week 3

  • I cant believe im starting week 3 already. I feel really good. Not going crazy on cheat days. I haven't even had a glass of wine which is rare for me. I do want it but im trying to go a little longer without it. Have a bad cold and wanted to pass on todays upper body workout. ...but I pushed myself and got it done. Really want to do this challenge without skipping a workout. I decided not to look at the scale. I took measurements instead and I lost 3" already which makes me very happy. The one concern I have at thus point is finding a few more exercises. My hubby and I are doing this at home and dont have all the gym equipment which makes some of the exercises in the book hard to do. Other then that.....its going very well!
  • Congratulations you are 1/6 of the way there. Here is a nasty little secret, the bad cold you are experiencing is not uncommon. I went through it myself at about the same point and it persisted for a couple weeks. I think it has something to do with your body releasing those toxins you have stored up. This only an obstacle and you will get through it.  Keep up the great work. More results are coming soon.

  • Congrats!  Great progress so far.  You can dig a little bit online to be creative with your exercises.  Post what equipment you have at home you are working with and maybe people here can help you.

  • That would be crazy if the cold is due to that. Wow! May be you are right. My husband has it too.

    When it comes to back exercises Im not a fan of the dumbbell pullover while laying on the bench. I am doing it--but would love to swap that one out for something else. for now Im trying to keep to whats in the book--but this is the only area that I only have 2 to choose from since we don't do this at a gym. We have dumbells, barbells w/ bench, and a total gym machine.  

  • Way to go! You are already a quarter of the way! WOO! Good for you for pushing past being sick. Working out will actually help you get well from illness faster (as long as you drink lots of water!) There are a LOT of different work outs that you can do at home with even just your own body and the floor! There have been a few days during this challenge that my gym has been closed (holidays) and one great source for finding strength training workouts that I found was bodybuilding.com. Keep up the great work!

  • Still fighting that cold but had a great HIIT workout last night on the bike. Reached my 10 with the resistance up as high as it could go and I pedaled as fast as I could. My legs were like JELLO when i was done and I made a mental note to myself for next time----do not attempt to go down any stairs so soon after an HIIT workout. LOL. I almost lost my balance!! Literally had to sit on a step so I didn't fall. HA-HA

  • Howdy! Good for you pushing through your cold, if you get a fever, that's a different thing - blast that cold out girl!

    Ps/ Just a note to put in the back of your mind as the challenge goes on... if you start to get really fatigued in the legs and it impacts the strength training of your LBWO (muscle building part), such as not being able to do walking weighted lunges with the right weights.... you might want to dial back on the resistance and go hell for leather in tempo only to emphasise the cardio only... if you can't reach this on the bike, you could hop off and do a couple of rounds of skipping, jump rope, that will get your heart rate up!

    Cheers! Whats your name mate?