DAY 1!

  • Today is the first day I will be starting the BFL Challenge. I am excited and also nervous. i'm not sure what to expect ,but i know if i believe in myself I can conquer this. I have tried to lose weight before and it was a success but not soon after i noticed i began  to gain the weight back . With this challenge I feel like I will be able to push myself further, because I want to be an energetic and healthy person not only for myself but as for my daughter.

  • Welcome and congratulations on making the first huge step!! :)

  • Thank You (:

  • Congratulations on your choice to change!  Stay committed and come visit this forum regularly for support!  People here are AWESOME!  Today was like my Day 1 again too.  After having to be hospitalized a week and a half ago, on Day 81 of my 3rd challenge of the year, it all ended upruptly.  That's okay though.  Took off a week to get healthy and to give my body a break and today was my first day back in the gym!  Felt GREAT to get back and lift some weights!  Didn't follow diet for a week, so it was definitely time to hit the BFL lifestyle again.  Didn't want to know what I weighed, so I didn't weigh in this week.  I'll do that next weekend.  Not doing an official challenge, since Christmas would come during Week 12.  Just doing maitenance work until then...playing around a little with my workouts, but still sticking mainly to the BFL lifestyle.  Time to get focused again!!!


  • I'm starting today as well and hope anyone else starting today will jump along this thread and keep it going!

    This challenge will take us all the way till the end of the year and I can't think of any better way to close out 2013 than by becoming our very own BFL Champions and ringing in the New Year looking and feeling amazing!!!

  • Hi, I started yesterday too.  I have completed 2 challenges in the past and love the way I feel on BFL.  Ok if I join your group?