Starting the challenge 2/3/14

  • Looking forward to taking the challenge. Did it in 2001 and was pretty successful. Don't know what happened to de-rail me, and get soooo far off track, but grateful I'm familiar with BFL.It had gotten to the point to where I was smoking and drinking too much, not eating right or exercising,having trouble breathing, and having heart palpitations. Hoping I can reverse some of the effects of my lifestyle, before it's too late. Need the forum for support. It's hard to do alone, but I'm determined.

  • thats the date i start. i'm feeling so motivated now.

    this will be my 1st bfl challenge, this seems like a great place to get advice & motivation.

    best of luck to you,

    My success is your success.

  • Best of luck to you too! Keep us posted. I know BFL works, and now that I've cleaned out the cupboards and fridge, and been practicing my old bfl eating habits for a week, I'm actually excited. But I know that the mental part is the hard part. That's why I decided to get on the forum.

  • Jeff, I've already got you on my list for the thread "calling all Lifers - 6th Jan".....

    Livingood, we've got a cracker of a team going on there, a few newbies and mostly people that have done it before... please come join us too!

    All the best to the both of you!


  • Thanks.Will do.

  • EXCELLENT! THE MORE THE MERRIER! We seem to have lost about 35 people.... sadly it always happens at the start of the new year...


  • one of my biggest challenges will be eating breakfast, i skip breakfast all the time, but it's the most important meal of the day. i can sometimes go 8 hours before i have my 1st meal of the day. my other challenge will be giving up cake, I LOVE CAKE. i keep saying to my self "i can do this, i can do this" i know i can.

    it is great to share my thoughts with likeminded people who are not judging me, just accepting me.

    i even have my wife saying "are you on that body for life web site again" but she is very supportive, and she is even changing her eating habits to suit mine. ;)

    have a good day my BFL friends.

    "climbing a mountain starts with the 1st step"

    My success is your success.

  • Jeff,

    Your body will get used to it, start off with the smallest and lightest of your 6 meals (shake, bar, yoghurt and fruit with Protein powder etc.. see if that sits better with you, oh, and breaky isn't the most important now, all 6 are equally important :)...

    The "cake" thing... it's a hard one I went off all sugar for 9 weeks once, felt great, but decided life wasn't worth living lol!

    If you could use some willpower for the first two weeks without any sweet stuff (yes even your first freeday)... it will get you through the cravings and the next piece you have will blow your mind how sweet it is... but if you can't that's fine, you may notice increased cravings after freeday as your body "remembers" what it used to have, so be prepared for feeling yuk for a few days..

    Nighty night - off to bed! have a great day (Ps/ you will be an expert my the time you start this!)


  • That is about what I was going to say. Try a ready to drink shake for breakfast, or protien powder shake. They're light and tasty.As for the cake, you just need to get out of the habit. When I did the challenge before, I ate protien bars or sugar free chocolate pudding w/ sliced strawberries and a Tbsp. whipped cream(probably not on the approved list, but worked for me), for a sweet snack in the evening.Then I would have a serving of whatever I was craving on my free day.Eventually on my free day, the sweets I used to like so much,became too sweet.I began to prefer a protien bar or smoothie (with milk, chocolate protien powder and peanut butter;or choc powder, strawberries and banana).It tasted like a shake.The more bad carbs you eat, the more you crave.

  • Hey I am starting on this day as well. Where do you get meal plans, exercises,  etc. Any help would be great. Thanks.

  • Hey 2/3/14 challenge champions!  best of luck to you all!  

    WPT71 you will find a great library here on the site -  I would encourage you to check it out get your planning done now and ask any questions you have because this forum has a great amount of experience and really great people on here.  

  • Here's a fast breakfast for you to try if your in a hurry, or want to fit it in during a commute to work.

    Fill up a blender with FROZEN vegetables ( about 4C of california mix, or broccoli, or cauliflower, or a mixture). Then fill the blender up with water. Add your portion of protein powder (I use chocolate when doing this). Blend it all up. You can add a bit of Stevia/Mio if you like, but often the chocolate is enough flavor for me. In this quick meal you will get your balance of carbs (from a fresh blend of greens full of water and fiber in themselves), a whack of water, and your easy and fast digesting protein. Just remember to blend frozen vegys - it makes a slushy drink then.

    Plan for success!

  • One of my favorite breakfast meals is egg "Muffins". I believe they are called fritattas. Blend 4-5 eggs and a splash of milk, add lean ham, turkey,cheese,steak etc and whatever veggies or spices you like. Put cooking oil spray in muffin tins and bake @ 350 for @ 25 minutes, or until they start to brown. Great for on the go.

  • Did 20 minutes of brisk walking last night, up and down hill, at work. ( I work graveyard shift). Then when I got up this afternoon I did bench press and deadlifts, in preparation for my start date. Legs are quivering tonight. Felt good to get started though.

  • WPT71 Good to hear we'll have company on our journey. Just keep watching on the forum for some great ideas on meal plans from others. But the website has meal plans as well. I tailor the approved food lists to my liking and make my own recipes. I used to cook boneless/skinless chicken breasts on the grill every Sunday(my choice for free day), along with lean sirloin, and freeze portions so that it was really easy to prepare my meals during the week.Sliced ch breast on salad, lean ground meat and diced canned tomatoes w/italian seasoning, on w/w pasta etc.One of my favorites is just a piece of sirloin with veggies and complex carb side. Another fav is canned wild salmon mixed with egg and green onion, (and a little oats or w/w crackers to hold it together) to make salmon patties. Bake a sweet potato and sprinkle with cinnamon, and add veggies on the side.