Started 12-15-2013

  • I started a new BFL challenge today. It is the 4th anniversary of my first challenge and my 6th challenge so far.

    I have not done a challenge since summer 2012 and I am in my worst shape in over 4 years.

    Who is ready to share this journey with me?

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • I am!   I have done this challenge a couple of times myself on my own, but I thought I would look for support on here.  I officially started yesterday.  I don't know how I let myself slip,as I was doing great from December to May of last year.  I let stressful situations get me down and returned to some bad habits.  But, I am ready to work hard and get back to where I was.  Best wishes to you!!

  • Dude, you clearly like to  

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM