Did anyone else start today 1/13/14

  • I did and wondered if I was alone. The meals have gone good and I have to change up my workouts. I bought a home gym off Craigs and can't get it until this weekend. Did cardio on the bike this morning and will improvise upper body workout tomorrow. I can't wait to get the weights.

    If you started today, chime in and we can provide some moral support.


  • My husband and I began today. We have started off well with the food, but will not be able to work out until this evening. We are excited. We have tried BoL before but stopped after 8 weeks. We went on a cruise and just fell off the wagon :P. So excited to change our lives!

  • Welcome - since you've been through the 1st 2/3rds of the program you know what you are in for. We will get through it together.

  • Started today too, have done the challenge before.

  • I started today. I also cannot workout until tonight. Between work and kiddies it will have to wait until after bedtime!

  • Day 2 - working the nutrition side pretty well. Workouts not so much as I haven't done today's. Lack of weights is really hindering me. I'll have to do some push-ups and crunches until the weights get here this weekend. Keep rocking it and a set back is just one step, easy to make up one step. Power on!

  • I started the 13th also. I've completed the challenge back in 06 at 40 years old. The best shape I've ever been in. I  had been wakeboarding recreationally for about 6 years. Besides turning 40, I used competing in state INT Wakeboard competitions as an incentive. I ended up finishing 1st place in advanced wakeboarding in the state of Arkansas. I went to Nationals in Bakersfield CA, where I came in 7th out of a field of 25. Pretty awesome considering I was competing against mainly 18- 25 year olds. Since then I've started the challenge more than a few times without finishing. I still wakeboard but not at the level that I did that summer. My son Jack is 10 years old now and got up on a board for the first time just last summer. He is hooked! I'm about 20lbs. heavier now than I was in 06 and nowhere near the shape I was in then.  I want to do this for my wife, my son, and myself. That is my incentive. I finished my UBWO yesterday, ate right and got my cardio in this morning and am sticking with my eating plan so far today. I feel really good and very determined to finish this time. I workout at home and have no partner to help me stay motivated.  I would like to use the  the forum for this. I know the program well, know that it works, and am willing to help anyone that needs it. Let's Do This!

  • I started the 13th and it feels great. I just need to stay focused and keep a daily routine. I also just recently purchased a bike like this www.bikesxpress.com/Fixies-Custom-Fixies-Fixie-Bikes-For-Sale-_c_12.html and its fun and I'm getting a great workout.

  • Day 2  is in the books! So far perfect! Looking forward to tomorrow and lbwo   Hope everyone's having success. Only 82 days left to reach our goals. Good luck guys

  • I'm in too... Good luck everyone

  • 42 degrees C (108 F) in Victoria, Australia today though... Cardio will be a sweat!

  • 36 degrees here in Lake Village Arkansas this morning. LBWO done! Pretty good workout. I've tweaked my weights and have next Mondays LBWO already in my BFL Journal. Just wondering if anyone else is using the Journal?

  • I gotta admit I'm struggling... Not having access to weights or gym has me limited. I am still doing the cardio and the nutrition. I can't wait until the gym gets here this weekend. I am using this week to get acclimated to the routine and the lack of sweets. Going to hit it 105% on Monday. Keep rocking it and even a stumble is a step - make it in the right direction.

  • thirt8spl hang in there, sounds like the gym is on the way. If you need sweets try suger free fat free pudding and fat free cool whip. I add a little chocolate whey protein. The myoplex lite shakes are pretty good. You can add all natural peanut butter, blueberries, strawberries or bananas.. Just keep visualizing achieving your goals. YOU CAN DO IT!

  • ivkovicp

    It's 15 degree F here in Victoria MN...... trade you!!!