My BFL Challenge 8/12/2013

  • So, I'm curious of you all would share some of your favorite meal ideas.  I need all the ideas I can possibly get! :)

  • Shayla, I am boring. I eat pretty much the same things with little variations daily. My meals mainly consist of spring mix lettuce, my homemade vinaigrette, and meat! I have been enjoying new potatoes, sweet potatoes, and onions and chopped and sliced made into a packet and grilled. Oh my those are good.

    Mongo, stay true to the diet and your missed workout is not a big deal. Just forget it and move ON! Diet is 85% of success.  

    I have developed foot pain. It is in the ball of my left foot and really aches and hurts if I step on it especially bare foot. I did a google search and think it is metatarsalgia. Recommended treatment is rest, ice and motrin. I will be riding bike and yoga I guess for a week and see how I feel.  No kettlebells as there is a lot of jumping involved. I will lift for this week instead.

    I went to the 5;30 class and wow was it packed. Too packed. I am planning on starting kettlebells at home. My trainer is going to write workouts for me. I ordered kettlebells and my husband is making me a pullup bar and installing rings for me. Really excited to train at home. I am going to try get my husband to train with me! Wish me luck on that!!


  • Sorry about your foot Val! I hope it heals quickly. Good for you for not letting it get you down! Here comes week 3!!! I'm feeling stoked! Where is everybody who started off with us? I'd love to hear how you all are doing! Keep going strong guys!! We can do it! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Val, I hope your foot feels better.  I am much like Val where I eat the same foods, just different variations.  I just try to stay away from certain things.  My weigh in on Saturday, I was down an additional 1.6 lbs for the week.  I should feel lucky, because I had a busy work week and didn't make it in to the gym a couple days.  I really want to keep doing well!  Since I missed my workouts, I ate real bad one day and it is that much harder to get going.  I am on point today, and making myself go to the gym before I can go home today.  It is so much easier if you go everyday........Keep up the posts, I look forward to the advice and support.

  • Thanks mongo and shayla, I bought a ball of the foot pad that really helps with the pain. I am icing and taking Motrin when I think of it. I did a killer kettlebell workout tonight that only had jumping during burpees. My shoulders are sore already. I must of done 75 push-ups!!! Had a bad end of week diet wise but back on track today.  I am really wanting to fit in my jeans when colder weather comes. I have time though as it is mid 90's this week. I am putting my head down and shaking off my oops of last week. Consistency is key!!


  • I've been doing great but was a little bummed this morning when I weighed in and GAINED a pound! I've been doing great with diet and exercise so maybe just not a good day to weigh in lol. I am not sure of the creatine I am taking helped with the weight gain or new muscle??? I have a good 15-20 lbs to lose so I will be patient.  I am lovin to workout again....My hamstrings are still sore from Friday! Such a good hurt πŸ˜‰

  • Had another great day today! I didn't have time to go to the gym for cardio but walked neighborhood hills (and they are steep)! Didn't really hit a 10 or even a 8 but I still feel great! Legs and butt are super sore from yesterday's LBWO.  Today's meals:

    Myoplex lite shake chocolate

    Deli turkey with triscuits

    Big salad with grilled shrimp/chicken and balsamic vinegar Γͺtre

    Myoplex bar chocolate/peanut butter

    Deli turkey with triscuits

    Eating for life: turkey meatloaf, red potatoes, salad, cucumbers

    How are you all doing? Id love to hear from you all!

  • I LOVE this! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Hey Shayla! Have you tried greek yogurt? It is yummy and a great snack as it has a good balance of carbs and protein.

    I am here just not been posting and you know what that means! I am having a hard time tightening up my diet. I do well for most of the week and then it falls apart. I am really anxious for cooler weather so that we are not camping and still doing summer stuff any more! Summer is really hard on my body as I usually gain weight then! I know most people lose weight in the summer and gain in the winter but it is just the opposite for me. Cooler weather brings more discipline into my life because I have more structure to my days. NO excuses though. I have to just do it!!! Help me!

    Now exercise? I am faithful to exercise. I work hard 6 days a week. I can see great muscles under the fat. I have about the same amount to lose as you Shayla. So not much but enough that I feel thick and icky.

    We are going camping this weekend to the river. I am bringing my protein powder and coconut milk and intend to eat right. I feel so great when I do. I plan to bike for my cardio tomorrow and then on labor day I will have to do cardio instead of a weight workout as I will still be camping. Diet though is key so I plan not to take a free day this weekend, just to stay on track.

    Wish me luck.


  • Yay, thanks for posting back guys! I draw a lot of inspiration from others so keep it up! Val, I love Greek yogurt.  It's actually on my plan today for one of my meals.  I am like you inasmuch that I gain during the summer months too.  I think like you, I lack structure with the kids being out of a school.  Hang in there with all the camping and such.  Can you possibly plan your meals before you go?  Tin foil dinners are healthy, use Turkey and veggies.  Also have you tried osterich jerkey? I buy it at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. Yummy treat!  Don't even buy the crap to take with you and if you get stuff for the kids, get things you don't like.  Good luck an have a blast over the holiday.  VA kids go back to school Tuesday!! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Had an awesome upper body workout this morning! May sound weird but I look forward to the hurt the next day! Haha.  Have my day planned for tomorrow too and am gonna hit the HIIT on the treadmill ranging from 4.8-7.5 mph.  I'm slowly upping my pace....very slowly! My meals went as planned today:

    Vanilla whey protein drink with water/strawberry/blueberry/Spinach/flax seed

    1/2 Myoplex bar

    Lean cuisine turkey and spinach (busy day at work, no time to cook)

    Greek yogurt

    1/2 Myoplex bar

    BBQ grilled chicken, 1 red potato, edamame

  • Update for today... Took a spin class this morning instead of the treadmill and it kicked my butt! Sweat dripping from my face for the whole hour! Loved it.  I didn't get time to eat as much as I wanted today as I have family in town but did well none the less

    2 egg whites, 1 turkey sausage, 1 English muffin (homemade breakfast sandwich)

    Turkey with triscuits

    Myoplex bar

    Chick-fil-a grilled chicken salad with raspberry vinegrette

    Watermelon, cheese, grapes (horderves at wedding reception)

  • I am in need of an A%* whooping.  I took vacation for a long 5 day Labor Day weekend.  I think my brain stopped working as well.  I did not work out once!! I ate like a fatty, and I had drinks on a few nights.  I am severely dissapointed and feel like I need to start over.  I feel like crap to how I have felt since I started.  I am hitting the gym on the way home to see if I can get back some fire.  This is not a good feeling.  Please take it from me and continue working hard, I gained weight and feel as though I regressed to almost back where I started.  I am proud of you all, and I enjoy the conversations.  I am going to mark those days on the calender as a failure and add another 5 to my 84.  Pray for me!


  • Whoa, easy there.  Just keep going. The good new is there are no Holiday weekends for another 3 months, and by then you wll have completed the challenge.  I had to work over the weekend so it was easy for me to stick to the program with no temptation.  Learn from this and move on.  You will feel human again after the gym.  

  • Mongo, all you can do is keep looking forward! We all have our moments. Just remember to think about why you started in the first place.  My weight isn't moving as fast as I'd like it to but I am going for a life changing experience, not just to the end of the challenge.  You will have more days like this but just I'm sure as we all do but just remember how crappy it makes you feel, journal it and then read that journal each holiday so you stay a little more focused.  Don't quit now.  You may be in a fork in the road...which way you gonna choose?