Questions before I start!

  • I'm about to start my challenge and I have some questions. I appreciate any replies :)

    • what would be the best lunch options when I am gone during the day?
    • Is there any way I could get the Myoplex products cheaper?
    • If my non-workout day is Sunday, can my "free day" be a different day? or is it best if they are the same day?

    Any other Tips or comments are more then welcomed! Honestly, I'm a bit nervous!


  • I cook my meals days in advance.  I have grilled or skinless pan fried, no oil..chicken with frozen mixed peppers. If the kids dont find can make it last all

    I have never seen Myoplex cheaper than when a store is trying to get older product off the shelves to make room for updated stuff.  So just keep your eyes open.  Does not sit on shelves long.

    It should be a cheat meal...not so much meals.  So you can have a cheat meal anytime you want as long as you remember that it is ONE time per week..

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • I also prepare my meals days in advance.  I juice a ton of vegetables at the beginning of the week and fill up a milk carton full of the nasty stuff so I can use it as a 20 oz meal once a day throughout the week..  I got 24 of those 3 1/4 cup size tupperware containers and put meat & potatoes in them.  A fist size amount of meat (beef, pork, ham, chicken or shrimp) and a fist size amount of chopped up baked potato.  Put them in the freezer and then all you have to do is grab and go in the morning.  I find that putting together lavish meals is just too time consuming and takes too much through so I just keep it simple.  In the mornings I keep it simple as well.  Either have a cup of oatmeal with two tablespoons of 0% fat milk and somewater with splenda and cinammon; or five eggs worth of eggbeaters popped in the microwave and a piece of whole grain toast.  

    Good Luck!

  • Hello 1DPossibilities,

    I usually make a sandwich or a wrap for lunches.  According to the BFL book, if you have bread type items always use whole wheat.  I also use Avocado instead of mayo and some sort of lunch meat.  I also usually have my 1 of 2 vegetables for the day at lunch time.  Typically a simple salad with vegatables and cottage cheese for a dressing or I 'll have carrot sticks.  Some days when I'm really busy I will grab a protein bar and some yogurt.  

    My wife and I have been seeing how our grocery bill has been pretty high over the last few months and a lot of it is the Myoplex drinks (I usually get the large original ones while my wife gets the lite).  I do think they are a great value but my brother in law recently made me a protein drink and I really liked it.  It consists of a scoop of vanilla whey, a banana, milk, and about a teaspoon of peanut butter.  Blend it with some ice and it ends up being about  $1.25 - $1.50 per drink.  There are certainly some other blends you can make.  We just get one of the cheapest whey proteins we can find.

    I think it is best to have your free food day and non workout day on the same day.  Along with giving your body a break, it also gives your mind a break each week.  According to the BFL plan you can eat whatever you want on your free day.  It isn't limited to one meal.  However, like many others have found, you may find that it's too much for your digestive system to dive into a bunch of junk food after eating good foods throughout the week.  I end up eating pretty much the same as I do the rest of the week because I like the foods and I feel better when I eat them.  It just allows me a disciplined opportunity to eat something I might be craving through the week.

    wishing you the best on your transformation


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