The Insulin Resistance Factor

  • So begin's week 2 of my 2nd BFL challenge.  I'm launching myself into it with gusto and renewed enthusiasm!

    My first challenge was nearly three years ago,  and although I'm ashamed its taken me this long to come back to the plan, I'm here, happy, and ready to crack on!  My first challenge didn't quite go according to plan--a total loss of.... wait for it.... 1 cm off my waist!  I followed the plan meticulously, so to say I was feeling rather despondent was an understatement, thus its taken me a while to get back here.  Several different Dr's later (and several years) I have finally discovered the reason behind my first challenge failure--the one and only Insulin Resistance.  

    I know many of you are thinking, she obviously wasn't following the plan.  I was, and I was working with a qualified trainer to boot.  Enter stage right--celiac disease, yep--you guessed it a double whammy!  What I didn't realise, was that those gluten free carbs (GF Pasta, Bread etc), even in the small quantities I was having,  were the mother load in High GI carbs.  So although I was getting fitter and stronger--that muffin top refused to budge! Grrrrr!   (BTW--I have always been an active person with a healthy diet--my genetics have caught up with me on this one).  

    Now that I'm armed with the right information, I'm ready to wage war on said muffin top!  And I really NEED to see the results--my skating team and I are headed towards Nationals, and an International Grand Prix this December and I refuse to look like sponge bob in my skating dress!!  Is there anyone out there with specific knowledge relating to the challenge & IR?  I need to know if there are any adjustments I should make to see the results I want.  Diet--obviously low-gi carbs, and VERY few of them.  My nutritionist warned me not to lift too heavy--because all of the extra insulin will cause me to gain bulk--but I'm not convinced.  Any well-informed advice is welcome! 

    Lana x

  • The only advice I can give you in this department is with caution. I would advice you to read Anne Louise Gittleman's book the Fat Flush Plan.. (God knows why she gave a scientific book this ridiculous name but hohum). Marry the nutritional information in her book with the BFL diet. It will be a bit challenging in terms of adding the protein. But choose the carbs she allowed, and eat anabollically six times a day as per BFL. It will make a lot of difference. At least it did for me. I am not longer pre-diabetic and my IR is a thing of the past. (it is reversible).