Starting BFL 10/21/2013

  • I started today! I have started and stopped in the past (years ago). But at this point, I don't have a choice. At first it was lose 30 lbs, then 40 lbs, and now it's 50 lbs! I too have 2 kids although they are older teens. But I would LOVE that pre-kid body back too, and I want to be healthy and fit.

    Let's do this!


  • Hi Casey, I'm Sara and I too am starting the BFL challenge today. Like you I would like to get back my previous body after having two beautiful girls. I did take the challenge over 10 years ago and the results were amazing, so I know if we stick to the plan by the book and take advantage of all the support on the BFL website we can succeed. Good luck to you and I'm here as a costarter on 10/21/2013 if you need any support.

  • Yay!  Sounds like we have a great group of motivated challengers here!  I myself have to look at one day at a time.  I can't look past that or I will lose my focus and be overwhelmed.  Although my goal was to start yesterday..I ended up sick in bed all weekend.  So, today is my day 1.  I am so ready to face 12 weeks of this amazing quest together!  I have also done this challenge before (2009).  I went from a size 14 to a size 9.  It was a time in my life that I have never felt better.  I want that back.  I have tried the challenge many times since then, but lost focus by looking at my end goal first. I put together a notebook to write down my daily food/water intake and also my workouts.  We got this!  Thanks in advance for traveling this course together with me!  I am so excited!!!!

  • I am 45 years old and need to lose about 70 pounds to be at the ideal weight for my height. I will be happy to lose 50. I have already done my cardio for the day. I still need to do the strengthening but that will have to wait until after work. Speaking of which I do shift work and change shifts every month so each month there will be an adjustment as to when I can exercise which has been some of my excuses as to why I don't get in shape.

    I am tired of my body feeling this way and want to remember what it is like to enjoy living in a body that moves easily.

    As for what I did to motivate myself, I did the mental exercises in the front of the book Body for Life for Women. I have lots of diet books and even some lifestyle change books but I have always skipped over the mental part. And that is my greatest weakness, which I plan on changing throughout this challenge.

    Good luck everyone!!!!

  • Way to go Bailey!  I hit the gym first thing this morning as well.  :)

  • Hey everyone - I just came across a Facebook Group for Body for Life -- please join the conversation so we can support each other there!!  Here's the link -

  • Hi Kerry! All the planning and recording documentation you need can be found on the website under Library ---> Tools. I have printed all 84 days or both training and eating from there, as well as the 84 day overview 😄

  • And Hi Casey and everyone! I have also started on the exact same day, but can't enter the challenge because I am in Australia. That's not the point though is it? Lol I'm in for all 84 days baby!

  • Good Morning, BFLers!

    Today is cardio day! I like to ride my bike though this morning it is COLD in the Midwest. Looks like I will be riding indoors on a trainer. I am amazed at the sweat you can work up with just 20 minutes of HIIT! What kind of cardio is everyone doing this morning?

    Week 1 Day 2/84

  • Thanks Timmeah!  That hardly seems fair you can't enter.  I for one am glad you are with us on this!  Where is everyone else from?  I am from New York.  I hope everyone has an awesome BFL day!

  • That will be great! So far so good second day and all is well.

  • Seems kind of quiet here. How is everyone doing?

  • Im from Oklahoma. Day 3 going down in the books. Great workout early early this morning and my meal plan is working out well too. Mom came over last night and brought dinner and cake. I slipped a little there but not because I wanted to . I just couldnt hurt her feeling by not eating what she cooked. I kept it small.  Is that so bad???

  • t's not bad as long as you get back on track which it sounds like you did with a workout this morning.. Congrats on not letting   it derail you from your goals.

  • Thanks Asouth. I really didn't want to eat that Chicken Alfredo but she gave me that Momma look. I'm totally on track and pumped up with BFL right now.. Hang in there guys.