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  • Hello all. Well the stomach bug has taken out the whole house and we are still recovering. So while in bed resting I decided to read the book again to make sure I have everything covered. I was curious if any women who started BFL with no weight training experience at all would be willing to share some of their first weeks logs on this forum? I feel like I cant relate to the one in the book and would love to see a few more. I welcome the male perspective too--I just feel that I could maybe relate better to a womans logs. Im not trying to do the same workouts as anyone else--but just looking to get a better idea of exercises and what weights were used. Thanks! Cant wait to finally get started!
  • I still have my Success Journal from my 1st challenge.  Let me figure out how to maybe can it.  If not, is there just examples you seek, like what weight with what exercise, and hot it progressed?  

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  • Hi there. If you are able to scan some thst would be terrific.  Im looking for some examples to use as a guide. For instance when it comes to the weight itself..the book goes up in 10 pound increments on some exercises. Thats just not realistic for me at this stage. Im not even sure if it should be realistic? I guess I am just looking to view some additional logs so I can figure out a good place to either start at or build up to.

    Also I am curious on the actual exercises that were done.

    Thanks for taking the time to get back to me:-)

  • Greetings and Welcome to the BFL Challenge, Forum and team....I too have used the BFL Success Journal and found it to be most helpful when logging in daily notes, thoughts, food listings and exercise results. I do highly recommend it.  I have already bought one on line (e site) from a goodwill site for about $7 not in pristine shape but less in price still and highly usable. Perhaps you can look there as well or try your local Barnes and Noble for a newer one should they still stock them or maybe they can order one for you. Keep Moving Forward and best wishes.

  • I think everyone is different when it comes to weights but I found when using dumbells, having "platemates" helps immensly when increasing weight.  I am not always able to increase by 5 lbs when doing bicep curls or tricep extensions so with platemates you can add a smaller amount of weight at a time. They are magnetic weights you stick on the end of your dumbells and you can add a mear 1.25 lbs at a time.  They are not cheap but I have gotten my moneys worth out of them for sure.  

    As for where you start, start low and add until you know you are really pushing it to complete 6 reps, then go down to your 2nd weight amount for your last 12 reps.  This almost always works for me.  I also mark in my journal if I think I was not getting my 10's to increase the next time.  

    Bicep curls:  10x12 reps, 12x10 reps, 15x8 reps, 20x6 reps, 12x12 reps (to failure) finsih with incline curls 10x12

    Eventually it is all very easy, but hard.  

    Good luck!  

  • WPBILL Is the success journal a lot different then the daily progress reports in the original book? I had made 4 weeks worth of copies from the book and put them in a binder already.  

    VanderB That is a great tip that I will look into once I get started. Jumping from 5-10 pounds between reps had me discouraged before I even started. I had picked the weights up in the store and though oh wow! I need something in between for sure!! We also got a great deal on a bench and barbells off craigslist and in that bundle included some 2.5 pound weights. So that should help too.

    Im not even sure if barbells are better or dumbells are the way to go.I literally didn't even know there was a difference until this past week!! Pathetic, I know!  I am just going to dive on in and see what works and what doesn't. And I know I am going to have a million questions along the way.

  • IWillGetFit - The Success Journal has those exact progress reports, and also takes you through all 84 days, with a success story on each day, and a place to record your eating, workout, and mindset exercises, all in one.  I found it very helpful.  I didn't use it for my last challenge, though did in the past.  

    The examples they give on 10 pound increments are confusing.  You are right!  There are exercises where my difference is only 2.5 pounds per set, or with a select few, like side raises, less.  Remember that your levels are specific to you. 

    I have a 10 pound difference between say leg presses, though only a 1-2.5 pound when doing things like front raises.  

    I totally agree about plate mates.  They rock!  

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  • If I may... I don't like how you talk to yourself.  Why is it "pathetic" that you didn't know something?  You're learning.  We all need to learn things along the way.  Give yourself credit for being there instead of beating yourself up for not knowing something you now know.  

    Here is an example of one of my workouts.  Notice that I noted where I needed to make an adjustment for my next workout.  I suggest doing this when you record your workout so that you remember... or don't have to.  

    Dumbbell Press
    12x 17.5     10x 20     8x 22.5     6x  25    12x 22.5
    Dumbbell Decline Press
    12x 15
    Wide Grip Lat Pullsown
    12x 25     10x 27.5    8x 30     6x 32.5     12x 30
    1 Arm Dumbbell Rows
    12x 17.5
    Upright Barbell Rows
    12x 25     10x 30    8x 35     6x 40     12x 35
    Seated Dumbbell Press
    12x 7.5
    Barbell Curls
    12x 20     10x 25     8x 30     6x 35     12x 35 (move up 2.5#)
    Hammer Curls
    12x 7.5
    Tricep Pushdowns
    12x 27.5     10x 30    8x 32.5     6x 35     12x 32.5 (move down 2.5#)
    Tricep Overhead Press
    12x 17.5

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Thanks Jessica-Mighty Max! This is really helpful to me. Thanks so much! Sunday is day #1 and I am really excited to start. And you are right. No negative talk. Everyone has to start somewhere:-)