Starting Dec 2nd

  • Day 2 Cardio workout done! Just made my lunch to take to work. All meals planned out today. Let's make it a great day!!!!

  • I hope everyone's first workout and diet changes went well.  I'm sore...very sore but I felt an accomplishment when I finished.  I need to work on decreasing my time between workout took way longer than it was supposed to. I'm using the journal and I do think it helps a lot.  Good luck everyone!

  • I use a little stopwatch to time my intervals between sets. It keeps me on track. A minute goes by really fast when you are working hard.

  • I think I over did my LBW.  :/ I was a little overzealous on my leg extentions.   But stayed on track with eating!

  • We're in the middle of day 3:)  The eating has been easier than expected (so far) and the workouts have hurt more than expected...I'm not sure why I didn't think it was going to hurt so bad.  I guess if it hurts, we're doing something right!  My husband is doing it with me and that helps (although we don't work out together because of kids and schedule) but it's great that we are eating the same breakfasts and dinners and I don't feel deprived watching him eat something else.

    It also helps to know you guys are in this too...good luck!    

  • Day three going well so far. My LBW this morning was great but I am now starting to feel sore and I think I am in trouble for tomorrow. Any ideas on helping this soreness in my legs? Sounds like everyone is doing great, keep up the good work!

  • Hey congratulation! You can do it!

    I have a question though, I want to post things but IDK how to?!

  • I also started on Monday and have had success in the past. I look forward to being a positive and frequent contributor to this group. We can do it together! The 12 weeks will go by quick!

  • Sore Sore Sore!!! But I completed day three WHOOT !!!  

    @Jmont - the owner at the gym had me use these hard rollers (they look like pool noodles- I had never used before but you may know what I'm talking about) on my legs to break up the lactic acid

  • I will also be completing the 12 weeks without my wife working the program with me because she is pregnant. Together, we will make it.

  • Thanks KLRedd i will try that. I have seen those before at races. Day 4 cardio done! Getting ready for the day. Take it one day at a time!

  • Thanks Jmont6767 I will try that. I would like to get my workout to the recommended length so I can start doing it in the morning.  As far as leg soreness, the only that ever helped me was warming them up (eliptical/treadmill) then stretching...and Advil. It's funny too, I've heard it before that your legs don't get sore until the 2nd day after you work out...I think it's true.  Glad everyone is still sticking with it.  Keep up the good work.  86 more days to go!

  • Just finished my morning cardio. We are almost through Week-1.

  • I did my cardio today.  It was mainly walking but I did a slooow jog trying to rev it up on my high points.  

  • Day 5: I had a great upper body workout this morning. Getting up an hour earlier has been the biggest challenge in the first week. Especially with my 2-year old daughter deciding not to sleep through the night again. But it is worth it. Eating will be a bit of challenge today because I have two appearances at the Old Globe Theater as their promotional Grinch. I will be in the park for about 12 hours with no chance to go home in between. I am bringing my bars, a few apples and will be on the lookout for a healthy place to eat.