Anyone up for starting on 9/23?

  • Patricia & sdowdyo welcome to the group and congrats on starting the challenge! :D

    Patricia I had the same problem as you with the six meals and actually made a posting about it. One suggestion I received that was really helpful was if you do end up with a very late 6th meal, just drink a protein shake, it's light and it will help your muscles repair and grow while you sleep!

    cbells I really hope your migraines get better as you move through the programme. I was reading some success stories and I remember several champions having health issues that got a lot better after they completed the challenge. I'm sure the exercise and diet will help you too. :)

    As for me, this is my 3rd week!!! I'm cleaning things up. No more coffee mate in coffee, coffee at most once per day, kefir in my shakes will be plain no flavoured, next cheat day I will reduce to two cheat meals not entire day of grazing! My cheat day is on sunday and I got super grumpy as the day went on. Yesterday I was so demotivated I didn't even come on the forums, then I had a binge on 5 protein bars after my 6th meal.... (the only sweet thing in the house thank goodness)

    I was wondering, what is everyone else doing in terms of supplements?EAS products? Currently I'm taking Lean 15 protein bars and shakes for two meals per day. But I'm also considering taking creatine, and maybe casein before bed....

  • Galina, Where in the U.K. do you live? :) "I had a binge on 5 protein bars" - that made me giggle. Hey, at least it wasn't 'regular' sweets!!

    Personally, right now for my 4th meal every day I have either a premade EAS AdvantEdge shake or a Lean 15 protein bar. Yesterday I made my first EAS Myoplex Lite protein shake for breakfast. I really love the EAS products.

    So far I have not had a 6th meal. I am also thinking I should start...

  • Galina, Wow!  Look out the day after those you eat those protein bars. LOL.

    I just loaded up on EAS lite drinks at a warehouse store here in town so I'm ready!  


  • Hi all!! Checking in... How is everyone doing?

    I am SO happy to say today is the best I've felt since day 1 of the challenge!!! And today is the first day I was able to do the full 20 mins of HIIT cardio (yes I hit my 10!!) I have so much energy this evening after my work out and am feeling great. I am now going to go cheer on my favorite sports team (my home team) the Tampa Bay Rays in the Wild Card postseason game :)

  • Chelsea great work!!! That's really good news :) I think it will only get better from here....! You know I was reading somewhere that exercise, contrary to previous belief, actually helps a person feel better whilst they are feeling have hope.  I am not in the UK anymore, about 2 months ago I moved to the USA with my American husband....and now i'm feeling the stress of applying for the most complicated application of your life: The Green Card.

    sdowdyo lol I had the most bloated stomach ever the next day! lol Where is your before picture btw? How's your first week going?

    I got my body fat tested at the gym two days ago after about two weeks from previous one....and I can't really believe the results because it's insane, but at least I know that I'm going in the right direction. According to the gym trainer I lost 6 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of muscle....but you can't really see it in the pictures..... so I want to have it done again at the end of the week to check. At least I haven't gone up! :) (eating six times a day....)

    I've just started taking the Betagen powder.... I love the taste of the EAS products too! In fact past couple days I've been eating them for about 3-4 meals a day. But I just found our that a lot of them contain soy and that is really disappointing, I'm going to try to moderate my intake from now on.  There's also a healthier brand that Bill Phillips now endorses called: Bill Phillips Right Nutrition Light Shake. It doesn't have any of the bad ingredients in it that unfortunately the EAS products do :(

    Has anyone watched the Bill Phillips Transformation videos? I find them really inspiring.

    How is everyone else doing?....Haven't heard from some people in a long time.

  • Hey everyone,

    Please check in with us and let us know how you are doing!!

    Had a FANTASTIC upper body work out yesterday - first time I was able to do the full work out BFL style. I am so proud of myself. I definitely think I am getting more into this routine and my energy is great (though it doesn't really stick with me at work throughout the day as much as I'd like it to!! and no I'm not cheating with food at all) I seem to be the only female at my gym (at my apartment complex) that lifts weights. Last night it was 2 guys and I ... all pumping iron together. I was confident and that was a good feeling. Another thing I am proud of is someone brought in AMAZING danishes from a fantastic bakery to work today, I smelled them and wanted one so badly but I didn't take any!!

    Galina - thank you :D and wow! Congratulations on moving to the U.S. - I know how stressful the Green Card application and process is. I will be going through something similar when I move to Ireland (though I know it's a whole lot worse moving to the U.S.). Congratulations on your weight loss already!! I never measured my body fat and am not planning on weighing myself until the challenge is over but I don't see any results yet. I am not concerned though, as long as I am feeling better I am happy.

    Thanks for telling me about the healthier shake & the transformation videos - I will have to watch this weekend! Are they on this website?

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am so excited to continue cheering on the Rays all weekend, so GO RAYS!!!!

  • Chelsea wow well done for not cheating with food! Your success is motivating me to do better in my eating too... :D

    The Transformation Videos are AWESOME, they are on Youtube. Just type Bill Phillips Transformation. I noticed the healthy shakes are not in stock on Amazon...I don't know what the deal is....

    I'm so thankful for being able to post here, it helps me reflect on my progress and also gives me motivation hearing about others doing the same thing, as well as keeping my accountable!

  • Galina - let me clarify - I AM cheating on my cheat day, but not on any other day :) I'm being so strong right now. There is a Reese's Peanut Butter cup sitting on my desk because a coworker gave it to me (even though he knows I'm doing BFL...) & I'm craving chocolate SO BADLY but I'm not going to eat it!!

    I watched one of the Transformation videos yesterday and you're right, wow! So very inspiring.

    I feel the same way, I don't know what I would do without these forums! I definitely feel they help keep me accountable.

  • Chelsea have you seen the Body of Work DVDs? They are good too. I was watching the how to yesterday and learned a few more tips on the programme, like stretching before the weigh-lifting.... I didn't know that we had to stretch! How are you doing with the weight-lifting? I am finding that I am needing to increase my weights much faster than I'm anticipating, so it's a little frustrating because I feel like I'm not working out enough as I'm constantly using lower weights than I should! On the whole, I find the whole rising intensity routine a bit challenging to follow....Like it's hard to build up the intensity and I wonder if I'm really doing enough....! The cardio is no problem, it's hard work to push myself but it's fairly easy to build up the intensity scale, you just run faster and faster. (non of that increasing weights decreasing reps increasing intensity...I find that a little complicated to understand!!!) I'm probably over-thinking the entire thing. But I've never done weight-lifting before, have you? Btw, how is your application to Ireland going?

  • Galina - I have not seen these DVDs!! I stretch a little bit on leg & cardio days (it's natural for me since I grew up a dancer!!) but probably not as much as I should be. What sorts of arm stretches do they recommend?

    I can relate to your weight lifting issue. I can definitely tell I am getting stronger but am at the point where 5 lbs. is too light and 10 lbs. is still a bit too heavy - for most work outs I can do 6 reps with 10 lbs. but no more. In the past I had only done light weight lifting - never free weights though, only machines. My upper body has never been strong. The strongest my upper body has ever been was during my year of travel - carrying a very heavy suitcase up & down the metro steps in many cities and dragging it everywhere!! Ha ha.

    As far as the BFL rising intensity - I definitely find it difficult to follow. For example:

    My Day 1 plan looked like this for most upper body work outs:

    12 reps @ 5 lbs

    10 reps @ 10 lbs

    8 reps @ 15 lbs.

    6 reps @ 20 lbs.

    12 reps @ 5 or 10 lbs.

    12 reps of a second exercise/same muscle group

    When in reality, this is what I actually was able to do:

    12 reps @ 5 lbs.

    10 reps @ 5 lbs.

    8 reps @ 5 lbs.

    6 reps @ 10 lbs.

    12 reps @ 5 lbs.

    12 reps of a second exercise/same muscle group THAT is what has me frustrated and feeling like I am not doing quite enough. Can you relate?

    I will be moving to Ireland end of Aug or early Sept. next year and am good to go for that - going over as a student. The stress & problems will arise when my 2 years is up and that's when I'll have to apply to stay.

  • Chelsea you seem very well prepared for your move to Ireland! You already know about the application process to stay.

    lol Your example workout looks exactly like mine for Triceps!!! My triceps seem to be pretty weak... I don't really have the same problem for most of my other muscle groups though... What I did to fix this was I changed up my exercise, instead of using a machine which only went down to 20lbs (!) I started using free weights which allows me to go down to 10lbs and I use a swiss ball. Now I'm getting more of the progression. So my suggestion would be to try lower weights if you can, otherwise could you think of a different exercise that works on the same muscle group? I definitely think some exercises are easier than others. Another example is the sumo squat as opposed to the barbell squat!

    I still feel a bit paranoid about the eating plan.....I keep thinking it's too much food I'm eating.... Like two fist fulls six times  a day seems almost twice as much as I would normally eat...?! Do you feel this way?

    Good luck.

  • I only use free weights for my upper body work out (except for back exercises) - and the dumbbells at my gym increase by 5 lbs. (which I am sure is typical). I also do not have use of a barbell unfortunately! :(

    I actually feel the opposite - I feel it's not enough food lol. This is the same amount of food I have always eaten - just healthier of course. I know you are fine - your metabolism will increase and it'll definitely work in your favor!! Plus if you're not hungry throughout the day, that will help ward off cravings :) I hope you have a great weekend Galina!!

    Where is everyone else?

  • Yeah, it feels life over a dozen people have been swallowed into a black hole or something.....! I hope people are ok....

    Huh, the dumbells at all the gyms I've been to increase by 2.5lbs.... Some of the gym classes rooms have these colored dumbbells that are light-weight check in there...Yesterday I found a better gym, called the Gold Gym. Their dumbbell set up is much better. Each weight is labelled and they are all in one place in the whole gym. So I don't have as much trouble finding the weights that I need and I'm hoping this will help me to shorten my workout time....  I don't know of the difference between dumbbells and barbells....?

    I had a good weekend thanks Chelsea. I'm feeling very full all the time.... On my cheat-day I had two myoplex 30  protein bars for breakfast with creamed coffee... I had one cheat meal for lunch which was a pint of ice-cream, two glasses of wine, & macaroni cheese! A fey lollies too...For dinner I had a few pieces of sushi. This morning I feel incredibly full....

         I hope you had a good weekend & best of luck for today Chelsea.

  • Yes I really hope everyone who used to post here is ok??

    I wish they had ones that increased by 2.5 lbs at my gym - that would be so helpful! It's a huge difference to go from 5 to 10 lbs or from 10 to 15 lbs. :(

    A barbell is a single long bar with weights on both ends, and you use 2 dumbbells vs. 1 barbell. Does that make sense?

    My weekend was nice, thank you Galina - getting ready for holidays starting Wednesday!! :)

  • People dropping off is not uncommon.   The BFL program is very simple in theory, but it does take discipline to complete.  I've noticed a lot of people come on here, but in a few weeks they are gone.  I say this as a six week veteran :)  Chelsea, I would suggest the following on the weights:  If you can do 12 reps @ 5 lbs....then try to do your 10 reps @ 10 lbs.  If you can only do 6 that is fine. On your third set try and do 8 @ 10, and then 6 @ 10.  Your last set definitely drop back to 5 lbs for the 12.  Hopefully with each work out you will find that eventually you will be able to get 10 lbs @ 10 reps.  At that point you can venture up to heavier weight.  Good luck with your progress!