Just started 08/12/2013

  • Hello all~Just started the BFL workouts and diet.  I am so looking forward to dropping this weight and getting muscle tone!  Have been working out with weights, Zumba,and BodyPump, These programs have given me a GREAT start, but I am excited to have this plan.  I love the idea of keeping a record of what exercises I am doing, at what weight I am lifting at and the effort I am putting into the exercises. Even though I am heavy, I'm stronger than I thought!  Now I can know that the next time I would that particular area, I can lift more.  Looking forward to getting to know you all.  God bless!

  • Hi. There's another post started for those of us who started on the 12th; think it's two below this one.

    I also do Zumba and BodyPump (off and on) and I teach BodyJam (and run. a lot).

    All of these are a great base, I agree, and now with BFL, I hope to finally look like I'm in shape. Cardio alone just isn't doing it. Have a great first week!