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  • Does anyone know what I can do about my legs...they are gathering a LOT of muscle and getting quite bulky...feeling I am becoming less feminine.  They look out of proportion to the rest of me....any ideas on how I make them a little leaner looking...should I stop squatting ?

  • I think I got it now.

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  • squats are the quickest way to leg bulk, so I would suggest doing a different quad exercise if you are bothered by bulk

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Angela, I just posted the same question under "the gym" forum.  Waiting for a reply...

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    Keep the faith!

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  • Angela and Rosemary-Maybe try step-ups for quads...I did these on my basement stairs taking two steps at a time, works the hamstrings as well.  Hope this helps! :)

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  • Ok..I need to breathe....I am not comfortable with "computer" change, but I'll get there!!!  W5D2..took measurements yesterday!!  Down 3" off my waist; 1" off hips; 1" off each arm; 1.5" off each thigh; .5" off calves; 1" off neck (!); 1" off chest!!  WOOOHOOOOOO!  iT'S WORKING!  Have a great day everyone!

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  • How do I stop this from going to my e-mail?  I just deleted about 20?


  • Where do I put my reply?  Week 12 of C2.  Woo woo!  I've been sticking to it despite two very sick kids, lack of sleep, and being sick myself.  Oy.  Week 11 was tough.  Everyone is starting to feel better, so I know I will ROCK this last week!!!  Good luck everyone!  Not sure if I like this yet.  I'll give it some time.

  • SKITTLES!!! I miss you!! Congrats on week 8!

  • Hi All,

    Thanks Fathful-Renee for the thread. Wow, what a surprise this morning. C1W7D1.  Logged on to read the inspirational message that used to be there for weeks 1 - 12 to see what one of the past champs had to say about week seven.  Was so looking forward to it.  It is nicer to be able to edit the messages, although I liked the way the old site was set up, it was very intuitive.  Trying to embrace the change. :-)  TonyO

  • Bryan - I dont understand. I cant see 'settings'.

  • Hey everyone.  Just checking in.  Start of W4 and feeling kind of sick today.  Hope tomorrow's a better day.  


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