Honeymonster's body for life journey.... My diary

  • Hi

    It is day 1 of my journey tomorrow, & and it is kind of scary.

    so I am going up try and keep a diary on here to put my thoughts down...

    I'm hoping that this will help me over come the ups and downs that I will experience on this journey.

    Hope you enjoy reading 



  • Welcome, Honeymonster!

    Change.  ...real change... is scary, but part of this process is learning to embrace such things so that they don't scare you the way they once did. I think that might be one of the greatest, if not the greatest thing I've learned from BFL.  

    We're here for you.  You have support!

    Please do come here and keep a diary.  This is a really beneficial habit.  


    Mighty Max

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • @jessica-mighty max : thanks for your kind words, I  am liking the  diary as it will help me get my thoughts down on  'paper'

  • Goals for 12 weeks :

    1:Drop 30lbs

    2:Add 10lb muscle

    3:lose 4 inches off waist

    4: increase strength 20%

    Day 1:

    So my day 1 is nearly over and it has gone relatively well.

    Workout : is the easy part for me as I love to workout.

    I was able to hit my 10's on everything apart from

    Shoulders where I said it was 9.5.... Part of that reason is I have bad left shoulder and it was hurting from pressing.

    Food wise : I have ate as I planned, have one meal remaining.

    After my workout I have felt more hungry though and usually I don't feel hungry after I workout. I am

    Starting at decent poundage in the gym though as I am use to weight lifting.

    Water I have only drunk around 1.8 litres so need to drink a bit more before bed.

    After my workout it was harder to resist what the family was eating as I was so hungry but I did manage to resist.

    Day 1 out 84 done.

    Only another 71 workouts left and I could have a body I feel more happy with. :)

    Things done well

    1: good workout done within 46 minutes

    2: planned meals and stuck to them and times

    3: Good focus

    Things I could do better

    1: gym in am

    2: drink more water

    Mindset for tomorrow :

    1: cardio when waking

    2: drink 2.5 litres water

    3: Stick to diet : day 2/84

    4: Focus and read 12 week aims and visualise

    5: No snacking

    6: Keep diary up to date and plan Day 3

    I am ready for this, I need to do it!!!

  • You can do this.  You are doing this!  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Go Honeymonster

  • Way to go!  you will find this to be great therapy and an awesome way to document your journey.  You have a ton of support, you have the game plan, and you control your destiny.  It will be worth it and you will notice in 12 weeks that about every part of your life will be better.

  • Thanks Andy, loving them words.....very inspiring

    Yes Jessica I am going too

    Thanks Gibbend

  • Day 2 :

    My day 2 is nearly at an end...

    Today when pretty well, I managed to get my workout in and also stick to the diet.

    Going back into the office made it a little more difficult hitting exact timing of my meals but I just adjusted as best as I could.

    I drunk 3.5 litres of water today which is a massive improvement on yesterday.

    I didn't get up to have a workout in the morning but managed to do it after work.

    3 things I did well:

    1- increased water in-take, going to push it up to four litres tomorrow hopefully.

    2- Workout was good and hit my intensity levels, with my heart rate going up to 90% of max

    3- Stuck to meals and didn't snack & and prepared meals for tomorrow. Planning my meals helps me.

    Things I could have done better:

    1- Got up in am to do cardio

    So day 2 is ticked off just 82 more left.

    And just 70 more workouts.  Slowly ticking off the days :)

    Let's do this....

  • You're making this happen!

    Though I don't want you to throw meal timing out the window, also please don't obsess.  I miss meals sometimes, or am late, and truth be told, am rarely 100% on schedule.  It happens.  That's life.  Part of success here, a huge part, is figuring out how to make it work with life... for life.  

    You're doing great!  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Great job Honeymonster!!!  Keep er lit!  


  • Cheers guys, thanks for the words of encouragement

  • Day 3

    So day 3 is almost done and I have completed another day.

    Good points today :

    Had an excellent workout, really hit my tens, slow reps with heavy weight.

    Water in take - I hit close to 4 litres today so will try and hit that amount daily.

    Focus was there again

    Things to improve :

    Missed my alarm for am workout, not really a big deal but I want to get into habit of am workouts

    Felt more hungry today, not sure why that is. But I have not had the same satisfaction of being full today.

    And this led to me being tempted to snack, will have to see how that goes tomorrow and try and figure out what's making me hungry. This would be a major issue if I start snacking on things.

    Timing of meals again I missed meal 4 at the correct time so had to squeeze my 3 finals meals into a shorter space around my workout. However that worked out ok as after I'm working out I am feeling more hungry.

    Half way through week 1 tomorrow, time to re-focus and get my head zoned again.

    Just 69 more workouts left

    & 81 days to a new and improved me.

  • You are doing awesome! Before you know it you will have your first week in the books. Anything that you do once, you can do 12 times. I can't wait to see your results.

  • Thanks for the encouragement Dan, day 4 done :)