Champions 2014 and Beyond - All Are Welcome Here :)

  • Will we continue to post on this thread? How will we keep up with everyone?

  • I'm also in. Tried this 12 years ago and it worked. Even without the before and after pix.  I wasn't planning on doing the full out challenge at that time. Not this time! Bring on the photo's!  I don't see a registration sign up for 2014 though. Off to enjoy my last/first "free Sunday!"

  • Hi all.  I decided to start today.  My work schedule makes it easier to do weights on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and I like my free day/no work out day to fall on Saturday.  Before pics and measurements are done, kind of sad to see especially compared to my previous end of challenge pics, but it can only get better from here.  My weight jumped about two pounds for my official weigh in this morning.  (I am sure that it didn't haven't anything to do with my last chance over eating yesterday!) Run4life - love the roll call.  We should try and keep it going.  84 days to go!

  • Hey, y'all!  I've done this challenge 2ce before and had FABULOUS results!!  The first time was 12 years ago, and then again last year.  Unfortunately, I forgot that I'm not blessed with metabolism that will let me eat pizza and drink beer and still wear the clothes I want. So, after a 6 month hiatus that has included lots of fun and great memories, I'm back.  I have found that, in addition to looking and feeling great after those first 2 weeks, I start organizing my time better and prioritizing in such a way that I can accomplish more.  I agree with what many have said...that first 'before' photo will bring tears tomorrow.  I'm asking my best friend at work to take it for me tomorrow.  (I'm too ashamed to ask my husband to take it.  I know I'll suck in my gut and search for the most flattering angle, but I won't with her because she's in the same boat, too.)  Measurements and goals today...start time is 4:50 am.  I HAVE to hit the gym on weight days in the morning, because anytime after that becomes excuse-ridden, or the kids need me, or there's a faculty meeting after dismissal (I'm a teacher), it's cloudy, it's sunny, it's Tuesday, etc.  If it's done, it's done.  I use the elliptical on cardio days until the weather warms up enough to run outside.  I'm still nursing a nasty chest cold, so I may have to keep that in mind, but I will not let it delay my start date!

    I'm super excited.  I remember from previous experience that I started to feel great at 2 weeks, but not much changed in the way I looked until about 8 weeks.  Suddenly, it was like my body turned on the heater and fat just melted off.  I need to keep that before picture in my BFL success journal (which I highly recommend keeping), and the memories of what it was like to make it to that 8 week mark when suddenly I was aware that I was an overall smaller (and more confident) person.  

    So, today, shopping, measuring, setting goals, and tomorrow after that first upper body workout-the dreaded before picture, right after school.  Tears now for confidence later, right, friends?  :)

  • How many here are eating all their favorite foods today knowing tomorrow is the start of clean eating?  Mine is pizza and sushi. Not  horrible, but after today gonna try to stick with as whole and natural as I can get. I would get Chipotle too, but I don't think I can fit it in!  

    Started walking an hour a day 3.5 miles each, last Monday to get myself ready for this.  All of my workouts are planned for the rest of Jan and all meals for the first week. Seems like an awful lot of food! All shopping is done and I really feel ready for this!


    I understand how u feel about Ur husband taking Ur before pics. I had to have my fiancĂ© do it and told him he couldn't make any faces!  I was embarrassed and felt horrible, but that is the whole reason for taking those pics.  

    My fiancé was also really supportive. He's happy that I'm taking the steps to be a healthier, happier me.

    You can have excuses. You can have results. You can't have both.

  • Good luck to all those starting tomorrow, I have started today and have had my first workout & and meals have tasted lovely.

  • Hello Team!  WOW!  We have a ton of interest and active members on this thread!!!  I wanted to wish those of us starting tomorrow best of luck!  I have my pictures done, meals planned, and workouts ready.  Get a good night, get lots of water, and give us an update on how it went.  

  • Hi Jill,  I am on the same schedule as you...Sunday through Friday.  Off to a good start today, UBWO in the bag and I've have a shake and an egg white sandwich on ww toast.  I completed several challenges about 10 years ago when I turned 40 after my third and last kid, and it worked wonders for me.  I lost 30 pounds of fat and went from a size 10-12 to a 4-6 (I am 5'10").  even after I left the official BFL way of eating, I pretty much kept the weight off.  I am now 50 and am in pretty good shape (I work out regularly but eat and drink waaaaay too much), but I have a solid 20 pounds to lose, I believe.  

    So let's get this DONE!  How's your day going so far?

  • Hi honeymonster...I hope your day is going well!  Started today too and am feeling good already.  I needed to pull in the reigns, if you know what I mean.

  • Andy- Can you believe how much the group has grown? I am beyond happy to see everyone here. Food prep is almost complete and taking measurements and photos today. I am already eating clean and have discovered that eggs make me nauseous in the morning! lol Not sure, Meal # 1 will be a Myoplex Lite for me from now on (cheesy grin).

  • Steve- It sounds like you are ready to roll in the supplement department. :D I am seriously considering Betagen. I could not agree more that healthy fats are essential to quality of life! I have noticed that my hair, nails, and skin thrive when I am consuming good fats in the right amounts. :) WELL, Brother, tomorrow is GAME ON! Are you ready?

  • run4life- What an awesome job you did of taking roll call! lol I am highly impressed. We welcome you with open arms! Game time is drawing very near, my friend. Are you strapped in for the ride? I am off in a few minutes to shave and prep for before photos. OH, the stress! haha ;)

  • KZLove--I know that feeling all too well, my love! I am dreading those before pics as I type this post. It's OK though because we will not look like our before photos for long. This is just a marker to signify how far we have come along the journey ahead. Speaking of the demonic scale...I am weighing first thing in the morning before Upper Body Workout, and then not again until day 84. The inches lost and muscle gained will tell me all I need to know, as will the looseness of my clothing and how 'tight' I feel. The scale is the enemy in this situation. Our worth and significance are NOT measured by a meaningless number and I refuse to be a slave to the scale any longer. :) Please do yourself a favor and register for this challenge. You are worth it, you are strong, and you will amaze yourself with the transformation you are about to witness inside and out. Much love to you. I'll see you at the finish line! WHOOT!

  • clairey-- Yaayy! I am super stoked that you are starting with all of us. Happy belated birthday! Oh yes, hustle and bustle are in progress at my household! haha No time for procrastination today. Just about to dust off the handy dandy Bowflex adjustable weights and tidy up the workout area. Nervous excitement is brewing for sure! EEEEEE! :D

  • crazy- You are a first timer? I'm so glad that you are breaking in the awesomeness with all of us. :D Welcome home, friend. ;)