best.