Starting Dec 2nd

  • Day 68: I did my lower body workout first thing this morning. That was about my energetic high-point of the day. I have been somewhat fatigued all day long. I wasn't sure why, but I think I may be going through some caffeine withdrawals.  I started the process of home teeth whiting last night. My wife reminded it is good idea to avoid drinking coffee during the whiting process. I tend to have a couple of cups of day.I  didn't have any today and I honestly missed it.

    Just one more "on" day to go to complete Week-10. I'm feeling proud of what I have accomplished so far, but still have a desire to push hard.  

  • Day 69: 60 workout now completed in 69 days. I had fun on the elliptical this afternoon watching Olympic cross country skiing. I pretended I was racing along with the women. I am sure that all of them would have kicked my but in a real race. I can't even ski.  

    I am looking forward to having some yummy food tomorrow for an off day. However, there is a chance I will do my Monday upper body workout tomorrow because the schedule looks packed that day. I would rather work ahead then fall behind, but  I am going to figure it out tomorrow.

    Holy Cow! Only 12 works out over two weeks to go.

  • Day 70: Today ended up being a complete day off. My body just needed a day of rest. I did indulge a bit, which included very yummy french toast at Coco's.

    Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day and a bit of challenge to get the workout in, but I am committed to making it happen.

    Here I come Week-11!  

  • Day 71: I am really proud of myself tonight! If there was a day that I could have justified missing a workout it would have been today, or schedule was crammed from morning to night. However, skipping the workout was not an option. After our last event of the evening, I was able to get my daughter down to bed. I then hit garage and got a great upper body workout in. The only down side, it is now approaching my bed time and I am wired.

  • Day 72: If the best times to workout for burning fat on late at night or first thing in the morning, I wounder what the impact of doing them back-to-back? I followed my late night upper body with a morning cardio and then ate about an hour afterwards. It all lead to feeling pretty good today. I can't believe I only have 10 more workouts to got in order to finish out this 12 week cycle.  

  • Day 73: The best thing I can say about today is that is was unremarkable. And that is good thing because it means getting up to work out and eating 6 health meals a day is now routine.

    Out of the routine was how much I got done today. Grama came over to spend time with my daughter. I fully utilized the free time and crossed several things off of my list including actually cleaning my desk. Just setting here. not surrounded my mounds of paper, is relaxing and inviting.

    Just nine more workout days to go.

  • Day 74: I'm getting pretty good at being able to eat out healthy and at establishments that are not known for their healthy food. I had two meals out today at Coco's and a Chinese Restaurant. Both outing went well. With a little effort it is not hard to find good healthy food, and at this point in the Challenge that is what my body is craving.

    The other highlight today was reclaiming a pair of pants that I had forgotten about. I still can't quite get into my "Thin Jeans," but I tried them on today and am only about a 1/2 inch away. No doubt, in another few weeks they will comfortably fit.

    Tomorrow's workout is going to be moved to the afternoon because of a busy morning schedule.

  • Morning Dan!

    It's almost 5.00pm here and my working week is done! Yippeeee!

    Well done! Learning to eat out and be "reasonable" with yourself is an awesome step in the "for life" bit! You will fit into those Jeans in a wee short time! Have an awesome day mate! (sorry, we say mate a lot over here.. lol)


  • Day 75: A quick check in Valentine's Day evening. I completed my 17th upper body workout in 11 weeks this afternoon. Today is one of those days where I feel like I made progress. Now I am off to spend the rest of the evening with my wife.

  • Day 76: Eleven weeks and 66 workouts are now completed. That leaves one more week.

    Over the past few days I feel like I can notice some changes on my body. I'm not sure how that will transpire tomorrow morning for my weekly weigh in, or if they will be seen in my weekly picture, but the point is I am still making progress. I have also noticed that I have been somewhat lethargic over.

    Looking back at the last several weeks I believe there has been a pattern of having an abundance of energy at the beginning ofthe week and than feeling tired come Friday and Saturday. I believe the energy is coming from  taking full advantage of my off days. The extra carbs I have been consuming on Sundays have been an extra source of energy early on the week. Then as the week progresses my diet may not be providing enough complex carbs to sustain that level of energy.

    My cardio this morning was good, but it has been over a week sense I have hit true 10s. That will be focus next week.

    Looking forward to finishing strong!



    I'm not sure if this is any help for you.. maybe you could write your essay just for you - as a completion of wonderful commitment to yourself, your health and your future! Of course it would be great to read it.... I love hearing from people at the end of 12 weeks, what they learnt about themselves, were they surprised, were they happy with the choice they made (doing BFL) - that feeling in the dying seconds of the last HIT for the challenge - the jubilation and satisfaction (of nearly dropping dead! lol).

    Cheers Dan! I've enjoyed watching the past 4 weeks of your journey..


    Ending Your Challenge the Right Way
    by: Michael Harris  11/18/2007

    I wanted to let you all know of a couple of things I have learned from doing challenges over the years. (Yes, I have completed several, and the book says everyone should always have some kind of a transformation and goal going for them)

    THE LAST WEEK! Everyone is tempted during the last week to cut carbs, restrict fluids, and do about everything they can to get those scales to move a couple more pounds. In my humble opinion, if you are right there, within a pound or two of your ideal weight and build, and you just want to look a bit more cut or have a bit more vascularity, those are reasonable things to do the last week. But, if you are not, the sacrifice that can come from drastically losing quickly a few pounds probably isn’t worth it. Those who have a long ways to go to ideal weight can lose scale weight but in appearance may actually look worse due the restriction of carbohydrates for fluids. Skin can look wrinkly and saggy, and faces tend to look more ill than happy if the person is crash dieting. Since photos will be taken right in the midst of that sacrifice, it doesn’t seem worthwhile to do it.

    Others ask about diurectics, usually herbal diuretics. I don’t know of anyone who has been able to actually improve their situation by using them, though if you are retaining water under the skin a mild diruetic such as green tea might be worthwhile. Keep in mind that prescription diuretics are not legal to use in the contest.

    PICTURES: If you can afford a pro, by all means do it. If you are thinking of having a family member do them, that will work, unless the person is not a patient person. IF THAT IS THE CASE, USING A TRIPOD (UNDER $20 AT WAL MART) AND THE TIMER ON YOUR CAMERA WILL SAVE YOU A HASSLE FOR SURE. Practice flexing in the mirror before you go to take them, because you won’t have a mirror in front of you to see how the muscles and poses look. Flex hard! Yes, it can change the expression on your face, but practice until you can make that painful expression look like a grin! Skin color is important to show contrasts and striations, so get a tan or use a skin colorant. Use a bit of PAM for a slight sheen, but don’t douse yourself in baby oil. The "wet" look is kinda out these days!

    As far as the essay goes, tell it from the heart. Be sure to include the joyful with the painful and give credit where credit is due. While feelings can be important, your own are more important than how others told you they felt. A champion isn’t someone who is better than anyone else, but is someone who has had an opportunity through adversity to better themselves beyond where others could reach. Send it in on time. Late entries are not considered. Keep a copy of your entry. If your address or phone number change, be sure to keep EAS informed of that.

    Know this above all! As a finisher, you will have accomplished something that puts you in at least the top 5% of those who began this great journey. That would give you an A grade anywhere I ever went to school. So, celebrate your accomplishment, and then take a week or two off--not from the diet--but from the gym. See my other blogs on active rest and what to do between challenges.

    Good luck!


  • Day 77: Thank you Debs for that huge boost!

    Today was an off day for me and I took full advantage of it. I know there is varying view points on how off the off day should be, but for me I believe taking advantage of it has been a huge key for my success. I enjoy them without guilt and by the end of the day I am truly looking forward to starting the next week. I also have felt that the extra calories I consume on my off days has lead to strong workout and overall more energy at the start of each week.  

    For me, tomorrow marks the start of Week-12. This does does mean that I will have reached then end of the journey. It will simply mean that I will have reached the end of a great chapter and will be excited to turn the page to start the next one.

    I feels great to have come this far. However, I am also a little saddened.

    As I look back at the beginning of these posts I realize that I started on December 2nd with a few other men who were also eager to change their life. Unfortunately, they all stopped posting by around New Years. I hope they kept going off-line, but truthfully I doubt that they did. If they didn't. I hope  they will check back in soon to see that I am still going and that will motivate them to start again.    

  • You're Welcome!

    Dan, we are all different.. what works for one can be a disaster for another - if this works for you - It's the right thing! So good for you and keep on enjoying!

    "end of a great chapter and will be excited to turn the page to start the next one"  NOW THIS is a statement, very important to be thinking this way, I think guys do it much better than most of us girls... it starts with thoughts, then words, then action....great start for the rest of your life...  I wasn't excited, I was depressed lol! I didn't do the mental work.... now I am... I guess we will all have to "watch this space" for  each and every one of us beyond 12 weeks and see what we actually "DO" in the future!

    The guys that left... they are probably still peeking in now and again.. some may even be kicking butt without the forum... IF YOU ARE OUT THERE...When the final straw breaks the "camels back"... please come back and jump on the big thread called "Calling All Lifers - 6th Jan Game Day"... there will be several of us hanging around for A LONG time! All the best!

    KICK IT UP A NOTCH DAN! JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN! All that extra testosterone should be bursting to pop out in those muscles this week!


  • Day 78: My wife had the day off today, but I wanted to treat like any other day in terms of getting my workout in. The alarm was set for 6:00 am and I hit the gym/garage first thing thing in the morning with a solid lower body workout. When I was done it felt great knowing I had already recorded one workout in Week-12.

    The real lift to my spirits came in taking and posting my weekly picture. I felt like I had made progress, but after stepping on the scale and only showing that I was down O.4 pounds for the week I thought maybe the progress was only in my head. However, the pictures revealed the truth.

    I'm really looking forward to finishing strong and plan to step it up a bit tomorrow for my cardio. I am also excited about what my final pictures will look like. I have hired a good friend who is one if the best head shot artist in Los Angeles. I'm sure they are going to come out great.

    Now time to relax. This is the week to push the pedal to metal.

  • Day 79: This morning's cardio was what I was hoping for. It wasn't the best of the 12-weeks, but it was very solid and I would be happy if I finish the week with two more like it. ----- That was the morning.

    This afternoon ---- My daughter was asleep in her car seat when we arrived back home from swim lessons. It was important for her to get an early nap because we had plans to go out as soon as my wife got home from work. I have had bad luck getting her to go back to sleep after getting her out of the car when she is asleep. I knew she needed to sleep longer, so I just let her be and opened the car doors to keep it cool. I then stayed in the garage waiting for her to wake up. Wanting to be productive, I jumped on my stationary bike (usually use elliptical) and did another strong cardio. It was not my plan to work out twice, but I will admit that I could feel an elevated heart rate well into the evening.

    Two meals were consumed at restaurants today. Both were grilled fish with veggies.

    Tomorrow morning I am going in to get my blood tested again for cholesterol, blood sugar, and testosterone levels. It hasn't quite been 12 weeks, but I want the results for my essay. Hopefully they will be as positive as I think they will be.