Starting the Challenge - 7/29/13

  • Geth76 - Thank you for sharing your experience. I think you do great on food which is so important in this program. Also trying to hit every 10s is also so important. You work hard your body produce more energy in return. Great job, keep on working hard and staying on eating plan.

    Sunset44 - I see your point. But the point is we don't let the weight up and down to affect our progress in the long run. We will look at the result 8 weeks later. That's more truthful. Our real change on the body can't be done in one or two weeks. The scientifc data shows any change is really happened after 3 months.

    Day 13,

    20 minutes workout was great.  I weighed myself that I increased 3 pounds. Basically,  from Day 1 to Day 13, I didn't lose one pound. But my energy level improved and sleeping pattern becomes much better. I am so excited about this program. My goal is still set on week 8th to see the big change on body shape.  

    Have a great day,

    Little Elephant

  • I agree with you, but, it is fun to see what happens daily, based on foods.  Processed cured foods hold salt, makes me think more about what I am eating and I do not let the scale put me down.

  • my free day today...and didnt go wild! But did treat myself to some pizza and ice cream! took my weight this morning before i ate anything lost another 3pounds..and BMI down 1.5% know it's not about weight all the time but the loss gives me such a boost to carry on...hope your all doing well?? Upper body work out tomorrow cant believe it's start of week 3...that's my update done good luck to all and keep up the good work ;0)

  • Great work on your results this week, it is very hard to lower ones BMI especially by that much so soon. Way to GO!!! geth76

  • Day 15- My food is prepared as the following:

    Whole wheat bread with tomato, lettuce,low fat cheese. Soy milk. Orange 7:00am

    lean muscle formula 10:00am

    Fried brown rice with salmon, corn and green cauliflower;

    Balsam pear with salted egg

    enoki mushroom and white bu soup

    Hami melon  12:30pm

    oatmeal 3:0pm

    chicken, enoki mushroom, toufu hot pot  

    Soy egg, bean curd and seaweed 5:30pm

    Glass of water     8:30pm

    Have a great workout!

  • Day 16 -

    Preparing the simple and good food is really rewarding. My energy is great. I also had great 20 minutes cardio workout. My parents also enjoyed the food I prepared, so I felt great. I am excited to have a long term life style for cooking the right and healthy food.

    How are you doing? geth76? Congratulations on another 3 lb lose in the past week.

  • Hi there Little Elephant..great to read that your doing well,,it's also nice that i see your parents are enjoying the food you prepare..can see that your still very motivated with the long term life style change. Thanks for congrats on me loosing 3pounds...feel im doing well...still very motivated have not missed one day at the gym and food going well with me you my energy levels are up and feel great in my mind too if that makes sense? keep up the good work and keep me updated.

    WPBill how are you? thanks for the note above...every little helps... keep smiling and keep going forward.

  • Geth 76, that's great to see you are doing great and staying motivated.

    I am still motivated too. Did good cooking and felt good today. The cardio workout went well.

  • Day 20

    I gained some weights after I started cooking my clean food recipe. Because they tasted good, I didn't pay attention to the portion. But I didn't worry about it. I still have time to adjust myself to get used to the NEW life style. During the day, I sometimes ate some snacks. (Just a little) I can't get rid of the bad eating habit in short time, but I believe myself that I can do it someday.

    Added 15min cycling after UBWO. I hope that I can lose weight soon. I have to control my portion of food and increase the volume of workout to reach my goal.


    Little Elephant

  • I ate very healthy for years, but, WAY TOO MUCH OF IT, we can fool ourselfs by eating healthy, we need two things eat healthy and not much of it,  GOOOD LUCK AND don't fool yourself

  • Totally understand, Sunset44, I feel so bad after I ate the things not being listed as the right food. I will make the efforts to cut down the portion in the week 4. On free day, I would like to eat as much as possible and feel no guilty about it.

  • Day 22- Had a good LBWO.

    Eating in the morning was good.

    In the afternoon, it's always tough for me to eat clean. I had a few mouthful peanut butter and a hand of nuts.

    Hope tomorrow I can do better.

    Tomorrow I'll start to learn Taichi in the morning. So I will have to do 20 cardio workout in the afternoon. I am excited to add new contents in my exercise.

    I feel good and strong in the three weeks. I would like to continue the BFL program.


    Little elephant

  • Motivational Tip

    Don’t set yourself up for failure. Sometimes you have to say, “No,”

  • todays tip

    Motivational Tip

    I believe that we create our own reality and that if we want something badly enough, it’s already ours for the taking. We just have to work at making it our own. Our thoughts and goals are fundamental in creating change.

  • I started to learn Taichi today in the morning. Then I did my 20 minutes cardio workout in the afternoon. The only thing I didn't accomplish was that I didn't cook.  My mother and nanny cooked the food instead. But I didn't like them very much, because I like the food cooked by myself. Thus, I need to plan more detail in advance,  that's what I learned from today's lesson.


    Little elephant