Starting the Challenge - 7/29/13

  • Different people weigh at different time at their own pace. You can wait longer time to weigh or simply weigh every day. :)

    I had a good workout for UBWO, although my legs are hardly move. That's the punishment for waiting long time to have barely any exercise. The beginning is the pain. Waiting for the body to adjust this movement, I also enjoyed my simple food arrangement.

    The gym doesn't have good air flow. I am a beginner here.

  • @HighPoint - I did check out your profile for your stats, and wow! You went from a size 12 to a size 4? I am a size 12 now (with a 37" waist) and my ultimate goal - I think it will take 2 challenges - is a size 2/4. Honestly, I'm lucky no one has asked me about my "baby bump" yet. It looks like I'm pregnant. I would LOVE to see my waist get below 30".

    Good luck on your Challenge!

  • Losing memory is terribly equal to losing track. How did I do in my last workout successfully couldn't contribute to any in this time. I have to set everything as the fresh start point. There is change in the body. We are walking to diminishing everyday. If we don't use the body wisely, in return, the body would be damaged. :( Who would like that in the life span?

    Eating vegetables make me feel so good. They contain fibers and vitamines. My body feels better today with less pain on my both legs. I will weigh myself tonight.

    I woke up early today. Everyday is a fresh opening to many possibility. Why don't I turn that into something nice? I used to dislike my own body, my fat, my eating behavior, now all of that start to go away. I want to embrace new habit of life. Anybody in this thread is willing to take this journey with me, I will be very glad.

    My parents are living together with me. They are disciplined and healthy at their age 72 and 76. I want to be like them when I am old.

  • I weighed on Day 6, 120lb. In the week 1, I lost 3lb.

  • Hi, Laura,

    Good luck to you as well!  I know this program works if you stick with it.  And it is soooo worth it.  I can't wait to pull out that box of cute size fours from the back of my closet.

    My first week went pretty well.  I had a few slips up on the diet, but the workouts went really well. I'm already down 3 pounds (mainly water weight from reducing sodium) to 145.  Here's hoping I can lose a pound and a half to two pounds a week from here on out.


    Patience, persistence, and hard work pay off.

  • Well that's day six over and done with....decided to weigh myself today lost 5pounds! am amazed that it read that on the day tomorrow and cant think of anything im actually craving...may spoil my self and have a roast dinner before back to gym early monday morning...well done to everyone on this thread on their losses..keep up the good work...and kee[ us posted.

  • geth76, great news you lost 5 pounds.

    highpoints, good to know you lost 3 pounds.

    Losing pounds is not the ultimate goal. Increasing the metablism and becoming healthy are more important as Bill pointed out in his book.

    I did the 20 minutes workout and hit 10. There were many great examples in this forum to inspire me. They are dedicate and hard working.  

    Anyone can advise me if I can eat grilled beef and chicken? I made them for the lunch and ate some of them. I felt I might not eat right.

  • Good work and effort geth76 and highpoints!!! Keep Moving Forward but don't let the scale be your only judge, clothing and photos help too!!

  • I agree with that.

    Day 10 UBWO was good. I like the feeling after the workout. Eating clean food is another important part of this program. I need to improve it.

  • Great job Mjelly! your an inspiration to me

  • is everyone doing??Day 12 for me and feeling good...have not missed a gym session and am eating well...think that i found out what i thought was a 9..10 in the gym last week was probably a need to push myself harder..well keep up the good work all! :0)

  • Day 11 - 20 minutes cardio workout today. I sweated dirty, but was glad. Geth76, can you be more specific what kind of food you eat you think is clean?  When I was tired, I drank water. Then, I was recovered.  Drinking lots of water is definitely good substitute for the other soft drinks. I grilled chicken wings today. After I ate, I regretted. I don't think its the right food I should eat. Chicken breast should be much better than chicken wings.

    Great work, geth76. Keep up the workout and eating plan.

  • Day 12-

    LBWO was good. It's better every time. I see my body energy is improving everyday. How's everyone else doing here? I would like to know about your result.

    I started to write down every meal I had during the day.

  • Hi Little Elephant, I stick to the authorized food in the book...grilled chicken breast....veg, rice,fish etc i don't eat any unathorized foods my energy levels are up ...did have one day i felt like eating some bad foods but i did'nt reminded myself why i'm doing BFL! I'm still adjusting the weights to hit my 10's on my workouts but am enjoying this programme/lifestyle...can't think why i let my self get into such bad shape! Know it did'nt happen's all about a life style change.Glad to hear your enjoying the change too...I prepare a menu four days in advance so i know what i'll be eating so less chance of bad eating habits coming in.. ..onwards and upwards!

  • I know everyone says not to weight everyday, but, I do.  I can then see how different foods affect my body.  Went to the ballgame had a smoked turkey leg, no skin, 3 oz cole slaw very very little dressing, 2 odouls non-al beers, showed an increase of 6 lbs.  I know the scale is not what we are looking for, because the scale does not put our clothes on, but, I feel that if you weight the same time everyday you can see how things affect you.