Photo Questions

  • I first did BFL about 12 years ago. At that time we did 3 pictures. Front, side and back. I carry most of my weight in my stomach area and you can see it best on a side view. I noticed that now they only ask for front and back. Can we sumit a side or maybe 45 degree shot? Or, are they very strict about front and back only views? Thank you for your help. I'm very glad to be back in it after all these years. I need it now more than ever!

  • I say the more the better. If you don't submit them, you can always share them on the forum to show your progress.

  • Howdy Melody Joy!

    A lot of  the "winners" do the 45deg pose (look at the couples on the home page for the last round) - So I would take them all - like Dan said - it's good for yourself if no one else!  I also show the best changes in the side shot - it's motivating for me to see as much change as possible!

    All the best!

    Ps/ If you need any forum support - please come over to "Calling All Lifers - 6th Jan Game Day" and join the big team on there, we only have one person starting this Monday - would be great to add more!




  • Melody Joy-

    We ask that each and every participant submit a front and back photo for their before and after photos. Side photos and other photos are optional and may be included additionally; but we ask that you please be sure to include a front and back photo for before and after in your official Body-for-LIFE Challenge kit. Best of luck!

    ~Danielle, the BFL Team