Starting Dec 2nd

  • Day 31: This morning started with a lower body workout. I felt so fortunate that the workout wasn't a New Year’s resolution and that we are already a month in.

    My friends and I have a tradition of getting together on New Year’s day and watch bowl games while playing poker. I know this would be a tough day food wise, so I gave myself a little leeway. At the end of the day, I wasn't perfect with my eating but I also wasn't horrible. I am looking forward to returning to a normal BFL day tomorrow.  

  • Day 32: My second cardio of the week was again strong, but I felt I was more focused and worked harder on Monday. Today, was still not a “typical” eating day because I had some major dental work done. This lead to me drinking a shake instead of having real food for lunch.

  • Day 33: This morning’s upper body workout was very intense. I feel like I am doing a better job of eating my high points and giving maximum effort.

    Raking leave for two hours provided additional physical activity. Fall has finally come to San Diego. It’s hard to complain when much of the country is shoveling snow instead of leaves about now.

    My shoulder is a little stiff this evening. Hopefully all I need is a goodnight sleep and will not wake up stiff.

    I did well with eating today, but my salad at lunch was a little on the large size. I guess if you are going to overdo it, do it with vegetables.

  • Day 34: “Dig deeper,” I kept telling myself during today’s cardio workout. This mantra propelled me to put out close to maximum effort during each level of intensity. The result was I had my best cardio so far and it seemed as if I  could feel an elevated heart rate for hours afterwards. What a great way to wrap up a solid week of workouts in which I successfully picked up my intensity level.

    My eating has been good this week, but less than perfect due in large part to the holiday. This morning I did cheat a little with a few pancakes. I don’t think it was a huge cheat because I actually see pancakes frequently listed as a light option on menus. The key was I did not overeat, nor did I drown them in tons of syrup and butter. My biggest regret about the meal is it did not include enough protein.

    Regardless, it was still a very good week. Which included getting into a pair pants that did not fit five weeks ago. Now they are actually a little lose.

  • Day 35: What a great off day. I really took it off and enjoyed watching the Chargers beat the Bengals in the playoffs. Now on to Denver next Sunday and getting back after it tomorrow.

  • Day 36: My routine returned pretty much to normal today with my wife going back to work. It was nice to have her off for two weeks. I did my lower body workout as soon as I woke it up. It went well and I can tell that I am gaining strength. However,  I need to find away to mix up my leg workouts like I have my upper body. My knees tend to get sore, so I limit the exercises I do with my legs. Regardless, it is time to do some research so I can switch up the routine.

  • Day 37: My cardio workout was very good this morning, but despite focusing on pushing myself it was not as intense as last Saturday. I'm looking forward to another rigorous upper body workout in the morning, but may have to dial it back a bit because my right shoulder is a little stiff. The last thing I want is an injury. Better off being a little bit on the safe side.

  • True Dat, lady!  I want to start again on Monday.  I had done this before and it worked wonders, but cannot find the motivation I once had.   I tried in September and fell off the wagon after 4 weeks.  Wish me luck!  I, the same to you!

  • Day 38: I'm very happy to report that I did not need to dial it back for my upper body workout today. I just slowed the pace down a bit, but was actually able to add a little weight in some of my reps.

    Tamela - If you did 4 weeks, you can totally do 12 weeks. Just start again ASAP. If you do, you will be excited to show off your new body in time for summer. You got this!

  • Day 39: This may sound silly, but I feel a little lighter this evening almost as if I can tell my body changes a little today for the better. I extended my cardio workout this morning only because I wanted to round out the supposed calorie burn count to an even 100. The elliptical said I burned 500 calories. I am not sure that i believe that, but it feels good. Tomorrow morning,    I am looking forward to adding dead lifts to my lower body routine. I am going to start with a light weight and focus on form. Hopefully, this will be a good switch up for my calves.

  • Day 40: Dead-lifts provided a needed change to my lower body workout. However, the difficult thing about a new exercise is gusseting the correct weight. I think I used a bit too much, but did have good form. My back is a little stiff tonight. Hopefully it clears up over night.

  • Day 41: Not going to lie, it was a bit difficult getting out of bed this morning. The dead-lifts certainly kicked my butt a bit, but in a good way. Obviously I utilized some muscles that needed a workout. Despite being sore, I was able to get my cardio in. I have now completed all 36 workouts in the first six weeks.

    The soreness subsided dramatically as the day progressed. Nevertheless, my body is looking forward to the off day and I am looking forward to Chargers taking on the Broncos in the playoff game tomorrow evening.

  • Day 42, Halfway: Today marks the halfway mark of my 12 week journey. I stepped in the sale this morning and discovered I lost another 1 lb this week. I now weigh 183.2 and I started at 195. The rest of the day was very much an off day with some truly cheat meals and a lot of football. Unfortunately, the Charger lost to the Broncos and another season has come and gone in San Diego without a Super Bowl championship. Oh well, I guess, that is out of my control. What is in control, is my health. Therefor I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow and attacking  my workout to kickoff the second half of my challenge.

  • Day 43: The first day of the second six weeks got off to an early start with my daughter waking up at 5:00 am. This lead to breakfast first and then my workout. That was alright because it was an upper body day and I find those take the most effort and the food in the stomach helps provide a little extra energy. It feels good to have completed my 37th workout, now 35 remain. I need to make the most of all of them. It is going to go quick!

  • Day 44: Routine is the word of the day. Although I pushed my self hard during my cardio routine this morning, nothing about today was out of the ordinary. That is because a BFL day becoming routine and that is a good thing.