Any suggestions on how to make my taco soup BFL friendly?

  • Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the following recipe BFL friendly or is it already ok?

    1 pound ground turkey

    1 pack of ranch seasoning and taco seasoning

    1 can of kidney beans, ranch style beans, corn, diced tomatoes, black beans, pinto beans and tomato sauce

    Toss in crockpot and cook on low for 8 hours.

    Any suggestions are fantastic!

    Thanks all!

  • I'm not an expert on BFL nutrition, but it sounds like it is ok, except you may want to add another pound of ground turkey so that the carb and protein portions are more even.

  • I second CKJAR! I would worry about the sodium in the seasonings - I put together my own for that very reason.

    Sounds yummy. :)

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  • It is really important to know how many calories are in something like this, since it isn't part of the BFL meal plan. Taking the simplicity out of meals (like not having a plain chicken breast with a portion of raw carb and raw veg the size of your fist) can be done but it takes a looot more work if you want to lose any weight.

    So I am guessing that you add a 15oz can of each kind of bean and tomato sauce in the taco soup based on what you said?

    I looked up every ingredient, the beans and corn as 15 oz cans and a tomato plus the whole packets of seasoning. It should roughly add up to 385 + 390 + 336 + 390 + 350 + 78 + 22 + 676 + 90 + 160= 2877 calories.

    16oz(pound of turkey) +(15oz x 7) = 120oz (approx.)

    That means that 12 oz, or 1 1/2 cups has about 300 calories. That is about 1/4 or 1/5 (depending on your size) of your daily food intake. It means that there are 10 servings. If the ONLY thing you ate for 2 days was the taco salad with the ingredients you mentioned and nothing else, you would be getting 1438 calories a day. Thats high for me; I wouldn't lose weight if I was taking in that many calories but I would stay the same. If you are having one serving a day and the taco salad is gone in less than 10 days, your serving size is too big. I tried to do the math without spending more than an hour on this post, lol. You can always double check to see how accurate the numbers are.

    So in a nutshell it doesn't sound like a body for life friendly meal. You would have to eat a small portion to stay within the right calorie range and also be eating 6 times a day. That is important because eating small meals throughout the day will keep your metabolism functioning well and you won't be crashing and craving. Hope this is informative and helps you reach your goals, there is nothing worse than doing the work and having compromised progress! Trust me, I learned this the hard way when I wanted to make my meals more interesting after I saw a lot of progress. You can tell in my pictures on my profile, one week was awesome and then another was kinda mehhhh, I lost some progress. My after results would have been better, but at least I learned quickly and adjusted my meals again.

    An alternative, similar meal I would suggest is the ground turkey alone rationed out in portions the size of your palm, with just 1/2 to 1 cup of beans (whatever kind you want) OR corn OR rice, and also something vegetable like green beans or peas. Those conveniently come in a can as well. There is also a 15 bean soup of dry beans I like, just don't make more than you need and throw away the seasoning packet. Those are worthless calories. You can mix it up by having a different type of bean or corn or rice with each meal, and a good flavor I personally like is Cholula hot sauce. It adds much flavor and zero calories. You might like it if you like tacos/Mexican food. It might seem boring and lame compared to the taco salad, but you will feel really good and confident about your meal choices by doing it that way. Also you can eat again in just 2 to 3 hours with no guilt or worry at all! You can prepare the stuff ahead of time in ziplock containers that stack, I got a bunch and would make them in the evening for the next day. I could just grab my meal quickly and not have too much time to ponder a regrettable meal choice.

    All in all, there is no need to count calories when you actually for real for real do it strictly by the book. "Eating clean" doesn't mean eating however much you want either. Beans are clean but they are high in calories, so you must watch your portions. But if you want to make adjustments and have success, it is possible as long as you put in the extra effort to count what you eat and know what you need to stay at in order to lose weight healthily. 

  • I agree that seems way too many carbs to throw in copared to how much turkey.  I throw in frozen okra and zucchini chunks to help thicken it up. They take on the taste of the seasonings and it adds vegetable servings. And the green color from those vegetables looks pretty cool in your bowl :) Especially the flower-shape okra

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