Champions 2014 and Beyond - All Are Welcome Here :)

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    Currently twenty-eight members on a winning team!!! { Mickey Mouse’s latest BFL Club  roll call}!

    Hope  Mickey did not miss anybody on the latest shout out.

    This thread, over the next 12 weeks, will be one of the most magical places on earth [or at least on the BFL website ;-)]

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • I'm excited to do this w/ people .. is this the only way to stay in touch?  

  • Starting on 6th with all of you guys!! Very excited to do my second challenge. First one happened last year and I have lost 22 pounds - 16 more pounds to loose to my perfect weight!!! Good luck, everyone!!!!!

  • I'm in.. Mom of two, 5'3", 120, target 110 in 12 weeks!

    Eat clean, train mean, stay lean!

  • Morning.  For some reason I keep posting, but nothing shows up?  Hopefully this one will.  Decided to start yesterday because it was easier with my schedule.  Just finished workout 2!  


  • Good Monday morning team RENAGADE!  Great first workout this morning.  I am proud to say my wife and I were at the gym this morning at 4:48AM!  GRRRRR we were bench pressing by 4:51AM!  The place was empty so we were able to bust out our routine in just under 1 hour.  I hit a few 10’s for sure but also put a star on 2 exercises to focus on next time I know I can lift more.  I also folded in 20 weighted crunches at the end of the workout.  It felt so good to be back at it again!  Got home had my shake, egg whites, and started my day.  I cant wait to hear how everyone does today!!!!  Last count was 28 members on the team.  Shout it out, how did y’all do?????

  • Operation CONCRETE BUNS is now underway! tee hee

  • Andy! Good morning, brother! :D It's only 0517 here in dreary Washington State. I am slamming coffee and revving up for UBWO. AC/DC, Led Zepplin, and Papa Roach are standing by on my Ipod. GRRRRR!! Get your WAR FACE ON! lol

  • I LOVE that someone is taking roll call now. Each and every one of us is just as important and deserving as the next person and I think roll call will add some accountability and cohesiveness. :D What a kick *** team we have! Feeling so very blessed by all of you. HUGZ~

  • Andy- I'm SO SO proud of you and the wifey! Job well done, my loves! :D

  • run4life- Thank you so much for taking roll call. :D

  • Welcome home, Anitabonita1983. :D Tear it UP!

  • Aurora13- I have not a single doubt that you will reach your goals! :D

  • run4life- Can you make sure that Anitabonita1983 and Aurora13 are added to the OFFICIAL Team Renegade roll call? WHOOT! lol You rock for doing this. ;)

  • Holla! Solith here and ready to go in NC. Got my initial measurements: (49" chest, 36.5" waist, 45"hips), got the months food planned and shopped for this week. Workouts are planned out for the month. Did my starring weights yesterday....7.5lbs on everything except squats is 10lbs and abs are just my own body weight at this time. My personal challenge is to do 30 consecutive push ups and right now i only do 1. Have my journal started and have already gotten my bfast and morning snack in there. Ubwo is tonight :). Lets rock the crud out of this challenge!