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  • Question about eating. The book is pretty clear about waiting an hour after aerobic workouts. But what about weight training? Drink a protein shake within 15 minutes of weight work, or wait an hour? Thanks, Sully

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  • Hey Scotty... what happened? I leave for a week and come back to this? What do I do???? Holy Cow!!!!! EEEEKKKKK!!!!!!


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  • Oh my...I am so confused right now

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  • Oh good god!!  This is going to take a while to get used to.  I only have 4 more days left in the challenge!!

  • Checking in: C1W10D64.  Sully - I think most people wait to eat at least an hour after cardio for maximum fat burning, and eat 30 min. after weight workouts.  I think many do the whey shake after weights, because of the quick uptake of that particular protein, for muscle building.  Good luck.

  • Aye!!!! FAITHFUL...I'm only embracing the change 'cause you said to. My hearts not really into it yet...I feel so lost. I was finally finding direction and BOOM!


  • Sully, on weight training days have a shake or meal within 30 minutes.

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  • WOW IT takes FOREVER to do anything here (I still have dial up) !  Which way to the COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT?

  • Someone told me you could do 4 challenges in a year, but if they are all 12 weeks long and you take 2 weeks active rest between them that's another 6 weeks to add, so really 48 weeks + 6 more for active rest is not possible in 1 year.  I just want to keep going.  After not being able to work out last week, I feel I'm losing so much by taking another 2 weeks AR! Any help?

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  • SusaninCananda listen to your body and do what's best for you to accomplish the goals you want to accomplish.  AR is really in an effort to prevent injury and to give your mind a break.  If you are having no problems, then you should be fine.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

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  • alyson- i sent you t.mail. did you get it?


  • Well, from what I see, I am going to lose touch with my friends fast and I need to find someway to stop it from happening. I am trying to be patient. I feel lost.  FB is one option. Darcy!!! I need you! And poor Debs on broad band. Yikes. There goes roll call.

    Those of you that know my email, please continue to check up on me. :) Big warm hugs to change. (sigh and a sad face)

  • We're here Legs.  Renee had a great idea to do one forum like the GB  so we can all keep in touch.  

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