Anyone Starting BFL Today 10/1/2013?

  • I am starting the program (again) today and am looking for others who are ready to join me.  This is not my first rodeo with BFL. Back in 2004, I lost 50 lbs in 12 weeks.  By 2010, I had kept off 40 of those 50 lbs, but got pregnant with twins!  And here I am today, 25 lbs overweight. I KNOW BFL works, I just need motivation to get going.  Anyone interested in starting with me today?  

  • I started yesterday ... close enough? I'd love to join you. I posted on a different thread yesterday but there's been no activity there. I like finding a small group where people are posting regularly. Hopefully a few others will join us. If not we could look for an active group and ask to join them.

  • I started yesterday too, would love it if we could get an active group going.  I did my upper body workout last night and was pleasantly suprised at the weights I was able to use since I haven't lifted at all for the last six months or so.

    This morning I was up early at 4:30 am to get the cardio done.  I tried doing it with kickboxing but that really didn't work for the HIIT, on Thursday I'll use the elliptical instead.

    My new favorite snack is 1/2 cup of cottage cheese mixed with fat-free yogurt, especially key lime yogurt. Delicious and super filling.

    This will be my first time sticking to the whole 12 week program, I am dedicated and committed to enjoying and most importantly finishing this journey.  Looking forward to doing it with some new friends!


  • Hello guys, I started on Monday.  This is my first time.  I will be posting in the evening because of my work schedule.  I look forward to sharing.  This week it was a little tough getting rid of the bad food.  I am not accustomed to eating this much food throughout the day!  Will I gain weight before I lose it?

  • I'm starting tomorrow - 7 October. Been on BFL before but never finished a challenge. :-(

  • Hi Ginette,

    I am starting on the 9th of October, but would love to support one another.  I too completed BFL in 1999 ( I believe it was called something else at the time.)  I did two challenges and lost a total of 100 pounds, after the birth of my third child. I began competing in bodybuilding and bench press competitions, weighing in at 112 pounds.  I started teaching in 2004 and put on 60 lbs.   I have lost and gained, trying desperately to get back to my competition weight.  Now, I have finished my Master's Degree, went through a terrible divorce, and have no excuses to hold me back from giving this my all.  I want to be fit for my youngest son (who is now 15) and my students.  I have been working out, lifting, and doing cardio, but need someone to hold me accountable along the way.  Let me know!!  I saw your post first and it reminds me of myself.  Although I didn't have, I just started teaching:)  

  • i just started on the 10th.  never did this before.  I have some coworkers that are doing this with me for support not official though.  I have 5 kids 3 left at home all very active football and FFA.  I am looking forward to getting more energy to be able to keep up.  Smaller jeans wont be a bad thing either.  I am at my desk all day (dispatcher) so I bought a bike thing for under the desk  now I can bike away during the day.  It was only like $24.00 on line.  I am also quitting smoking at the same time so I think the exercise will help with the craving.  Good luck all

  • If your group is still open, I would like to join in.  I have been doing this "loosely" for a few weeks, but need the accountability of a group.  Should I go somewhere to join your group?  Group name?